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  • Iselin Gevelt 4 years ago

    Not everything have to be in english -.-”

  • maesarahjamil 4 years ago

    Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty

  • klokke bok 4 years ago

    hun er ikke svensk, det er en annen dialekt norsk…?

  • bosman147486 4 years ago

    did u peel your skin off ?

  • Keeyyoo 4 years ago

    man fattar om man är svensk XD

  • Valentina FromHell 4 years ago

    really you need to understand what she’s saying when you can watch all the process!? XD

  • Amelia Frost 4 years ago

    Well bad LUCK. Live with it

  • Clarisse Estribillo 4 years ago


  • paul van boxtel 4 years ago

    In the video I heard I am gay

  • TheYoshiHp 4 years ago

    Its Norwegian

  • Tyisha Wilson 4 years ago

    any translate at all?

  • Natalie Tran 4 years ago


  • Anny Jonsson 4 years ago


  • Anna Silver 4 years ago

    I didn’t understand all the words but the most, I’m swedish.
    And well so awesome tutorial! :D

  • trym mortensen 4 years ago

    that isn’t english it’s norway and i live in norway

  • AnnaOliviaB 4 years ago

    after the latex set she put on concealer/foundation to help it blend in with her skin, after that she started peeling the latex to make it looks like her skin was peeling off(and put powder on it after she peeled the latex so it wouldn’t stick to the skin)
    then for the color she used a red base and put a darker red on the outside and blended it
    she took fake blood and put it on top of the dark red

  • Makenzie Baines 4 years ago

    What The Actual Fuckery Is She Saying ?!?! 0.o

  • martapaty2000 4 years ago

    Wat language is this

  • Dubot143 4 years ago

    When I saw this picture I thought it was really but when I read the title and saw a movie that I knew that you are a beautician makeup if so, I’d love to be caught under the great impression of what they can do if people Touchdown!

  • Ashley slate 4 years ago


  • brianapayan1807 4 years ago

    Hahahahahaha ew

  • Jaaliyah Anderson 4 years ago

    also idiot you

  • Jaaliyah Anderson 4 years ago

    shes talking about (bloody eye) holloween makeup

  • Michael Jackson 4 years ago

    Um… This is disturbing! Ew!!!!:) lol

  • Emilie mikalsen 4 years ago


  • Matilda Lundin 4 years ago

    I’m from sweden and i understood 50% of what u said but it is really cool!

  • Glendha Emily 4 years ago

    loved, I love these things, I try to do at home … it is also good for costume party! much loved <3

  • nurk plor 4 years ago

    Its norwegian <3333333333

  • ashley nichole 4 years ago

    …are you blind? I don’t understand her language, either, but I know exactly what’s going on. If you can’t follow along using visuals how the hell is her explaining it in English gonna help you?

  • FastFive31 4 years ago

    this isn’t english.

  • WonderWhyHuh5 4 years ago

    it actually says ‘Blodig øye ( Bloody eye) Halloween makeup’ so most of it IS English or Norwegian has the same words that are used in the English language.

  • vena tran 4 years ago

    she just(misslarzeno)used “øye” cuz it looks like it

  • sara skjold 4 years ago

    She is* from Norway

  • estefania molinares 4 years ago


  • Allah Akbar 4 years ago


  • Jack Dollar 4 years ago

    He is norwegian

  • Jack Dollar 4 years ago


  • Jamie Struijer 4 years ago

    you dont really need to know what she’s saying… just watch it -.-

  • Anayahcalvin230664 4 years ago

    all i herd was latex

  • Anayahcalvin230664 4 years ago

    wat the fuck r u saying

  • the33Clownkiller 4 years ago

    What thevthe hek is she saying how can i do this for holloween when i dont understand it all i herd that was english was latex

  • Hedda Ericsson 4 years ago

    She are from Norway

  • Hedda Ericsson 4 years ago

    Lol I am from Sweden but I did not understand a thing that you said…lol I am so baaaaaaaaaad

  • Emmelie Stenström 4 years ago

    “Blodig øye”

    How is that english?

  • maySguitar 4 years ago

    So cool!