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Fight oil all day and keep your make-up looking fresh for hours with this best kept secret that you can find in your refrigerator. Never purchase another nam…


Primer Makeup


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  • Darque211 4 years ago

    do i apply my moisturizer after the milk of Magnesia?

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    I use several depending on the weather. My favorite cold weather foundation is Cover fx. Makeup forever HD for events as this tends to break me out if I wear it everyday. For hot/humid months, I am currently using Mac Prolongwear and its been the best of keeping my skin oil-free without the breakouts. Just hate taking pictures with it on, as it gives the ghostface look due to the titanium dioxide inside. Hope this helps!

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    Unfortunately it does not, but if you pair this with a great primer and light diffusing foundation, you’ll definitely create the look of smaller pores and great skin.

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    Before applying the magnesium to your face,first use a cotton pad and an oil free toner and tone your face before applying the magnesium.Remember to let it dry first and then follow up with foundation.If you have severely oily skin,skip the foundation and apply oil free/mattifying powder to your face and that should do the trick.If you are not fond of wearing makeup,you can keep a think layer of the magnesia on your face for 5-10 minutes before washing off.That should give you extra oil control.

  • kabao moua 4 years ago

    I don’t know if its just the way how i apply on the magnisium milk but i can still see my oils during the day & i have super oily skin. So what should i do or what way should i apply To my face? Please reply back

  • jessiesueevans 4 years ago

    It works!

  • riskyluna1 4 years ago

    Does this work to minimize pores also?

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    The mint version, although it smells divine…contains mineral oil which is a no no for the face. Eventually you may start having a reaction as it clogs pores, that is why I suggested the original version which does not contain that ingredient.

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    I personally do not use Primer after application. I simply moisturize the skin with an oil free gel then apply a thin layer of the magnesium to coat the face. The last two steps is key…after applying the foundation…I then set with a setting powder(ben nye carries a great setting powder and it’s only around $5 for a good amount) I press this into the skin using a velour puff…not a brush and I find that my makeup lasts alot longer this way.

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    When washing your face, it is good to wash with luke warm water or cool water. Never use extremely hot or extremely cold water on your face…your face is the most sensitive part of your body with the thinnest skin…using anything extreme on your face can cause more harm than good in the long run :)

  • guidedog1000 4 years ago

    should I wash it off with warm water

  • S Jai 4 years ago

    sooo so you use a primer before or after the magnesium application?..what about moisturizing your face? Just want to make sure I get this right! I have a wedding this wknd!! lol

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    Aww glad I was able to help. I am extremely oily also and its been the best primer so far for me during the summer months. As far as my foundation faves, I love MAC’s new prolongwear foundation for the summer months…controls my oil without breaking me out. For the cooler months, i switch between MUFE HD foundation and Cover FX creme foundation :)

  • xoHauteStuffxo 4 years ago

    Wow, thank you SO much for posting this trick! As a woman with oily skin in a humid climate like Texas, this is invaluable info. Your makeup looks great as well! what brand of foundation do you use?

  • GideonFrost 4 years ago

    I had to get the mint version because it was the only one left at my crappy corner market. It worked pretty well and makes my face smell nice too :D

  • Art Makeup Pros 4 years ago

    you can also mix equal parts of moisturizer in with the magnesia to keep your face oil free without it being super drying.

  • Audrey M 4 years ago

    My skin is so oily it doesn’t matter what product I use, my face (and bangs) are oily within an hour. I tried this trick last night and for the first time in my life (I’m 46), I didn’t have to touch up ANYTHING but my lip gloss!!!!!! Thank you so much for this tip! One thing I’d like to reiterate…apply a VERY thin coat and only to oily areas otherwise I’d think it would be too drying. Can’t wait to see more of your make up tricks!!! Thank you! Thank you!