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  • SerenaSarcasm 4 years ago

    Where did Leah get her dress? I’m totally jealous

  • labonneruerouge 4 years ago

    wut? that is seriously sad if you can’t get it…

  • Parfectinatley 4 years ago

    yeah but the problem with their “wit and sarcasm” is that you can’t really tell…obviously other people can’t either…

  • angelitosol2003 4 years ago

    love Jessie outfits

  • rosydearest 4 years ago

    thats not the girl from nightmare before Christmas. she’s one of Tim Burtons characters. (not in a movie)

  • Alina Evanghelista 4 years ago

    Excellent -you can practice this in a Dracula Tour in Transylvania during the Halloween. I see this kind of “live” tourism on Transylvania Live’s sites

  • kushy yee 4 years ago

    Im soooo happy they got replaced! I love mike and Lindsey! :)

  • canyouhearlily 4 years ago

    i love Leah!

  • Chess Vine 4 years ago

    Carolyn was better!

  • Keith chanel 4 years ago

    i love this

  • slavica sucic 4 years ago

    I agree with you. Don’t really get why I subscribed to this in the first place. Seen one okay video and thought the rest would be somewhat informative but no.. just mean high-school girls “grown up”. I think they’re total bullies … and I am out of here.

  • electrodork 4 years ago

    I find a lot of the comments on these shows to be negative and very “high school”. I would hate to hear myself being “critiqued” by you guys. : (

  • akvang2 4 years ago

    i’m so happy these girls are going to be replaced. I never liked their negative attitude towards something they can never ever achieve. Taylor swift would say ‘never’ to these girls.
    not trying to hate.

  • KissMeImGeruvian 4 years ago

    I feel like Jessie and I would be best friends if we met.

  • ThessaStybe 4 years ago

    Mad Hatter. Alice in wonderland

  • Kriscian Hernandez 4 years ago

    I Love This Show !!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  • Emma Thomas 4 years ago

    I was a sexy she devil. Totes went all out on the make up!

  • Marcos Alicea 4 years ago

    so sad the two brunets are so air headed and the only cool regular chick is the blonde one.

  • VanchicOrganization 4 years ago

    wonderful video.
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  • isolatedpeace 4 years ago

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  • mehnazsamimi 4 years ago

    R.. ebbe Ertene uku r er å,

  • lastnameNASH 4 years ago

    hahahahah “she’s cabbage” i love jessie

  • HaleyRonaldo 4 years ago

    A couple of my friends dressed up as crayons and my friend Court was the white crayon. Not realizing, we all wore pointy hats and she had to wear all white with a white pointy hat. Pretty awkward night for her…

  • MsGleelover22 4 years ago

    I’m going as the mad hatter.

  • NLoveMakeUp07 4 years ago

    please reply! how does Leah do her hair? i have been wondering for a while!!

  • MyNameIsPinkiePie 4 years ago

    Jesse Cantrell Is From Nintendo Show 3D

  • BooYayi 4 years ago

    I was a “chonga”bin Spanish it’s girls who wear crazy clothes neon with headbands sharpied eyebrows lip liner and fake beauty marks lol!

  • Aimee Stinson 4 years ago

    My best friend was stuck for a costume one year so decided to go as ‘color’ dressing up in neon & painting her face with multi-colored polkadots!

  • drms1231 4 years ago

    Never thought about doing that with my lipstick XD

  • Helena Kovacevic 4 years ago

    Nobody will see my face because im going to be A from PLL

  • Sophia Reim 4 years ago

    I want to make “Dia de los Muertos” the Festival of death in Mexico-Make up look :-)

  • Laura Simon 4 years ago

    HELP ME OUT! Stop by my channel and give me some feedback. :)

    SCHOOL MAKEUP & HAIR video is up!

  • Laura Simon 4 years ago

    HELP ME OUT! Stop by my channel and give me some feedback.

  • Michelle Black 4 years ago

    when Jessie said crazy I was like “let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun”

  • BlahBlahRainbowFish 4 years ago

    Fair enough, but it is a webshow so it’s generally less professional, plus it’s supposed to be a lighter take on the subject. Personally I think Jessie’s hilarious and although sometimes I feel like I didn’t get anything from watching except from enjoyment, it’s worth it for me :) Sarcasm is a major part of my humour though so it works for me I guess :) x

  • purebubbles 4 years ago

    Gonna unsubscribe. You guys are unprofessional. Have some class and less sarcasm. Especially the one on the left.

  • Jordan Christensen 4 years ago

    I have red hair, so I’m being Blossom from Powerpuff Girls this year. My blonde roommate is gonna be Bubbles and my Asian roommate is Buttercup! :)

  • Liliana Ruiz 4 years ago

    i want more Glamo!

  • Angela Nicole 4 years ago

    kim kardashian was poison ivy, that was right before she divorced Kris

  • oraplane 4 years ago

    When Jessie said ‘Why so serious’ i just died lol

  • Ana Aponte 4 years ago

    Jessy is the best she’s awesome :-)

  • Estelleheartsmakeup 4 years ago

    Wooh Jessie’s Joker Lips was so hilarous(: Awwwh and I Liked that girl who looked like marlyn monroe skeleton arm but she should’dve done her whole body! That would’ve been so awesome