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MORE INFO: Matching your foundation can be tricky. Here are some tips on the best…

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  • xxcheyxx12 4 years ago

    But what if you can’t find foundation light enough ! :( I’m so pale I have
    a hard time finding foundation. Like I get the lightest ones I can find and
    its still too dark sometimes :( helpppp

  • EGvotreamie 4 years ago

    Marlena, can we see a video of you playing piano? :) 

  • ohheyantonia 4 years ago

    I wish I could exchange makeup here in Australia!! if you buy the wrong
    shade here you just have to buy another :( 

  • The Other Parker 4 years ago

    To be honest, EVERY time I’ve gotten my foundation matched (we’re talking
    8-10 times at different places!) the shade is horrendously off, maybe I
    just have awful luck :/ love the neck tip! I have never thought of that,
    but it’s pretty genius!

  • Iman Al Kole 4 years ago

    I love the hair! :) Tutorial maybe?

  • Berklee Marie 4 years ago

    Cool is yellow tones, and Warm is pink tones.

  • Panheadchelsey 4 years ago

    You remind me of Demi Lovato from when her hair was black! Love it!

  • Kačka Doubravová 4 years ago

    Marlena, please tell me, what shade do you use in the Revlon Colorstay? :) )

  • Kei-chwan 4 years ago

    Drugstores in US offer exchange or returns of makeup stuff but in Europe
    (Poland to be exact now) there’s no such thing. I can’t return anything
    even if it wasn’t open. :) So yeah… awesome right? So much money goes
    down the toilet.

  • Danna Myatt 4 years ago

    I call it “ivory” not “pasty”!!! ;) For the record, you ROCK the lighter
    skin. You are so beautiful! LOVE your videos!

  • KenaSunshine J. 4 years ago

    I can’t wait for you to explain the “warm,natural, and cool” stuff. I’m so
    confused by it most times

  • Jessica Veilleux 4 years ago

    Omg… I just love your lips ! You almost look like Monica Belluci in this
    video ♥ Love it

  • MadamBugsy 4 years ago

    Once you have opened a product in the UK you can’t take it back or exchange
    it. It’s tough, the money has gone. You just have to buy another shade!
    You’re very lucky in the US for that sort of thing!!!!

  • Makeup Geek 4 years ago
  • Sarah Asp 4 years ago

    Hi Marlena. I have a problem with my mascara. Once it is put on it doesn’t
    take long for it to appear below my eyes. I don’t put mascara on the bottom
    lashes because of this. I use eye primers. And no luck. Is there some kind
    of mascara I should be using or any tips?

  • PollyMamedePsi 4 years ago

    this really helps… I’m latina, from Brazil, but I’m not as dark as I
    think I am, so I always go to a foundation lighter then my skin tone and
    adjust with powder and bronzer… my skin tone is more yellow than I really
    think should be.. but it’s ok, after many dark foundations I found a trick:
    match 2 foundations, yellow and light and one warm and more dark… really
    help. (sorry the english)

  • I Captivate You 4 years ago

    I loved these tips!!! I am gonna do a video soon inspired by this & add
    some of my own tips. Hope you don’t mind. I will definitely give credit to
    your channel :D 

  • Angela Newbrough 4 years ago

    +MakeupGeekTV +MakeupGeekXtra Marlena I love love your videos, you are so
    sweet and have great advice. I have a quick question, the problem I have
    with matching the right foundation is my face is so much darker than my
    neck, I also have a yellow undertone in my face (I am Caucasian) I don’t
    know what to get?? :( (((((( Please help me. 

  • Suthen Girl 4 years ago

    Very insightful. I’m black & I’m a cool. I’ve noticed it has been extra
    hard too locate other black woman who are also cool. I found one other & I
    got very excited because I’ve only been able to find warms. I had an ah ha

  • Alyssa Peters 4 years ago

    Steps on how to correctly match & apply your foundation:

    1. Go to an Estée Lauder counter and have a Beauty Advisor match you to
    your correct color and take home a FREE 10-day supply!!!

    2. NEVER use a Beauty Blender or any type of sponge!!! It’s a SPONGE!!!
    What do sponges do?! SOAK UP your product!!!

    3. ALWAYS use a foundation blush! Estée Lauder has TWO foundation brushes
    to chose from, the regular one that looks like a paintbrush and their new
    one is the sculpted one.

    4. INVEST in the CORRECT products! You only have ONE fave, take care of

  • washingtonbrigitte 4 years ago

    Hi Marlena. I think it would be more accurate to describe how to match
    foundation shades based on skin color rather than ethnicity. I get what you
    were saying, and I think you did a really great job of explaining
    everything. However – just as an example there are tons of African
    Americans who are really light skinned with freckles, and would fit into
    the 10/20 range, like some Caucasians. I know Latinos who are darker than
    African Americans, and would undoubtedly fit into the 50+ range. Again, I
    know you are a professional artist, these are just my thoughts.

  • Angelina Angel 4 years ago

    Lookin like Cher girl! 

  • Chanel Keane 4 years ago

    I wish the UK was the same way. If you buy something and have used or just
    opened it, you can’t take it back

  • synthpopper1 4 years ago

    Very helpful! Have only been using bb creams bc intimidated in choosing the
    right shade but this helps tremendously & almost makes it seem too easy!

  • Marissa Dyer 4 years ago

    can you please do something like this video but for people with freckles??
    i have discoloration but it’s hard to cover up because of my freckles. i
    can never find a good match because some of the foundations make my skin
    look ashy and dull but if i match the freckle shade it’s way too dark!
    help! thanks!

  • Susana Sarabia 4 years ago

    thank you. Finally someone who gets to the point. Thank you 

  • Stina Baby21 4 years ago

    What about if my face is so much darker than my chest and face?