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Face Makeup for beginners : This video is a beginner’s guide to eye makeup From using primer, picking brushes, choosing eye shadows Appl…

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  • Ruth Jones 3 years ago

    hey this was really helpful thank you ! (also, weird question but where are
    you from as i cannot place your accent at all. occasionally you sound like
    you are from northern england, and then sometimes i think american. i
    really couldn’t decide !) 

  • Mintchips49 3 years ago

    what palette is she using?!?!?

  • Catherine Alvarez 3 years ago

    that cheekbones tho

  • Lisa Yamabe 3 years ago

    i really like your videos, and can’t stop watching them!!! I have been
    repeating watching this video, so good!! 

  • You are by far my favorite Makeup guru on YouTube! Actually in life! LOL,
    your videos are so helpful and you get to the point fast. Amazing! :) 

  • Abigail Garcia 3 years ago

    I was wondering if you could make a beginner makeup tutorial. I dont wear
    it but im going into highschool and feel that I should start with something
    easy and simple.I really dont know a lot about makeup so it would make my
    life a little bit easier. :D 

  • Gwen Traveler 3 years ago

    I love this simple look!

  • Victorian Rose 3 years ago

    Can you wear eyeshadow with just one color on your lid and a color in your

  • 31MidnightSun 3 years ago

    Yeah, I still look like a clown.

  • leecaitday4 3 years ago

    great tips sinead as always :) 

  • αℓρнα яσѕу 3 years ago

    I am not a beginner but i’m not that good in makeup, thank you for the
    makeup tips:)

  • Sunny Svetka 3 years ago

    thank you, thank you. thank you!!

  • Christina Hanna 3 years ago

    do u have any pre wedding makeup looks?

  • Claudia n 3 years ago

    U made makeuo easier!! I love u.. I am a beginner who almost never touch
    makeup.. Hehe

  • Sultana Ahmed 3 years ago

    simple, straight forward, n easy to understand – ur videos r just great..
    ur truly an inspiration…

  • Sarah Ali 3 years ago

    Very informative. Thanks a lot for the vedio. It was so upto the point. :) 

  • Renae Mostales 3 years ago

    So many likes.

  • MaiCohWolf 3 years ago

    lol she doesn’t need any eye makeup… very helpful tutorial though!

  • Ida Eiken 3 years ago

    this video is soooo good!! 

  • Tiffany Perez 3 years ago

    although im not a beginner , i loveee this video taught me more things

  • earlgrayteagameonlock 3 years ago

    this is so helpful thank you so much i watch a lot of beauty gurus but i’ve
    never seen any break it down like this thank youuuuu 

  • Jesús Negrete 3 years ago

    Can you make a vídeo con how to put on foundation with oily skin with

  • Зулзаяа Эрдэнэбаяр 3 years ago

    Hello what is the eyeshadows name that she is using? Thank you

  • Lisbet Kaiser 3 years ago

    I love how when I click on your videos I like them automatically before
    even watching them because I love them so much

  • Paloma Garduno 3 years ago

    I tried it and it looked great. New sub

  • jessica m 3 years ago

    Where did you buy that eye lash curler ?:0

  • Annabelle B. 3 years ago

    wow im really bad at putting on makeup… ur good tho :( 

  • adriel pullen 3 years ago

    Omg this is so cool! :O ill never be able to do my makeup like that though,
    it looks so hard..
    And you look so pretty, with or without makeup! 

  • jonginyou 3 years ago

    lovely tutorial!

  • Maddi Mae 3 years ago

    Hi everyone! Please check out my everyday makeup tutorial for beginners, it
    would really make my day and it means so much to me :) thanks guys Xx 

  • Sandra Farrow 3 years ago

    I love your video so helpful!

  • shannon morissey 3 years ago

    where did you get that eye shadow pallet

  • Shakira Skullnail 3 years ago

    hi gorgeous ^^ i just wondering could u do makeup tutorial how to apply
    eyeshadow without brushes ? Thanks

  • shay shavit 3 years ago

    wow! oh my god thank you! you have no idea how much you helped me! i’ve
    never understood how to put an eyeshadow but now i do! and the tip with the
    mascara-for the messy ones-THANK YOU! 

  • Valentina lopez 3 years ago

    this video helped me so much thx :) 

  • italivi12 3 years ago

    Could you do a smokey eye look for beginners please? every time i try, i
    just look like have a black eye lol. 

  • Jyoti Tomer 3 years ago

    Very nyc I wan learn lyk dis