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Follow Dr.Divya’s simple at home tips to cure those ugly dark circles. Ingredients: 1- Potato 1- cucumber 1 tb spoon – coconut oil Steps: Grate the potato an…


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  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • anjmaskraw 4 years ago

    can i massage with almond oil ?

  • nadeem allam 4 years ago

    shabnam nadeem

  • Rajvir Kaur 4 years ago

    kya hum coconut oil ki jgah or koi oil use kar sakte hai please tell me?

  • shilu honey 4 years ago

    sure ?it will work?

  • Daniel Duran 4 years ago

    I like how everything in the video was organized.

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  • marian viterbo 4 years ago

    When you uploaded video on youtube,it’s better if you speak english,so that the viewers,can understand what your talking about..

  • Nadith Malinda 4 years ago

    If you desire to build muscle, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped Muscle”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  • Anam Bari 4 years ago

    thumbs up if you can understand what shes saying

  • liz z 4 years ago

    please please sub spanish

  • mosh kabe 4 years ago

    can i have other option besides from coconut oil? thank you

  • WonderfulWishing 4 years ago

    maybe because she’s speaking a different language?

  • Ilovhellokitty18 4 years ago

    Can I use this for all over my face?

  • LifeATest 4 years ago

    can I use olive oil instead of coconut oil?? thanks for ur tips

  • urbaneastk 4 years ago

    i dont understand a word u say sorry

  • Razaul Mondal 4 years ago

    @rtipkxx yep i agree It was very unhappy days in my life coz of acne:( Listen to this i am so happy now when i used the natural method and cured my acne withing 25 days. i know you will get permanent escape from acne after wathcing this video :

  • Bint Azizullah 4 years ago

    Do we use the cooking coconut oil or the coconut hair oil for messaging around the eyes?
    And do we directly apply the grated mixture with hands or the eye cotton pads?

  • careworldtv 4 years ago

    :) thanks

  • careworldtv 4 years ago

    you can but natural products are best when used immediately.but if you are keen on storing store it in a airtight container

  • careworldtv 4 years ago

    from your local indian supermarket

  • careworldtv 4 years ago

    we will be putting up steps in the description box very soon :) so stay tuned

  • careworldtv 4 years ago

    thanks :) we are glad to help

  • where can i get coconut oil?

  • Swati Sheth 4 years ago

    can you store this?

  • girlaccessories 4 years ago

    Useful tips! Watching your style…

  • saskLS1 4 years ago

    Anyone else with Kyle Wellwood eyes that this has worked for them?

  • dazzel queen 4 years ago


  • dearsadhna 4 years ago

    this works yaar
    thanks doc
    recomnd me some mre tips