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EXPAND FOR ALL INFO, LINKS & FAQs** I’m not a makeup artist, just a girl with acne tryna be cute! —-PRODUCTS—- Sea Breeze astringent Clean & Clear mois…

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  • RAVEN ELYSE 2 years ago

    My voice-over came out really crappy and skips in some places….dont know
    why. hopefully you can still understand me! :( 

  • RAVEN ELYSE 2 years ago

    Please don’t flood the comments with acne-cure suggestions! I’ve seen a
    dermatologist and have my skin under much better control now, it just takes
    time for the scarring to fade no matter what. Watch my SKIN JOURNEY video
    and SKIN UPDATE video before making suggestions or asking questions!

  • RAVEN ELYSE 2 years ago

    Product list has been added to the description!

  • LeStyleNerd 2 years ago

    that NYX shadow substitute for the Ben Nye powder is genius!

  • NiNi Love 2 years ago

    Do you think the eyebrow pallet works better or the eyebrow pencil? I use a
    pencil because it can give way more shape, but I’ve been wanting to try the
    pallet as well. 

  • Breeze Martin 2 years ago

    beautiful coverage and makeup, but i can’t front, thats gotta suck having
    bad scaring! I had a few acne scars when i was like 18 but then my face
    just stopped scarring! I would never leave the house without makeup and i
    only had a few! Do you always put make up before going out? Or only when
    you go somewhere? 

  • VICKYLOGAN 2 years ago

    Girl. YOU FLAWLESS. Ladies. Tell em.

  • Гоша Александров 2 years ago

    How much of the different shit does she apply daily on her face. It is very
    predictable why does she has problem with acne.

  • Michelle Rodgers 2 years ago

    Ur hair wall had me cracking up!

  • scs0827 2 years ago

    How do u deal in the summer with all that makeup?? i would die!!
    its beautiful tho..

  • Jaleesa Moses 2 years ago

    Have you tried a clarisonic? Worked wonders for getting my skin super
    clean. I then use a retinol like Help Me from Philosophy to help with spots
    and scarring. I had trouble with acne and scarring, too. You’re gorgeous!
    Loved the video.

  • lily may 2 years ago

    New subbie.
    love this look!
    has any one got suggestions for getting ride of acne scars i only literally
    about 10 on my forehead but they’re really dark thanks!

  • Hayat B 2 years ago

    can u shorten your videos? i feel like the intros are too long

  • RosefrmVenus 2 years ago

    The make up looks great, but maybe covering the acne with make up isn’t
    such a good idea. Work on the acne first. Now your skin has to work twice
    as hard.

  • Phyl B 2 years ago

    I follow her for her wig reviews, but I also love her makeup! She does a
    great job covering her acne. 

  • JayRollieStone ee 2 years ago

    Hey! Check out
    They really saved my life.. Literally changed my face from ance and scaring
    to new soft skin skin with little to no scaring anymore.. Check them out
    and give it a try… And jojoba oil will help you with ur scaring.. Love

  • you heard 2 years ago

    is anything in this vid sponsored btw 

  • Breanna Hasberry 2 years ago

    What was the name of the mascara that you used your eyelashes look amazing

  • vancitygurl 2 years ago

    How do you like the ELF products? I recently came across some in a
    department store,(totally shocked to even see it there) and I was so
    overwhelmed coz I haven’t looked into the makeup line before. What color
    was the ELF highlighter? Or does it even come in different colors?

  • Ashley Harvey 2 years ago

    I know u said don’t flood the comments with suggestions lol..but my derm
    prescribed me Ziana..which has retinol in it and it worked a miracle on my
    acne n scars..I don’t even wear foundation anymore..maybe as your derm
    about that amazing product.

  • Alyse Allen 2 years ago

    My name’s Alyse too. (spelled differently) I like you already. ;) ))))

  • Mira Sied 2 years ago

    Are you mixed?? You are absolutely gorgeous

  • NorthernSunshine 2 years ago

    raw black soap

  • honey bunny 2 years ago

    I really admire the fact that you are so REAL! You are not afraid or
    ashamed of showing your acne scars and to me this makes you so BEAUTIFUL!
    We all have “imperfections” and many of us are not brave enough to show
    them. You are an inspiration for me to be myself and to be comfortable in
    my own skin. I think you are absolutely stunning and have a beautiful
    spirit <3 <3 <3 ( ^ v ^)v Peace!

  • Awesomed_Out 2 years ago

    wow you look like rhianna in this video

  • Kay Perez 2 years ago

    Love the finish look but you don’t need to contour too much it can
    sometimes bring the acne marks back out or draw attention to them . And is
    your kat Von D shade (darker one ) M62 & M57 ( lighter one ) ? 

  • Styles by BK (mrsbk08) 2 years ago

    loved the bloopers lol!!! glad your channel was in my recommendations!!

  • Veronica Doletskaya 2 years ago

    You are soooo beautiful

  • Jane Kitty 2 years ago

    You look like asyia from bgc 12

  • Angel Oliveen 2 years ago

    You are so much prettier without makeup,And your facial features are
    gorgeous *-* Also your natural brows look WAY better. All you should use is
    just bb cream.

  • lovemakeup1229 2 years ago

    Gorgeous look, perfect!!

  • christprp 2 years ago


  • Use baking soda look up curls&beauty on yt to see results! It gets rid of
    pimples n scars!!!!!!!!! It’s like magic

  • Melanie Dela Cruz 2 years ago


  • snowbeauty21 2 years ago

    love this look! you’re gorgeous!

  • Megha Bose 2 years ago

    So beautiful :) 

  • dezinechic 2 years ago

    nice tutorial. what is the music playing through the video? thank you.

  • yoyo ahmad 2 years ago

    Please can u put the number for foundation ? Thank u and amazing video good