Added by on June 25, 2013 10 years of hands on experience with hair extensions and which ones work best on fine hair. Also a couple tricks and hair products I pr…

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  • LadyRedGuel 4 years ago

    Freaking show it stop talking so waste of time

  • MissTiara786 4 years ago

    Check out love London hair. Best extensions hands down

  • Cassandra Bellantoni 4 years ago

    Really great and helpful! Do you know anybody in LA/Burbank area to recommend to do two tracks like you say here? How much should I pay? How should I explain to somebody about more hair on the tracks and where to place them? I have fine hair and use clip ins but want a more permanent solution. This is the first clear explanation of a successful application I’ve seen. Is it best to buy hair & bring to salon or can they get me hand tied hair? Sorry for all the questions!

  • kguzman45 4 years ago

    could you do extension tutioral video? cause all the ones on youtube really arent helpful. i’m needing help doing fusion on a client that has fine, thin, very short hair. the hair is pixie length.

  • munceaamoris18 4 years ago

    Wtf is that walking in the backgtound??

  • KellysBeautyBasics 4 years ago

    I prefer extensions that are really thick, I have thin hair so when I buy extensions they’re at least 200 grams for the full glam look. The ones I have on in my picture are 250 grams.

  • Amanda Bartkoski 4 years ago

    You should do a tutorial on your make up routine and what make up you use!

  • VickiLeekx1 4 years ago

    this is such good tips !! thank you xx

  • ash smith 4 years ago

    hey!! I have super baby fine hair and have trouble finding hair extensions w the same softness and texture that don’t get all matted, where could I get the bohyme ones u mention?? thankuu in advance, I wear them sewn in btw!

  • Bckybeauty 4 years ago

    Love this thx where do u do hair at ?

  • xxtdxx 4 years ago

    Love your necklace! Where did you get it?

  • benemanoo 4 years ago

    Great video! A lot of info. Thanks a lot:)