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  • David B 4 years ago

    You are beautiful !

  • Sara Lopes 4 years ago

    Actually Urban Decay is not cruelty free anymore. Since they started selling their products to China a couple of months ago, they were forced to test on animals

  • yayyyzzz 4 years ago

    isn’t it bad for your hair to leave the sweat (salt) in after you work out??

  • Kristina Bixby 4 years ago

    and what eye shadow do you use? its so pretty!

  • Kristina Bixby 4 years ago

    I LOVE this video! Keep more like this coming. I just bought about half of those products online just now and I cant wait for them to come in! Thanks Brenda you are the one who inspired me to live lean. I look up to you so much. Thank you!

  • Erika Mena 4 years ago

    What SPF do you use for your daily sunscreen?

  • Danielle Gravelle 4 years ago

    NATURES GATE body glow lotion is now discontinued :( ( If you can get your hands on it still I suggest you stalk up! My local health food store already stopped selling it.

  • RosiLeouis80 4 years ago

    I could do the hair tips if I sweated like a tiny bit, but I sweat like I was dunked in some water lol. I usually do a co-wash with my hair post-workout.

  • Sheena Joy 4 years ago

    FYI BeautiControl products are all free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances. AND NEVER tested on animals! They have tons of spa quality cleansers, lotions, and makeup. Im not a rep for them but im seriously considering selling their products because i believe in them so much…its a avon-like business so google beauticontrol to find a consultant near you :-)

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

    Have you ever thought that the more confidence you have the better you look ? In fact the better you do everything, check out the aweosme five minute confidence booster on my channel, and start to learn to feel super confident. happyminds1

  • Steph D 4 years ago

    Please look up the review for the face wash at beautypedia/paulas choice. Personally think they have outstanding info and there is a poor rating for the face wash. Thought you would be interested.

  • Sandra Sanchez 4 years ago

    This video is great! I can relate to everything you talked about. Thanks

  • 3232latina 4 years ago

    I loved this video I wear my hair in a curly most days because I work out everyday. These are really good tips keep them coming.. I’m def gonna try them

  • peppercouldestimate 4 years ago

    why do you care about cruelty-free if you eat animal products?

  • Sammy Sam 4 years ago

    Brenda, how ever do you get your hair like that? The color is gorgeous and I am just wondering if it is natural or if it is not, what do you ask for at the salon?

  • thelittlemuffet 4 years ago

    I went to Lush to pick up the Vanilla Puff and the lady there assured me that it wasn’t a deodorant and convinced me to try a “Coconut” one that is designed to be a deodorant. It smells like shit! Definitely going to exchange it for the vanilla one. Should have listened to you *shakes head*.

  • rachbartley58 4 years ago

    I know my husband would be cool with me buying a $45 waterproof bronzer, because I always bitch about how my makeup is splotchy or runs down my face (if I cry, sweat, etc) you get what you pay for, right? But I just can’t see myself spending more than $25 on something like that. But. The stuff looks good on you! I only wear eyeliner, mascara and bronzer/blush so I guess I could splurge a little, but. Do they have samples??

  • LuLuKeys j 4 years ago

    So glad I found your channel!! I’m having trouble with breakouts, and I know you said that you use all natural things like brown sugar and vitamin e oil, I’m wondering if all natural helps breakouts or no?

  • missturtleluv 4 years ago

    I believe that they decieded NOT to sell in China. So they remain a cruelty free company,

  • Jonathan Mazon 4 years ago

    Omg! Your beautiful!!! But of course you get that A Lot, well you have nice hair to :}

  • Ansem715 4 years ago

    are you married?

  • Annette Corrado 4 years ago

    I have been on a WL journey and down 50 lbs and 30 more to go!  I like your channel very much

  • Frolic Through Life 4 years ago

    Great hair tips! I love lush products and the deodorant is on my to-buy list!

  • maria flores 4 years ago

    thank you! the hair tips are amazing!

  • LesiaBartleby 4 years ago

    I really like this video ! Thank you so much for the great tips ! I will apply them very soon

  • mrsgomezfhl 4 years ago

    What other hair products do you use? I loved this video! More like this pls

  • HeelsandDumbbells 4 years ago

    I love urban decay. I just bought Nature’s Gate Body Glow Sunless Tanner in the light version on amazon. It’s only $11.19 there. Hope it works. I don’t have good luck with self tanners. How do you do your back? I have one of those back applicators. I don’t see me doing a good job with it lol.

  • Dolores Aburto 4 years ago

    I love all your tips and videos! BUT if you’re working out and sweating ou should be washing your hair. I personally can’t stand the smell of sweaty hair/scalp. Lol

  • Arallist 4 years ago

    Urban decay is no longer cruelty free since they branched to China, which requires animal testing. But Tarte and Too Faced are cruelty free :)

  • Hannah Ali 4 years ago

    OMG I love fast little effective tips..LOVE YA

  • peeriecally 4 years ago

    Could you please do a video on the “natural hormonal enhancement” book please. I watched your other video and you mentioned it.

  • Sherry Knox 4 years ago

    Haha! Not like Snooky! Haha!  Loved this video too! Will try some items!

  • Auguka941024 4 years ago

    i just saw yor video about cheat meals and then your pizza recepie. i wonder, does your pizza counts as cheat meal?