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In this uv blacklight photoshoot I was inspired by the mind, galaxy and the stars for our blacklight uv makeup look. Because I had to do the blacklight makeu…

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  • fabio kuzuhara 4 years ago

    Did you used a special equipment to shoot this? I’m about to buy a 26w bulb
    black light to try this and not sure if will work, because of the sensor’s
    UV filter.. Can you help me out? Thanks! :) 

  • Darren Landrum 4 years ago

    YAY! You’re back! And I’m totally going to steal this idea! :P

    Well, I’ll probably play with it and vary it, but still…

  • Ace Williams 4 years ago

    People who steal other people’s creative ideas are called hacks. Why don’t
    you come up with something on your own? This is beautiful. Stealing the
    idea only makes you look cheap.

  • Carol Becerril 4 years ago

    You really have good ideas :) 

  • Shawn Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Very nice work!

    Blacklight UV Makeup Ideas Photoshoot Tutorial Paint Splatter Light Beings

  • Alpha Sound System 4 years ago

    So so wonderful! I love the make up, what is the “light splatter make up”
    called and with what exactly did you put it on?

  • Miley Myself 4 years ago

    can u use a iphone 5 to make the picture? will it work anyways???

  • Cerveroz Art 4 years ago

    Niiiice :) 

  • Justin Rojas 4 years ago


  • 4 years ago

    Stars, the galaxy, light beings.. In this video Indirect Light Painting and
    Blacklight Photography work together :) !