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Budget friendly starter makeup kit for beginners – Are you new to makeup? Are you stumped on how to create your first makeup kit? Look no further! Raye Raye …

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  • ItsMyRayeRaye 4 years ago


    [ ]

  • sportsgurl16 4 years ago

    This is actually realistic lol other beauty gurus tell you to buy like 50
    products, usually very expensive. This I actually found helpful especially
    for a beginner! :) 

  • Devin Moss 4 years ago

    Great video! This was such good advice!

  • LaTonya C 4 years ago


  • Corn B89 4 years ago

    Where has this video been all my life?!?!? I’m glad I found you… new

  • Kenyetta Smith 4 years ago

    Hi Ms.RayeRaye, I wanted to say thank you so much for this video and for
    your bubbly personality. You inspired me so much to be more confident in my
    own skin & thank you in the tips that there are products that work just as
    well for cheap. I wanted to know where can I get the $16.99 all brushes
    included kit ? 

  • Unappreciated Beauty 4 years ago

    i’ve turned into a beauty hoarder lol everywhere i go i always go to the
    makeup section lol this is a good idea 

  • Alex Monét 4 years ago

    Not even an aspiring MUA but this was really helpful!! Thanks girly!!

  • Danielle P 4 years ago

    girl you are seriously so pretty!!!

  • Kay Lin 4 years ago

    Omgeeeeeeee! Thank you! I’ve been asking ppl to do a simple non expensive
    video for beginners so I appreciate this! Now can you please show how to
    put each product that you used in this video on your face? (I’m so scared
    of looking like a cake face) Like a simple natural makeup tutorial with
    these products and brushes?

  • Curly Proverbz 4 years ago

    beautiful as always 

  • hollie jessica 4 years ago

    I can’t wear blush. I have red/rosy cheeks anyway. It just makes me look
    worse haha :( Shame really!

  • Dianna Soun 4 years ago

    Why can’t Australian makeup be this cheap :( for a Maybeline Mascara it
    costs us between $17-$25! FOR MASCARA :( I wish I could pay someone from
    the States to send me a “Makeup Care Package” haha just kidding

  • Naima Koko 4 years ago

    I don’t really know why I watch your videos, they’re great but I have a
    very dark complexion. And I don’t think bold lips are for me. And there’s
    no foundation for me. But you’re perfect raye!

  • Venus G. 4 years ago

    Great video! I like that you used inexpensive products! 

  • JustMichelle aka RadiantBrownBeauty 4 years ago

    I love bronzer/blush because you don’t have to contour (something I am no
    good at!)

    You look so pretty in this video!

  • It's Kiki 4 years ago

    Omg thanks I’m just getting into make up so far I have foundation Eye
    shadow the neutral. I have liquid eye liner is it okay for beginners I
    haven’t used it yet I also have blush thanks for the video!

  • shinyjewelsz 4 years ago

    Nice! I’m hella cheap so I’m glad you made this video lolol

  • Angelica Torres 4 years ago

    How do you do that little dot under your eyes? +ItsMyRayeRaye 

  • Gumby blue 4 years ago

    wet n wild is great for ANYONE on a budget!!! 

  • Sayera Abir 4 years ago

    What is budget friendly in America is going to be super expensive in
    Australia. This is a fact.

  • I'm all girl, well, maybe 4 years ago

    Omg that’s all so cheap… Ty

  • Jessicabreazy101 4 years ago

    I do need mascara tho lol 

  • kellisha aaliyah 4 years ago

    Where did you get the brushes from??? xx +ItsMyRayeRaye 

  • Aleena Rashid 4 years ago

    You actually did a really good job on this because it’s realistic and
    practical and adds everything one might need. Keep it up!!!!

  • msdanii5 4 years ago

    What is the best way to find out what foundation/bb cream is closest to my
    complexion? I’ve never used either before and I don’t want to buy the wrong

  • Wendy Fugate 4 years ago

    I love you guys, you’re such a great couple and girl you are so beautiful
    and smart! I tried almost every product you suggested and you’re right!
    Very pigmented as I look at all my high end make up meh. I even ordered the
    brushes!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Love you guys 

  • Adventswithalicia 4 years ago

    i love this video. it is super helpful for beginners. I still feel like i’m
    in the beginning stages but i def have all those pieces in my arsenal! I’m
    going to continue to practice and play and make a few videos. :) 

  • Angelica Torres 4 years ago

    Where do you find L.A.Girl cosmetics? 

  • Briana Dunn 4 years ago

    Raye ! I really want to order this brush set like yesterday. I just want to
    know your opinion on it. How good is it? Lol the sooner you tell me the
    sooner i devide. Im still using my elf brush set & theyre TOO prickley on
    my face

  • Carol Valdez 4 years ago

    Liqid foundation

  • Alish' Deaddoll 4 years ago

    i trusted her so i watch her looool

  • Dominique Young 4 years ago

    Videos like this always come out after the fact of when I needed them, I
    spent almost $200 at Ulta last month trying to start my makeup collection
    -__- I need to start researching a little better before I spend big

  • dominikfilms 4 years ago

    Dear person reading this,
    Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the abilitiy to keep things
    in perspective and to deal with them!
    You were born to stand out and shine, and you will inspire others to do
    great things! You can live your dream! Everybody who has ever been great
    has had barrier to overcome, you can do it to! When you change the way you
    look at things, the things you look at change :)

  • Ashlyn Rodman 4 years ago

    I actually thought that the blush/bronzer duo was the Nars one bc it looks
    kinda similar

  • taboomocha 4 years ago

    You have the recipes to prove it?? I think you meant receipts lol

  • I´m always struggling with make up routines, thank you so much and you´re
    such a beautiful creature

  • MeDaph K 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I was looking for an affordable brush set
    and thanks to you, I found it :-) Just placed my order and I cannot wait to
    receive and start using my BH cosmetics brushes :-) 

  • The Fashion Bank 4 years ago

    i love this channel so much!! This video made me want to do more beauty
    related things on my channel you make it seem so day Raye i love your

  • Amandais Seims 4 years ago

    For an african american women, you have a beautiful nose!

  • Ellessea Owens 4 years ago

    Heeey rayeraye. I fell in love with your videos and i have been a subbje
    for quite some time. I wanted to start my own channel amd was wondering if
    you can do a beginner youtube video like the steps and tips please please
    pleeease and thanks in advance.

  • Chasity Webster 4 years ago

    Gurrrrlll, I love how you love to help girls save money. You really care
    about us

  • Andree Carmelita 4 years ago

    Hi I love your videos! I wanted to know if you can make a video on
    contouring. I’m darker than you will that make a difference? Is contouring
    only for lighter skin tones? I’m new to the whole make up world and I want
    to look just as fabolous as you!

  • Rafaella Centeno 4 years ago

    You are so cute <3 

  • iSPYSTYLEZ B 4 years ago

    I just went cray cray at elf studio lookin for that bronzer..and I think my
    CVS knows my name now

  • inquisitive bibliophile 4 years ago

    Definitely going in my “makeup” playlist. Now if I could just find the
    right foundation without wasting too much money…

  • dreamingxangel 4 years ago

    Dayum girll!!! You are so gorgeous

  • BeautyByBree 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty! And tht was such a cute video! :) 

  • Dorotea Jelić 4 years ago

    what brand is the first BB cream