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Easy beauty tips and fall beauty trends 2012. Fall beauty trends with reverse French manicure nail tutorial, makeup tips, matte red lips, blue eyeliner, and …


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  • santosh pokharel 4 years ago

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  • minnysis3 4 years ago

    Spankie looks absolutely gorgeous with her hair like that.

  • Ely Payne 4 years ago

    She is amaze balls

  • Demi de Mooij 4 years ago


  • BeautifyWithMe 4 years ago

    great video! (: im just starting out my beauty channel and would love for you or anyone to take a look! (:
    keep up the great videos!

  • carolina flores 4 years ago

    Check out my beauty tips video and please check out my channel and subscribe :)

  • KayRocks097 4 years ago

    I have a shadow above my top lip do you have any idea how to make it disappear

  • KayRocks097 4 years ago

    You have really long nails when mine get long the top falls off how do I keep that from happening

  • Marissa M 4 years ago

    Why are you breathing like that 0.o

  • TrueAlulu 4 years ago

    Boots! Boots! Boots!!!!!

  • vrecinos925 4 years ago

    Subscribef!!! I loved your video!:) thanks for the tips!

  • Yanitza Gutierrez 4 years ago

    u have really long nice hair! >.< my hair is super short nd damaged.. i use wigs really easy nd looks pretty haha XD but i still want my hair togrow!

  • shilpa chadha 4 years ago

    Its nice to watch the video and get on to it immediately ..that’s how simple and useful (and fun) this video was:) ama try hair ,lips and eye right away he he..thanks for the video :) )

  • MsCerise007 4 years ago

    Hey, my name is Cerise & a new subbie. I came across this video a few weeks ago because of the french twist & never watched it. I found it I found it!!! YAY!!! Looking forward to your videos. BYE BYE FOR NOW.

  • YdersLe 4 years ago

    i wish you were my sister!

  • gaby lopez 4 years ago

    What eyelashes are you wearing?? & i like nail tutorials

  • kindAhumaNbeinG 4 years ago

    Living in the swiss mountains I’ve learned how to stay warm, trust me ^^
    I tend to go for thight fitted warm underwear which allows me to wear allmost whatever I want and still stay warm. Depending on the climate you have to deal with, you might go for a light coton fabric or even choose sports thermo wear or – what i prefer – cashmere ^^

  • arlene macias 4 years ago

    please so how to style boots with socks heels with socks basically a fall trends look book

  • Britney Bryant 4 years ago

    How about ridding boot.

  • TheGorgous95 4 years ago

    i would love to see a falll video on how to put lace together with anything!<3

  • Jennifer Hope 4 years ago

    I would love a fall workout video, something for cardio that one can do at home inside when it’s to cold to out.

  • Minnie Cutie 4 years ago

    I love this video!!!my Holy Grail!!!:))

  • Nicole A 4 years ago

    Dresses and leggings!

  • Nicole A 4 years ago

    Omg that French twist seems so easy.i’m going to go try it right now!

  • duenasmom 4 years ago

    I Love Your Style & Mannerisms!! ;D. …So Easy-Going, Yet So Knowledgable!!
    And I LOVE Your HAIR!!! My Hair’s “long”….But Yours’ is like, a Mile Long!!!! ♥

  • marshaye jackson 4 years ago


  • Erica Broady 4 years ago

    Hi just got tuned onto your channel…LOVE IT! Could you do a fall work/business outfit video? Suits/Jackets/Skirts/Shoes/Pants for the office?

  • Ginger Pelayo 4 years ago

    More eye makeup looks with dark lips ;)

  • nefelove 4 years ago

    love your dress :)

  • Jennifer Gee 4 years ago

    FAUX FUR TREND ! I really wanna know how to wear it properly and not go overboard (:

  • Anita Mitchell 4 years ago

    Leather skirt trend please! Also pencil skirts!

  • Nat M 4 years ago

    im hittin the subscribe button!!!!!!!!!!!! thnks!

  • Diana Flores 4 years ago

    high waisted shorts and leggings:)

  • Christine Sabado 4 years ago

    Accessories! Earrings and rings! I’m obsessed with accesorising my outfits! Xo

  • manuela castro 4 years ago


  • manuela castro 4 years ago

    Really cute fashion video I wish u could do is skinny jeans,or way to wear with water shoes

  • Thestrawberryjam77 4 years ago

    Leather skirts! High waisted, or denim!:)

  • familia0808 4 years ago

    Riding boots

  • marissa nagel 4 years ago

    I know right!

  • Alexis Schaefer 4 years ago

    Faux fur for fall!

  • KeepCalmAndBlushOn 4 years ago

    Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a Beauty Channel, and I would love if you would come check it out! If you would like to see more videos from me then feel free to subscribe! I would really appreciate it! I am planning on doing a giveaway when I reach 300 subscribers :)

  • miyu93 4 years ago

    omg I can’t believe I’ve just done the french twist

  • mito mello 4 years ago

    What if my hair is to long enough to pass a lover my head

  • audiebearz 4 years ago

    i want to see more jewelery trends, and maybe some more eyeshadows.

  • TheSmileymads17 4 years ago

    I really want to see a tutorial about tights and stockings and how to style them.

  • SincerelyFaithh 4 years ago

    that french twist trick was genius!!<3

  • celeste silva 4 years ago

    Hello!! a vids if color blocking still hit for the FALL ?? new dark colors this fAll to rock and any makeup!! nail color and beauty for fall !!!

  • michaela dawn 4 years ago

    What about fun causal dresses for fall!!!