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tutorial for makeup worn: Primers Mentioned: Philosophy the present mac moisture infusion smashbox primer makeup instagram: @nadiachanelmua …


Thin Hair



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  • Ahdree23 4 years ago

    awwww her got hiccups lol

  • NaturalNeiicey 4 years ago

    omgshh she is sooo cute. those cheeks lol

  • Itsknotsoeasy 4 years ago

    She’s TOOOO cute Nadia!!!! She reminds me so much of my bubbly bear:)))
    Congrats again!!!

  • Takiyah Sekwan 4 years ago

    You and the baby are beautiful. Love your tutorials. They have been very
    helpful for me

  • SpiralsAndLife 4 years ago

    Loving the blonde and your makeup stays on point

  • Ashley Layton 4 years ago

    I seen your lips moving but payed no attention to what you were saying lol
    my focus was on your adorable baby.

  • kyleestar1 4 years ago

    Shes2ADORABLE! I don’t even realize what the video is about because I was
    so distracted with your real life baby doll omg! She is a beautiful! Sorry
    maybe I will watch over to realize what u were talking about! Lol

  • Chanel Haze 4 years ago

    I have oily skin & have the worst time w/ primers. They stay falling off my
    face lmfaao I’ll check these out though & see how it goes. London is such a
    cutie by the way! God bless you & your family x

  • Chels 4 years ago

    And thank you for the tips ! I always apply product after product and I
    never let them sink in.Now I know

  • Mani Dash 4 years ago

    Aww she such a happy baby 

  • Chels 4 years ago

    And thank you for the tips ! I always apply product after product and I
    never let them sink in.Now I know

  • Ebony Tate 4 years ago

    Girl, you are gorgeouuus. And that baby is adorable. Love the video.

  • Angela Denmark 4 years ago

    Baby girl is so-o-o-o adorable! :) 

  • mzladylocks 4 years ago

    Your baby girl is beautiful. He got all my attention. I’m happy for you

  • AlwayzShaye 4 years ago

    Nadia she’s so beautiful! She would be spoiled with so much love if your
    father was here! But he smiles down on you and your daughter and sister
    everyday! She’s such a blessing! Lol I only watched this to see miss

  • Towanna R 4 years ago

    your baby girl is so beautiful :) 

  • Shy Taylor 4 years ago

    I can almost guarantee u that no one heard a thing u said about
    moisturizers & primers….that juicy beautiful baby got everyone’s
    attention… #Ijs 

  • kunity77 4 years ago

    salaam beloved, thanks for the tips..your blessing is so beautiful..bless

  • NadiaChanel 4 years ago
  • BXLatina35 4 years ago

    Omggg she is Gorgeous!!!!! God bless her forever…,

  • PRETTYCAKES27 4 years ago

    Your baby is so peaceful and beautiful

  • Janet Jamieson 4 years ago

    Adorable baby! Looks just like mommy..

  • Sade Keith 4 years ago

    You and that baby are too pretty!!!

  • Mackenzie Wells 4 years ago

    I just saw you at macys

  • JoslynGabrielle 4 years ago

    Awww, you look good girl! The baby is soooooooooooo cute!!

  • tracy s 4 years ago

    Have u tried the Emani primer it’s a new brand I want to try it but idk if
    it’s any good

  • LaCienega Boulevardez 4 years ago

    Your baby is soooo cute!! With her little hiccups lol

  • joannamccloud 4 years ago

    such a cutie shes so pretty.

  • Mandy Crawford 4 years ago

    I’m sorry didn’t hear a word u say, I cudnt help but look at ur cutie pie
    the whole video.

  • christine tamene 4 years ago

    Baby!!!! So cute!! 

  • Chels 4 years ago

    Omg, your baby is so beautiful!!! She brought tears to my eyes :’)

  • Aynate1 4 years ago

    Oooohhh What a chunky baby!!! She is sooo cute? I just want to pinch
    those cheeks. LOL

  • Charmaine Young 4 years ago

    Your baby is too adorable! I love your makeup and ur nails have always been
    on point since day one! 

  • sassyfrass C 4 years ago

    Baby girl is so beautiful… 

  • linnorias 4 years ago

    That beautiful angel of a baby doll London….omg….blessings….great
    video on primers…thank ypu

  • Taylorgang34 4 years ago

    She is too cute.