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a fail in my opinion….just wanted yall to see her butt lol. subscribe to kat: follow me on twitter: https://twit…


For All


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  • 13KiDD81 4 years ago

    oh my godddd .

  • Kitkat456456 4 years ago

    lesson learned…it’s okay if it’s a butter face

  • KnitWit191 4 years ago

    Ok but she’s so ugly. Oh my god.

  • Firefenex1996 4 years ago

    Damn. Lucky…

  • DDOC James 4 years ago

    GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& She got a booty

  • Dragonsongz1 4 years ago

    look at that ass!

  • terrence barrett 4 years ago

    lol the beginnig

  • raggasoca 4 years ago

    That ass!!

  • BobJimGeorge . 4 years ago

    shes cool i guess. the woman loagic one is way better

  • JAHBEATzOFFICIAL . 4 years ago

    HAHA!! Shot uce!

  • x24Tre 4 years ago

    press 8 and 9 and then like this

  • 63Hertzi 4 years ago

    if she doesn’t do anal she’s a dumb bitch

  • TheDaidai05 4 years ago

    did anyone notice the pants were on her before he started the makeover

  • 163rby 4 years ago

    that booty is fiinneeeeeee daammn

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • JustSoFaded 4 years ago

    Omg. Yes.

  • Tony Arreguin 4 years ago

    Wait a min. That’s the same guy.

  • Marvisification 4 years ago

    LOL She looks like Dave Days!

  • SexiPlaygirl1983 4 years ago

    You fine as hell. Big is sexy on you.

  • SnakeInTheLake100 4 years ago

    Dat assssssssssssssssss

  • alterm A 4 years ago

    so true, all the ugly bitches be on tht leggings shit, and it makes me so sad wen they r assless

  • Khemistry101 4 years ago

    Damn.  That white girl got some booty…and a gap too!?

  • Daytoncards69 4 years ago

    do a hat collection

  • Sydney Lavana 4 years ago


  • gbonita1210bg 4 years ago

    ha this pretty funny Rick!

  • totalldm22 4 years ago

    that ass

  • Cyann Moyer 4 years ago

    Cdfu GOT DAYUM!!!

  • jacob baker 4 years ago

    wtf lol way to go ?

  • mcddy70 4 years ago


  • idontknowyou sorry 4 years ago

    hahahha hey arnt you one of thos guys that said you wouldnt fuk me? huh? what? huh? huh? huh? look … lmao

  • Kwon Kicker 4 years ago

    dat booty jiggle though :D

  • Reyes EZLN 4 years ago

    Ahahah i think all three guys were the same

  • Taran DeVinney 4 years ago

    damm dat ass

  • txbigballs69 4 years ago

    All dat ass

  • SmoothyBlueCinque 4 years ago

    I lost it at 1:36

  • Rocky Balboa 4 years ago

    are you always this open in admitting you’re a rapist or……?

  • Henry Benitez 4 years ago

    this only encourages “fats” and “ratchets” to wear this yoga/leggings/jeggings

  • 2759sausage 4 years ago

    if i met her in real life she would be a rape victim lol

  • KJ OJ 4 years ago

    my dick got so hard when she had on the leggings

  • SappyBGW 4 years ago

    When he wrote that he was just thinking “what can I do that will let me grab her ass?”

  • victoria mancillas 4 years ago


  • ilovethemakebelieve 4 years ago

    AAAAnd I’m depressed. I want a thigh gap! An be skinny! :’(