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Hi! Just wanted to show you how to apply mineral makeup- whatever brand you use, many products will correspond with what I showed in the Bare Minerals line. …

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  • adrianadcs 4 years ago

    can you re-do this makeup with your sweet new set up and pink backdrop??

  • shivaluisa 4 years ago

    Hi, Ii see you have quite a few steps, do you need to use foundation, powder and blush with mineral makeup? Do you follow the same steps as you would with traditionnal makeup? What brand of mineral makeup would you recommend for a first time user?

  • thobbit60 4 years ago

    So true! Bismuth oxychloride is the WORST ingredient anyone would want to use in a ‘skin friendly’ makeup. The reason it is used is because it has good slip, is reflective, & is cheaper than better quality ingredients like Boron nitride. I also like to use rice powder in my mineral foundation for its mild sebum absorbing & skin soothing qualities. Another big no-no that is used alot in minerals as a veil is corn starch which also causes acne due to the sugars in the starch attracting bacteria.

  • thobbit60 4 years ago

    Mineral makeup is powder makeup that has all natural mineral based ingredients with no preservatives. This type of cosmetic soothes and heals skin that tends to be sensitive, prone to acne, or rosacea. The only ingredient I would suggest anyone to avoid is bismuth oxychloride because it can cause rashes, and acne. Bare Escentuals main ingredient is bismuth oxychloride. I prefer Aromaleigh, or Coastal Scents because they use other ingredients. You can google both of these companies.

  • Di Bello 4 years ago


  • Shelley Holmes 4 years ago

    you look really pretty without makeup! some people need it! you don’t!

  • StarPlusLove 4 years ago

    Hi, I know this sounds stupid but what is mineral makeup? the brand Bare Minerals?

  • gzilagan 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  • trixietangg12 4 years ago

    Your voice sounds so different here!! Either way, I like listening to it lol

  • artistylux 4 years ago

    Please do an update

  • juliedarling75 4 years ago

    before i buy a new product, i check for it on your channel first to see if it is good :)

  • WiliwiliMongoose1 4 years ago

    Great explanation. If people would spend more time on the “canvas” of the face the rest of the makeup “portrait” would look so much better!

  • brigita550 4 years ago

    no difference -_-

  • Artistlicious 4 years ago

    i like ur eyebrows a lot :) )

  • FatadeiFiori91 4 years ago

    i think ur beautiful.

  • Ladylyla 4 years ago

    I don’t get mineral makeup.. a lot of hassle with not that good result.

  • mineralmakeupshop 4 years ago

    buy inexpensive mineral makeup!

  • LoveCelesteHeart 4 years ago

    Thankyou it’s been a while since this video but I watch your u tubes all the time ps I love bare minerals it’s the best for my skin I wish I would have bought it years ago :) but I’ll
    Still use Mac and outher shadows

  • DebbiAnn2 4 years ago

    Thank you, I wanted to revisit this video since summer is here and I am switching to all mineral makeup. Your tecnique is flawlwss as always.

  • elionice1 4 years ago

    hi, i really like your video! Can you tell me what`s the difference between the mineral powder foundation and the liquid one?? Have you tried the liquid one too?

  • aimeeirene 4 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing about her brows. Mine have no arch. I do my best to have them waxed so that they look as if they do, but her arch is very nice.

  • Elsa Montemayor 4 years ago

    i love mineral powder makeup

  • pinksweetie2009 4 years ago

    hi i love your videos:) and was wondering if you could do a hole look using mineral product like from coverup to eyeshdow id that make sence that would be great please and thankyou!:):):):)

  • MineralAddict 4 years ago

    Your face gets oily when you use too much because that makeup clogs pores! You have great technique, but please get a makeup without bismuth oxychloride and you won’t have that oil slick problem!

  • ladyparrotluvr 4 years ago

    I can’t tell you anything about starter kits, but I CAN tell you I buy all my minerals from ebay. They are cheaper, & you can mix & match samples.