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Simple home treatment to keep lips rosy and pink. Subscribe for More beauty Tips :


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  • KissingMakeup 4 years ago

    wtf is she saying

  • Fiona Fetra 4 years ago

    Has anyone tried this? does it work?

  • cutekorilakkuma 4 years ago

    If the titles in English, surely it should be English or at least have subtitles. GEESH

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • Stardelux3 4 years ago

    Does it really work? How long did it take to see some result?

  • cheerleadingtay 4 years ago


  • shivanid61 4 years ago

    thax di and aap hindi me hi rkhna apni videos ko pliz because aisi bohot kam videos h jise aam ganv ke ya ghar ke bujurg samajh paye or aisa m sirf apne perwar ke liye nai or logo ko dekh kr bhi bol rahi hu english me to videos ki bhemar h yaha :)

  • daniel lena 4 years ago

    souluting abequividi abahe? Sorry thats what I heard in her hindi gbberish.

  • Rutuparna Pati 4 years ago

    oooooooooooo  it really works thank u very much dr divya……

  • Linda Gonzalez-Johns 4 years ago

    Can u translate the benefits to each ingredient or what each ingredient does to make it happen? U know what I mean? I.e., why does she use Rose Water? What does it do? I know Olive oil would moisturize the lips, etc.

  • MrMkchef 4 years ago

    Ok I will explain in English–make a paste of litil coriander leaves and add lttil rose water and gently massage to your lips and keep it for 10 min. and wash with warm water and apply litil almond oil..And that’s all..Good luck!

  • elexene 4 years ago

    replace olive oil with almond oil! Works great for chapped lips and I can honestly see an improvement. Also, I mixed it in with those small vasaline lip balms.

  • Leen Meow 4 years ago

    Can i replace the olive oil with a lipbalm?

  • Siofra Patterson 4 years ago

    K. All I heard was lips…

  • CYN Cabrera 4 years ago

    Wat did she say is that English ??

  • modelingfunkh 4 years ago

    Does this work or not? stop focusing on her language you big dummies. does it work?

  • siddhi yevle 4 years ago

    what if i use glycerine wd dz mixture????

  • cutelady63 4 years ago

    I like her body. Quite thick and cute so as her face.

  • crazynfreaky99 4 years ago

    She is talking in Hindi…. Its an Indian language :)

  • krishna Singh 4 years ago

    do i have to do it everyday or just once in a while?
    how long does it stay on for?

  • jusy jesy 4 years ago

    what are you talking!

  • Aj Turki 4 years ago

    I Suffered Dark lips lines since I start smoking,now i quitted smoking and this HELPED me to get rid of it!! Totally worth the try.

  • sHANty SyhAN 4 years ago

    I dont understand can somebody translate it in english?????

  • Shekinah Grace 4 years ago

    how long would it take?

  • Yes your right shes not speaking indian , its Hindi.
    Indian isn’t a language, it’s a person from India…

  • Angel fire 4 years ago

    omg arhhhhhhhh its works on me………feel like magic thanks to u

  • Aiden Vo 4 years ago


  • amama75 4 years ago

    Those green leaves are coriander leaves…..mix it with rose water

  • jiezselj 4 years ago

    even though i cant understand, it really is a great help. what is the other term for the leaves used? can anyone help?

  • pragyee shrestha 4 years ago

    thank you sweet of you

  • Sandeep Beeliya 4 years ago

    yes…it really works just do it for 2 or 3 weeks, u’ll get the difference…

  • Tiny Toya 4 years ago

    but she spoke english at the end.. ? lol

  • anna kaur 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh thank you ! ive been doing this for about a week now and my lips dont look as dark, they look pretty pink to me ! xoxo thankk you !