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This is for all the natural girls with thin hair who stay away from braid outs because they show scalp! make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. ↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣…


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  • NappyDanny 3 years ago

    @Chrisanty Hugh lol thank you! That is the 2nd time I heard that

  • Jasmine Taylor 3 years ago

    What do you do to your hair at night ?

  • Cheshire Waltz 3 years ago

    Whoa o_o this is kinda weird we really resemble each other, especially from
    the side, you turned and I was like “Gah!” XD but nice tutorial! I’ll have
    to try this out!

  • ittybitty5609 3 years ago

    If you don’t know what she means by thin, look at how thin her braids turn
    out, even in large sections vs those big chain link of a braids you’ll see
    in other braid-out vids. I have to explain this my mom all the time and she
    still don’t get it lol. It looks full when puffed out but if you condense
    it you’ll see the difference. 

  • Maria Bangura 3 years ago

    Was your hair dry when you started to part it?

  • lolin11222 3 years ago

    Do you find that your hair breaks, splits or knots up a lot because it’s
    fine? I have that problem and it’s so annoying. It’s hard to keep any
    growth. What do you to fix it? And how do you deal with build up on old
    braid outs? I feel like my hair starts looking white lol 

  • Timaa J 3 years ago

    (Frowny face) Your hair is thick girly!!! Lol. It came out nice though.

  • dan green 3 years ago

    I know exactly what u mean when you say fine/thin hair. Everyone looks at
    my hair and assume bc im natural my hair is thick…. WRONG. LOL If I try
    to rock mini twist its strait SCALP city. Thought going natural would help
    but it didnt. I have a BIG forehead so just imagine strait hair on me. Smh
    But I loved ur braid out…

  • stand4truth07 3 years ago

    When you say thin, do you mean not big?? because to me you have a luscious
    head of hair!

  • Myrian Hale 3 years ago

    I think me and u have the same hair texture :) do u have a video of how u
    made your shea butter? And Iike how you showed everything braid you done.

  • msUnique2005 3 years ago

    You hair isn’t thin!! It’s perfect! 

  • Goober Fries 3 years ago

    I think I finally found my hair/texture twin. lol

  • Trisha Booker 3 years ago

    What is your hair type? 

  • Sai Conyers 3 years ago

    Yeah I know what you meant. I didnt believe in hair twins and such. But i
    believe you are mines. I knew what you meant by “thin” natural hair. Once I
    watched your video I know you go through what I go through with my own
    hair. I notice people with similar hair as mines have naturally thin
    eyebrows as well. 

  • Kylasbibi 3 years ago

    I have fine hair as well. People think I have a thick head of hair. I have
    a lot of hair, but it’s fine like yours. Your hair is really beautiful!

  • faith in 3 years ago

    My hair is your density just way more coily and gives the illusion of
    thickness. Its funny I don’t consider my hair thick at all and people will
    say ooh look at all that hair. I just give a confused look in my head then
    smile and say thank u.

  • NaturalNita 3 years ago

    You have pretty thick hair

  • Sylene Joseph 3 years ago

    I love this!! I have hair similar to yours and TRUST me, I understand the
    struggle! But you did good!!

  • Adriftinasea 3 years ago

    omg this is awesome! my hair’s the same density as yours, and i kinda
    wonder if thin natural hair is in the minority lol or maybe we seem more
    reluctant to post vids. i think our hair texture/type might be twinnish as
    well. cute results!

  • machere natural 3 years ago

    So glad you have a channel focused on this hair type! And you’re right: I
    was always afraid to do a braid-out because I feared my hair was too
    thin/fine — despite having 4b/4c texture, and a length same as yours. I’ll
    be brave and try it next wash day, because yours came out great. 

  • darkaprilmoon 3 years ago

    I’m definitely going to subscribe because my hair is like yours. I have
    thin hair and certain styles just DONT look the same on me as opposed to
    other girls with fuller and thicker hair. im not mad about that, but im
    just saying! lol. 

  • sweetlovve_ 3 years ago

    I guess we would have to be in your shoes to understand, your hair isn’t
    thin to me, but then again I’m not you lol.

    Still gorgeous nonetheless. 

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    That’s a nice sink, I like the faucet head and granite counter top.
    Do you rebraid at night?

  • Diana Patterson 3 years ago

    Nice. I love that color.

  • geniusnae 3 years ago

    Shes beautiful!

  • Joanna Mizz' Trill 3 years ago

    You look like me O.O

  • Redmangojuice67 3 years ago

    Love ur hair ,who teach u to plait lol

  • nancydrew5 3 years ago

    Thin is not the word I would use to describe your hair. I would say your
    hair texture is fine and soft. Thin hair is used to describe hair that is
    balding see thru, not much hair on the head, the number of follicles. You
    have a lot of hair but it is a softer grade of hair 

  • laprincessa 3 years ago

    very beautiful, keep doin ur thangg!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa 3 years ago

    My hair is like this, I have many hair strands on my head but they are
    pretty fine so it looks like my hair is thick when it really isn’t. 

  • Nik0081 3 years ago

    I have hair density similar to yours and yeah, I find that braid outs turn
    out so much better on stretched undefined hair. I’m telling you, a braid
    out on wet hair (especially with gel for hold) will tell the truth about
    your density or the lack thereof. I found that out earlier in my natural
    years. For me, twist outs and wash and gos hide the lack of density best.
    It’s kind of difficult to find naturals with similar density and quality
    vids on youtube, so I am subbing to your channel.

  • Erica Ray 3 years ago

    nice hair, my hair is like yours. Its thick but not really thick like some
    of these other tutorials. I did a twist out but it only lasted one day.
    Do you use a gel to hold it?

  • S Payne 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for your video!!! I have fine, thin natural hair and have
    been struggling. I am 44 with five kids 9 years old and younger and never
    have time to do my hair let alone twists, flat twists or many styles I’ve
    seen. Besides they don’t work. This looks like something I can do!! And you
    gave great tips about the larger sections and the crown braiding forward.
    This is exactly what I need!!! I like big hair too so thanks so much!! I
    can’t wait to try it. 

  • Nicole Jackson 3 years ago

    Your hair is so like mine. I am so happy to find someone who’s hair is
    like me. I watch other videos and i dont have that thickness so my hair
    never turns out like that!

  • MiSsJdAtSeXcBiTcH 3 years ago

    Finally!!! Someone on youtube with the same texture/hair as me. New
    subscriber :) 

  • D'Jean The Queen 3 years ago

    You call that hair thin.?..girl please..nice job and you must me the
    strands themselves b/c that is nice and thick hair.

  • Ashley H. 3 years ago

    great! you should do a video on how you style your braid out b/c that is
    always the problem for me

  • Tania Chanae 3 years ago

    I have this same hair. The hair doesn’t look as thin when it’s in it’s
    natural state, but would be very stringy if it was straightened. We have a
    problem getting volume due to the lack of thickness. I feel your pain girl!
    I have these same issues. Thanks for sharing!

  • BBMonkeyStar512 3 years ago

    Finally i find someone with my same hair type!! Thank god! It feels like i
    have been searching youtube for FOREVER for someone with the same hair!

  • ooohtay 3 years ago

    Wow we have the same hair lol. Thick hair with fine strands! I have to use
    the perm rods at the end of my hair too for every style because my hair
    just won’t curl at the ends when I twist it around with my finger. You’ve
    got a new subscriber! It’s like I’m watching my own hair it’s just like

  • Kendra T.V. 3 years ago

    I have the same hair density as you. Your texture and density actually look
    exactly like mine. I describe my hair as thin to normal. It definitely is
    not thick and it is slightly less than normal density. I think that people
    who are just looking at your hair are fooled by the volume of your
    curls…because people tell me my hair is not thin all the time too….but
    I know people with thick and normal density hair, and I definitely have
    less hair than them. Some people know it all – EVEN IF THEY’VE NEVER MET
    YOU. Nice vid :-D 

  • Onie Lee 3 years ago

    Just a suggestion…fast forward a bit through the braiding and before you
    begin braiding explain the method you used for placing your braids to avoid
    the hair looking thin hence the purpose of the video.

  • BBLOVE CHANNEL 3 years ago

    Love it ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Amaka K 3 years ago


  • Moxy O'Onyx 3 years ago

    Yeah! A natural tut for fine hair! You rock! We luv u!