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Everything you want to know is right here… B U S I N E S S: For Business and Branding purposes please For…

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  • Violeta Meyners 3 years ago

    Looks beautiful!!! Gorgeous! 

  • pinkycheeks 3 years ago

    you remind me of khloe kardashian and JLO :) 

  • Thanias Beauty 3 years ago

    Your makeup looks so pretty! Glad you’re doing all of these short hair
    videos. You should do an updated hair care routine :) 

  • Maria Quintas 3 years ago

    I WAKE UP LIKE THIS hair lol hahaha and that drunk in love instrumental and
    bonnie &clyde at the end. you’re in the beyhive right? ;D

  • kristychris8992 3 years ago

    Nail polish color please?!

  • Sarah Demiri 3 years ago

    Why are you making so much videos ???

  • Haydee Cardenas 3 years ago

    What hair style do you have? It looks pretty

  • Leyla Love 3 years ago

    With as much heat as you use only your hair, does it ever get damaged? 

  • charlie angl 3 years ago

    The name of music please?

  • kitttymakeup 3 years ago

    Im so tempted to cut my hair! I really want short hair like this or maybe
    up to 2 inches longer but i think i would be devastated if i cut my long
    hair! The longest pieces reach by butt and im getting to the point where my
    long hair is getting too hard to style but my husband loves my long hair so
    im stuck! Lol

  • x0xJazzyCx0x 3 years ago

    what happened between 1:24 and 1:26?

  • beautywithkat22 3 years ago

    ahh i had my hair like that last summer. I am just growing out now, and I
    feel the itch to do it again lol it suits you well Nicole :) 

  • DolledupBySamantha 3 years ago

    Loooovvveee!!! You have such amazing hair!! Do you think I am able to
    achieve this look with a straightener as my curler? its the only thing that
    can curl my hair. Those wands don’t last 30 minutes on my hair :( ❤Sam

  • Haydee Kareena 3 years ago

    Is this haircut called a aligned bob?

  • Emily W 3 years ago

    Who else looks at the video time when she ends the video to see if there
    will be a naturally nicole segment?! Lol! Just me?

  • natalie marie 3 years ago

    i can even imagine nicole pulling off kandee johnsons haircut (sorry i
    dont the name of it lol dont kill me!) But honestly you could pull off any
    hair length! 

  • Besa65 3 years ago

    Can you tell me the nail polish you’re wearing? It’s really nice and diff

  • Laura Campbell 3 years ago

    Where’s that mesh bralette from?!

  • Jessicka Jones 3 years ago

    When you said “mom!”

  • leigharmato 3 years ago

    so cute <3

  • Tyler Coleman 3 years ago

    People and these rude comments kill me. From the looks of their profile
    they don’t know the first thing about makeup. At least nicole does. I’m no
    expert either but I don’t insult some one who clearly knows what their
    doing. The subscribers tell it all. Don’t listen to anything these rude
    nuts say. You are indeed fabulous as you are. 

  • Beauty Bemused 3 years ago

    this is my fav hair vid for the month!

  • nancy zaky 3 years ago

    stunning . love your face bone structure , very attractive 

  • Choua Thao 3 years ago

    You should do a best dry shampoo video

  • spzebra90 3 years ago

    If I was to ask how to get this cut would it be a bob? So wanna cut my hair
    for the fall. Thanks!!!!! 

  • Kimberly Munoz 3 years ago


  • Zenobia Balsara 3 years ago

    A question…do you straighten your hair first and them curl it? Because my
    hair is kind of wavy already but messy. So I was wondering whether it would
    look better if I straightened my hair first and then curl it? 

  • SophiaTheInfinite 3 years ago

    Omg, ILYSM <3 You’re so funny <3

  • Marie M 3 years ago

    What song is playing during the fast forwarded parts?

  • craft cute 3 years ago

    How come u cut u hair short

  • RissaDawnOfficial 3 years ago

    This makes me want to chop my hair off to this length.. Seems easy

  • Valerie Hill 3 years ago

    when you got your hair cut, what did you say you wanted. ive been debating
    on chopping mine off, and i love your cut and the shape.

  • Judith Alvarez 3 years ago

    I love love love the way your hair looks!!! <3 I also have short hair; a
    tiny bit longer than your hair. I’m so happy that I came across this video
    because I always have difficulty curling my hair especially in the beachy
    effortless wave style . I curl my hair with a small barrel lol now I know
    to purchase a bigger wand and use it :D btw I love your personality <3

  • Georgina Sahadath 3 years ago

    Lmao omg ur so funny… love ur personality. Very helpful video ;) 

  • beautylips02 3 years ago

    so beautiful

  • Monica Botello 3 years ago

    Nicole, I have a question is your hair thick? 

  • you remind me of Tori Kelly so much!

  • Josie Lee 3 years ago

    Anyone have an idea on what nail color she’s wearing? Or maybe you could
    let me know, Nicole? It’s not in the bottom bar! lol

  • sherwin masanque 3 years ago

    her hair kinda look fried.

  • Sarah Payne 3 years ago

    Need to do it tomorrow ! Girl, you are soooo soooooo beautiful! *-*

  • zellie roache 3 years ago

    does anyone know what songs she played at the end, when she was like
    singing and stuff haha, there to short to shazam but “snapbacks and
    tattoos” someone please help!!!! :( 

  • TJa Smith 3 years ago

    “Until next time, I will talk to you soon?”
    …I don’t even…

  • BeautyGoddess 3 years ago

    Perfect!! Going to do this with my Glam Seamless hair extensions!!! 

  • tiffany smith 3 years ago

    You are hilarious & entertaining you need to get your own show on TV. Keep
    it up !!!

  • Julia 3 3 years ago

    You looks like Khloe Kardashian ! 

  • caty rose 3 years ago

    U r so funny i just ♡ you

  • Anna X Huang 3 years ago

    your hair color is perfect!

  • Michelle Mendez 3 years ago

    You look just like Khloe Kardashian 

  • Moasenla Jamir 3 years ago

    This is perfect! Chopped my long hair to this same length a while ago and
    this video is the best I’ve found. And you’re so pretty and fun!! <3

  • laura richardson 3 years ago

    Can you do a video on how you blend extensions in with your short hair ,
    please ?