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Sometimes we just look tired and worn out!! Here I’ll show you how to brighten up your eyes to look fresh faced. My tricks include pink blush, a glow-inducin…


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  • Franka Torres 3 years ago

    When I saw the eyeko things I thought you were an Alexa Chung fan lmao 

  • Justice Sigurdson 3 years ago

    I didn’t pay much attention to this tutorial until I finally tried it. It’s
    definitely my favourite tutorial! You can use it for everything!

  • N. Bhavnita 3 years ago

    To be honest this is pretty much my everyday make up routine look, but I’d
    just put a little less than this on. I really like the idea of putting
    lighter eye shadow on the middle of your eyelids! I’m going to try that :)
    Loved this tutorial, you’re beautiful with and without makeup! :) 

  • Gumby blue 3 years ago

    how come all the beauty gurus are so naturally beautiful?

  • Shelby Luby 3 years ago

    You kinda look like Kim kardashian 

  • Mypinkharu 3 years ago

    you looked better without the makeup c: ..

  • Adrienne Cannella 3 years ago

    Just discovered you…thank you for this gorgeous look! No crazy contouring
    or drawn on eyebrows. This is becoming rare. 

  • Gabrielė Ribickaitė 3 years ago

    U look kinda Kim Kardashian

  • willow glorieux 3 years ago

    You looks so flawlessly perfect without make up 

  • Halcyon. Cynosure 3 years ago

    Words can’t describe how pretty you are (with and without makeup!)

  • Corinna Hag 3 years ago

    you dont even need foundation… :) 

  • Flora Taher 3 years ago

    Look like this???? You are beautiful with or without makeup!!!

  • Ikinfinity 3 years ago

    Thank God just what i need for tomorrow i have this important exam and i’ve
    been studying like crazy!
    Thanks Teni all my love from Mexico!

  • Eirini Meligoniti 3 years ago

    I JUST LOVE YOUR MAKE UP AND YOU! (and your doggies)

  • Hiddlestoner 3 years ago

    If I looked that great without makeup, I’d never wear any. 

  • Hannah Wray 3 years ago

    Eye brows on fleek

  • NBBeauty05 3 years ago

    You’re sooo gorgeous still w/o makeup!!

  • kaceya mac 3 years ago

    your skin is so perf !! :) 

  • Nicolette Khalifian 3 years ago

    “sometimes we look like this” 5:05
    funny because if that looks bad to her then i look like a monster!

  • voreio asteri 3 years ago

    you are sooo naturally beautiful !! nice tutorial!

  • Lianne Ekhart 3 years ago

    wow….girl your make-up looks amazing…. Are you a model?? Because you
    look like a model… thank you so much for uploading your video…

  • Amber Dean-Saunders 3 years ago

    Woah you look ridiculously beautiful without makeup

  • Shalom John 3 years ago

    Now I know how much I really DON’T know how to make up. Haha…

  • izzy martinez 3 years ago

    @izzymtzbeauty on Instagram follow me!! :-) 

  • Cristina Alvestegui Subieta 3 years ago

    love it love it love!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it
    love it!!

  • Panda299 3 years ago

    Youre gorgeous! :) . Love this look too its so natural and not cakey for the
    day :) xo

  • Danielle F 3 years ago

    you’re hella gorgeous how is that even possible

  • Grace Jorgensen 3 years ago

    your so pretty i hate u

  • Shauna Malik 3 years ago

    Your face structure is actually perfect. you’re beautiful with & without
    the makeup

  • xoxSabrina Licousxox 3 years ago

    Teni Panosian…. Are you armenian:D cause I am. My eye spotted panosian
    and I was like, THIS GOTTA BE AN ARMENIAN!

  • Teknicolour 3 years ago

    Is it really too much to ask to be naturally pretty?? How are you so

  • Veda Leonhart 3 years ago

    Your brows are sooo perfect! <3

  • Anneka Madgett 3 years ago

    Love this video, thank you! you are so pretty, with and without makeup xxx

  • raudonasaule 3 years ago

    So nice, without a lot of make up you look better than those, who puts tons
    of it. I love it, I’ll try it. Thanks

  • Lexie Loves 3 years ago

    Your so naturally gorgeous ❤️

  • Grace Jorgensen 3 years ago

    seriuosly u should be a model

  • aljuhara almalki 3 years ago

    Girl you’re so beautiful without makeup how is that?? And you have a
    natural eyeshadow i’m Jealous tbh 

  • Shafeeka Ragee 3 years ago

    Flawless :) 

  • Sarika Ulfath 3 years ago

    I want to get the flower skincognito foundation stick, I’m shade Nc42 in
    mac, what shade would be best for me in skincognito foundation stick? 

  • michelle arechiga 3 years ago

    Are these the same tips/techniques that an older woman would use? Some tips
    for older ladies that have a bit “droopier” lids would be appreciated! I
    must say I love your videos:)

  • Amie S 3 years ago

    Super flawless! Going to try this look tomorrow

  • Chloe Lorraine 3 years ago

    Ok I swear you have the same voice as the girl from CutePolish! It’s crazy!

  • Jasmeen4eva 3 years ago

    you’re so pretty!!!

  • Zanda Niedinga 3 years ago

    Best tutorial I have ever seen!

  • Nicole Allen 3 years ago

    Rugrats theme song? This tutorial is what I do when I got to work!

  • Shelby Luby 3 years ago

    Your eyebrow game is on point 

  • Surfer Skiier 3 years ago

    I want your eyebrows so much :o 

  • Crystal Segura 3 years ago

    Bought this exact foundation and fit me perfectly! Thank you for
    introducing me! ❤️❤️