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  • carson alexander 6 years ago

    is sweet pea your daughter?

  • EBacaa50studentorg 6 years ago

    Just Amazing!!!!

  • dancingwithnomusic 6 years ago

    and look at what happens VROOP!!

  • Kami D 6 years ago

    This is great for science in school!!! Lol

  • Ariana Reid 6 years ago

    It’s magical…you are the best to me about doing hair…I love it

  • Lama Bieber 6 years ago

    Very very very weird hairstyle !!!!!!
    but it’s still nice and CUTE ♥♥ !!!!

  • ellabuffy 6 years ago

    do more videos!! im mezmorized

  • Josue Munoz 6 years ago

    Please stop saying secure!

  • Natalia Pereira-Howell 6 years ago

    that is awsome

  • Jolene Lake 6 years ago

    Some how u have to make this a Halloween do

  • Anita Chan 6 years ago

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  • Hey There! 6 years ago

    ponytail holder haha

  • raniahotmail 6 years ago

    asome can u subscirbe and view coment m vidoes one called bride short hair by rania

  • Thais Flores 6 years ago

    Wow that is beautiful.ilove it. Iam going to do that to my hair

  • grapeape61370 6 years ago

    My New Years resolution was to get the teacher I wanted for my next grade

  • natbrynkids 6 years ago

    When I need a cute new hairstyle for my girls, I ALWAYS come to Cute Girls Hairstyles FIRST!!!! Your styles always blow people away! Thank you for posting!

  • Megan Taylor 6 years ago

    3:50 MIND BLOWN

  • montzerratt vazquez 6 years ago


  • stardazzle145 6 years ago

    That looks soooo cool!!

  • kayla k 6 years ago

    Wow this is so pretty!! :)

  • Madeleine Martin 6 years ago

    4:43 u can c the person filming

  • Godslillamb 6 years ago

    Basically it is looser than a french braid. A french braid you generally want to keep as tight as possible. Hope that helps.

  • TheXoxo354 6 years ago

    مره روعه وبسيطة

  • cnchristinanorton 6 years ago

    so cute

  • SHAYBABYSHAY1 6 years ago

    Beautiful very unique

  • Melissa Castillo 6 years ago

    real cute and looks easy to do cant wait to try it on my daughter let alone myself

  • danisha smith 6 years ago

    that is too much for me

  • bluesparkle6 6 years ago

    Love this braid I did it for school I got a lot of comments on it

  • Eira Palmgren 6 years ago

    that is sooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Flamencoista 6 years ago

    Damn! I missed half the video because I was viewing the 3rd person filming in the mirror!!

  • Sonali Rai 6 years ago

    sooooooooo beautiful but unfortunately i’ve short hair :(

  • MiaUzzielFaithRivera 6 years ago


  • Gymnastics7800 6 years ago

    Her hair is like perfect

  • Nina Kaptein 6 years ago

    wow  how cool!

  • Rosmery Cabral 6 years ago

    my new year’s resolution is to lose weight

  • Chloe Pierson 6 years ago

    Aww! She’s so cute…”Bye”! Thanx! This is an awesome video!:)

  • KIMBO MELLARK 6 years ago

    6, two adopted