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Watch Dr Divya demonstrating simple home remedies to get sparkling and glowing skin in minutes. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at http://www.youtu…

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  • samleenfever 4 years ago

    Could you speak english? Or place english subtitles so others like me can understand? Thanks! (:

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • fatima wu 4 years ago

    Thanks :) ))

  • pinkish9904 4 years ago

    Hi Dr.Divya,do you have any tips for women’s health.please reply

  • SteFan AsaNka 4 years ago

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  • Urmila Dotel 4 years ago

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  • Benatural365days 4 years ago

    Yes I have done! To be honest.

  • Talita Santiago 4 years ago

    so did it lighten your skin or just make it glowy?

  • Pekpeki Punte 4 years ago

    wait, i don’t understand Hindi language

  • Rana Imran 4 years ago

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  • LisaLoveMakeUp1 4 years ago

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  • Chandra Yudha 4 years ago

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  • Januar Hutabarat 4 years ago

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  • Benatural365days 4 years ago

    Yes this is another language! From India and this is National language of Indian’s! I hope you are clear now!

  • Benatural365days 4 years ago

    Yes this is National Language “Hindi” of Indian’s. I hope now you are clear! Why to laugh on that!

  • Benatural365days 4 years ago

    Hi, I have done this several times and it really works! please tell something about how to reduce dark spots? on face.

  • Chandima Pathirana 4 years ago

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  • molly robinson 4 years ago

    Is this in another language? LOL

  • kurniawan saladin 4 years ago

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  • CafePinkTV 4 years ago

    tell the quantity of the ingredient

  • marvinbrody 4 years ago

    Men often neglect their own part to play in this whole scenario

  • stardream97 4 years ago

    maple syrup is actually renowned for its soothing and anti inflamotary purposes! also golden syrup was used in 18th century old england for evening out skin tone, and adding a glowing complexion to skin :)

  • shiks more 4 years ago

    very simple. i should try it out someday

  • manish kumar 4 years ago

    enough talk

  • Nancy John 4 years ago

    I like shining Skin because it is the part of beauty

  • Bhavana Varshney 4 years ago

    how many time i can use it in a week?

  • theElvenfairy 4 years ago

    should i do this everyday or twice a week? :3

  • 2misscongeniality 4 years ago no ..syrup is not at all the alternative of honey.

  • Jennifer Jimenez 4 years ago

    is it fine if instead of using honey i use syrup ?

  • MARYUM85 4 years ago

    plz also tell the quantity of the ingredient in ur video