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  • malinamih 4 years ago

    You look so much like candice omfg i thought you were her. Thx for the tutorial, subbed

  • igogoify 4 years ago

    very natural and pretty! :) 

  • Anna Th 4 years ago

    you are gorgeous!!

  • trisha carter 4 years ago

    very pretty!

  • Olivia Farnfield 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful :)

  • 65lilmel 4 years ago

    Wooww you are so beautiful !

  • Steph K 4 years ago

    You’re soo pretty!!! Thanks for the video :)

  • NatashaDawn82 4 years ago

    Beautiful! Just subscribed!

  • gg ff 4 years ago

    Please do a video on photo poses like hands on hips

  • gg ff 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful

  • Kiana Pham 4 years ago

    Beautiful <3

  • vellarawwr 4 years ago

    You look like her!! beautiful!

  • TresMint 4 years ago

    Loved this! I would like a tutorial for an everyday look :)

  • Casey Huynh 4 years ago

    U do look like candice

  • hannah smith 4 years ago

    u r so beatiful from the start to finish i didnt see any difference 

  • Sarwat Islam 4 years ago

    you are stunning!

  • 3Lishi 4 years ago

    Favourite Video you’re so pretty and you Look like her :)

  • Klaudia Magyar 4 years ago

    you are so beautiful!!:)) 

  • BeautybyBlaire 4 years ago

    reallly??! Seriously i don’t see it at alllll

  • Allie Ortmann 4 years ago

    omg she does!!!

  • nihalxx1D 4 years ago

    thanks you look like a vs model

  • 梓鳳 荘 4 years ago are so gorgeous!Sometimes I watch this make up look in somebody’s youtube channel,and some girl just wanna look like candice.but all is same,they are like put so much make up and being like know everybody has different shape of face.This is my opinion,You’re make up look are really natural:) and I just wanna say keep it simple! Everybody look beautiful already!

  • Elisa Verdon 4 years ago

    Hi! I’m a french subscriber! You should do more videos of Candice Swanepoel, you look like her! Bisous bisous xx

  • gagaforme 4 years ago

    hi!! the eyebrow look you did suits you well. i wish you can do that look for an everyday basis. swear you look prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • Fumika W 4 years ago

    omg! you are Candice <3

  • kunashita gomez 4 years ago

    you look so beautifull <3

  • Narkissa18 4 years ago

    You look a little bit with her x) so it’s easy for you

  • fmolina1996 4 years ago

    That is prity

  • kcmy5 4 years ago


  • TheRageReader 4 years ago

    You look kind of like Heather Morris.

  • mandy novoi 4 years ago

    That was exactly what I thought! but I couldn’t get on the name!

  • Iran Travie 4 years ago

    beautiful hair

  • YELLOWaki 4 years ago

    These sort of makeup look really suits you well.

  • Allana Costa 4 years ago

    you’re gorgeous :)

  • Lisa Le 4 years ago

    Woah, girl you got her features already !

  • Daisy Baker 4 years ago

    this is going to be my everyday make up from now on! thank you!

  • Paulo Homero 4 years ago

    muito gatinha

  • clair bai 4 years ago

    your face structure is nearly the same as Candice’s!

  • Ben Alexander 4 years ago

    Smoking hot