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Sheer Cover Studio spokesperson, Brooke Burke-Charvet, shows how Sheer Cover Studio mineral makeup helps to address her skin care concerns with a “no makeup”…

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  • Snapdragon59 3 years ago

    Melasma is common in darker skin toned people. It has both ethnic and
    genetic components. My mother (who is not caucasian) had it and I started
    getting it in my forties. 

  • Sheer Cover 3 years ago

    You’ll never believe what Brooke Burke-Charvet reveals in this video.

  • skinpearl 3 years ago

    thank you Brooke.I appreciate your boldness.Hopefully someday I can do the

  • Nicholette Tan 3 years ago

    “No makeup at all” no.. She has eye makeup and it’s obvious