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PLEASE WATCH BEFORE USING MILK OF MAGNESIA! (PLEASE EXCUSE THE BLURRINESS. I recorded this quickly last night.) Be careful with this recent beauty trend! Milk of Magnesium can …

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  • Eunice Eason 4 years ago

    I spoke to my board certified M.D. of dermatology and we watched your video
    together -he disagrees. I quote “MOM is less damaging then benzoyl peroxide
    , hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and vitamin A retinoids which are
    common methods of the treatment of excess oil. All bodies are different and
    if someone is experiencing adverse effects is maybe due to a sensitivity to
    the magnesium.”

  • bbeautymarkd 4 years ago

    Hey everyone! SO SORRY FOR THE BLURRINESS! I recorded & uploaded at
    midnight. But it’s what I’M SAYING that really matters anyway. **P.S. I
    will be recording a new video ASAP on what you can use instead of MoM for a
    primer for oily skin. 

  • CaressasPassion 4 years ago

    Have you spoken with various doctors and dermatologists or are you just
    spreading this “warning” by self research and hearsay?

  • Nikki Ro Horrorshow 4 years ago

    I am a makeup artist and cosmetologist. I agree with what you said to a
    point. I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. With that
    said. The ph on skin is a 5.5 optimally . on a scale from 0 – 14. 0 being
    acid. yes the skin is acidic. milk of mag is an 8.3. yes it IS more
    alkaline . BUT its not that far off. as you said. its best to keep the acid
    mantel of the skin proper. using MoM is fine as long as you dont abuse it.
    like all makeup and all things, balance is everything. I just wanted to put
    this information out there for others to make a decision . NOTE if you use
    MoM, use apple cider vinegar as a toner at night after you wash your face
    and you will bring balance back into your skin. =)

  • Anne Harris 4 years ago

    as a nurse, most beauty products are harmful to skin period it disrupts
    your melanin production. which is the only protection our skin can produce
    naturally. lack of this contributes to cause skin cancer. foundation is
    the 1 product that damages the skin. MOM helps get rid of anything causing
    disruption in the human body. I never heard of something you can ingest is
    this bad. nice attempt but check with a dermatologist not a make up artist.

  • said abdullahi 4 years ago

    this video is spreading ignorance ..

  • ShantelKarisma 4 years ago

    I think it depends on your skin type , to really know if it works for you,
    you have to try it cause some with stronger skin can use it with no damage
    (I know people who have been using it for ages lol) plus if primers really
    don’t work for people with extremely oil slick skin can you blame them for
    using and old beauty hack ? Very informative video but I feel like people
    are overhyping it a bit , I think it’s no better than actual makeup itself
    or acne skincare products like benzoyl peroxide etc.

  • Hilda Kilel 4 years ago

    Thaaaaank you so much for this video! i literally just came from buying MoM
    and a few make up items, i saw it was recommended in some makeup tutorial
    video and well i figured why not, its cheap :( so glad i stumbled upon
    your page! 

  • Margemellow 4 years ago

    What are your thoughts on apple cider for the skin? i use it as a toner
    mixed with water, is it also bad on the long run or is it completely
    harmless and benefitinal?

  • Cheryl Estephane 4 years ago

    Brilliant video, there are to many people on youtube promoting products
    that they dont umderstand the science behind!

  • Jasmine Mathurin 4 years ago

    Wow, I use pure organic lemon juice ( straight from the lemon it’s self )
    on occasion to exfoliate my skin. Lemons help to make the body alkaline but
    it’s an acid. Wondering now if it’s a good idea to use on the skin. Do you
    know anything about it? This was a very informative video. Most people,
    like myself, assume that if something is safe to consume, that it should
    automatically be safe for the skin.

  • cindypltnm 4 years ago

    I have oily skin. So if anyone is interested. Check out the becca matte
    primer. It’s the best and I’ve tried many.

  • Brenna Kimberly Heart 4 years ago

    What if you dilute the magnesium with glycerin? DIY face primer? Can you
    review that?

  • Mandala Pi 4 years ago

    I’ve seen two dermatologists, one in my late teens and the other in my
    early 30s … BOTH told me to use Milk of Magnesia as a cleanser. Note: a
    CLEANSER not a primer. I’ve studied this heavily, also baking soda baths
    and other Ph-altering substances.

    Everyone can safely use MoM as a cleanser or a facial mask that you wash
    off in 15 minutes or less. Don’t use ANY mask overnight, use only creams
    made for overnight.

    MoM is also fantastic to DOT onto a zit and leave overnight; especially
    sebaceous acne, as it draws out and soaks up the pus that could otherwise
    become infected from popping.

  • Staciasuperstar Wakes 4 years ago

    I love that you posted this….thank you…I’m in a corporate band and I
    use the MOM treatment approximately 3 times per month and it’s on my face
    for roughly 6 plus hours but does great for me why I’m performing on
    stage…with your level of expertise would you say this is harmful ?

  • Whitney McClinton 4 years ago

    I stopped using MOM is was breaking me out

  • Ellie B. 4 years ago

    It looks like I won’t be trying this as a ‘natural’ deodorant. Thanks for
    posting this!

  • OyOdiMe 4 years ago

    For my fellow oily skin ladies…. I just wanted to add that I do the ACV
    toner and also drink ACV of course with water. I’ve noticed that my skin is
    less oily and my make up stays on longer…..I’m also not an habitual
    make-up wearer.

    For my birth control, I have the five year mirena in, I’ve also noticed
    that my skin is clear of acne….. Has anyone have this experience if used


  • willzville1988 4 years ago

    Milk of Magnesia only has 120mg of magnesium hydroxide per 1.5ml, any
    damage or ‘softening’ can only happen with a very concentrated industrial
    version. It’s the same with any retino type moisturiser. I find it ironic
    that people think that this is okay to drink but somehow not safe to put on
    your face (i.e. over your protective barrier)…
    Phillips MOM was actually marketed as a laxative AND for oily skin in the
    1900′s but because it’s so cheap / low profit it can’t compete for
    marketing against the other high-budget cosmetic companies — it’s the same
    reason why you never see ads for herbal medicines.
    Also you need to use the original version. If you have breakouts then it’s
    possibly because you bought the more common mint flavoured version!

  • Crispsand Blood 4 years ago

    I like the video but it’s really out of focus.

  • NaniMona 4 years ago

    Smart woman 

  • KristenAbe 4 years ago

    Aaaahhhhh so disappointing…I’d rather be safe than sorry though! Thanks
    for the info :D 

  • Debra Barnes 4 years ago

    Started using MoM 2 weeks ago and I love it!

  • chandracb 4 years ago

    I don’t use it all over as a face primer but only on my eyebrows (not the
    hair since I have very scarce brows but I like to use it on that area
    before I draw/fill in brows) to help the brows I created to not become so
    shiny throughout the day. Would putting it on such a small area of my face
    still change my skin?

  • Flawless Conner 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing! 

  • Tosha O'Neal 4 years ago

    Good insight and analysis. You know your science. You nailed the “purpose”
    of skin. A lot of people have learned the result of playing in the sun
    w/out skin protection. I don’t think anyone would argue that point now. The
    message here is to be safe with what you do to your skin. It’s suppose is
    to last for a long time. Save yourself some $$ on plastic surgeries latter
    down the line. Just sayin.

  • Summer Charles 4 years ago

    Perfect ph is 7

  • Hannah Redus 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! I struggle with acne and I was thinking about using
    MoM. After watching your video, maybe I will stick to short mask times once
    a week vs the every other day I was going to begin with!!!!

  • arianna daniel 4 years ago

    This is highly wrong and very over exaggerated . Milk of magnesia is a
    product that is also used to protect skin and Its actually perfect for a
    primer because it protects your skin from foundation . A lot of beauty
    products are harmful for the long shot and so are they’re primers . My skin
    is beyond oily and not only does it soften my skin and give me a perfect
    finish And LAST ALL DAY but it also works better for my pores than my face
    wash ! Like really lol I’ve been using it for the longest and it also helps
    my skin from peeling!! Use it you guys ! But remember not everyone skin is
    the same -xo 

  • Rakisha D. Ellis 4 years ago

    Appreciate your comments but I’m an at stay home wife so I only use it on
    Saturday and Sunday for primer only and it works great!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

  • Benita Lennon 4 years ago

    awesome!!! thanks for the info! I have oily skin but can’t seem to find any
    primer suitable for my type of skin. Any suggestions will be greatly
    appreciated..oh! i reside in europe ;) 

  • Shaker Girl Baker 4 years ago

    In this case the darker your skin the less you’ll have to worry . 

  • Kia Drake 4 years ago

    Great video !! 

  • Divine Hag 4 years ago

    YouTube can teach you a lot about makeup and beauty, but a visit to a
    dermatologist is what you need before putting something you’re not sure of
    on your skin. If you don’t have the money for a visit, go th the library
    for books on how skin works.

  • Argelia Silva 4 years ago

    Black radiance primer is the best and it’s under 7 dollars at drugstores.
    Great vid btw :) 

  • CelestialJoJo 4 years ago

    i knew this wouldnt work, if it was a great beauty product then dont u
    think they would bottle it and sell it as that?? theres a reason they

  • Claudette LaRue 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this video. It’s very informational and
    totally makes sense

  • Daphne Sanchez 4 years ago

    I was about to buy the Milk of Magnesium till I decided to do a little
    research. Glad I ran into your video! Thanks so much for the information!

    I’ve tried so many primers and none help with my oily skin! :/ 

  • 18beautyisskindeep 4 years ago

    Hey!! Thanks so you know if the damage will go away??