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  • Norvina Sun 3 years ago

    You give me life with this look. Jeez those eyes

  • NikkieTutorials 3 years ago

    I love this sexy cat eye on you!

  • utopiachild71 3 years ago

    What is your natural haircolor?

  • Michelle Cook 3 years ago

    I think Jaclyn Hill is the next Michelle Phan. I know they are totally
    different but I see Jaclyn’s make up line coming up. I can’t wait!

  • LivinwithAbri Daily 3 years ago

    Would a red lip be too much with this look??
    I have NO idea what to do for my makeup on Saturday for my aunt’s wedding
    (my dress is black and an off white) and I want red lips but don’t know
    what to do for my eyes..
    HELP!!! (If its too much PLEASE tell me what tutorial to watch of
    Jaclyn’s…preferably a neutral smokey look.) THANK YOU!

  • Tiffany21NYC 3 years ago

    Was that Rimmel Lash Accelerator formula you used for volume or for length?
    I know there’s two different ones on the market and I’m curious to know
    which one was featured in this video. I’m dying for a separate mascara for
    my lower lashes. :o )

  • Marli90 3 years ago

    Stunning!!! ❤

  • jsuzette123 3 years ago

    Jaclyn what eyeliner do u use in ur waterline? How do u get it to stay?! 

  • Cindy Taylor 3 years ago

    How are they able to get eye shadows before there actually released to the
    public? I’ve seen several Youtube ladies using these shadows already.
    Beautiful look!! XO’S

  • bellejem91 3 years ago

    please help me jaclyn!!! or anyone else! i get seriously bad smile lines
    when i wear makeup, how can i provent:( I’m even considering botox. (even
    when i use foundation primer – I’ve only use smash box photo finish

  • Razia S 3 years ago

    :O (sorry about the caps lock I got pretty excited!)

  • Carmen Otto 3 years ago

    Amazing, girl. Just gorgeous! 

  • Narina Manukyan 3 years ago

    Gaaaah! I’m obsessed with you!! (not in a creepy way lol) You look so
    pretty!! Amazing talent =) <3

  • Jessica Bautista 3 years ago


  • ooMarissaxx 3 years ago

    Any tips for not getting black boogers in the corner of your tear ducts

  • Duania Respes 3 years ago

    Love u, and love the look

  • Bonnie Allaut 3 years ago

    Is it just me or do her brows look a little different on this video? But
    they look beautiful! :) 

  • samlollipop 3 years ago

    I wish you would’ve posted a video using products we could actualy
    purchase now and then posted this video next month…… 

  • ishipeveryone 3 years ago

    what color in the nars concealer???

  • Mishma Lubabi 3 years ago

    PLEASE READ THIS JACLYN 1:30 This is when you look ur best. please dont
    put too much under eye concealer and too much lower eye eyeshadow and the
    eyebrows. too much mke doesn’t look good on you. i know this is tutorial
    but but really u look AMAZING with simple makeup! +Jaclyn Hill 

  • Rachellaurabeauty5 3 years ago

    i ran to my computer as soon as you uploaded! YAS QUEEN JACLYN!

  • Tayloraesimmons 3 years ago

    Ahhh seriously obsessed with the cat eye! I’m definitely going to be trying
    this :) ) 

  • Kelsey Rogers 3 years ago

    I love the way your eyebrows have been looking lately! Eyebrow tutorial
    pretty please:) and this look is gorgeous. Love you tons!

  • sohani yadav 3 years ago

    what is the song at 9:48?! anyone please i liked that a lot!! 

  • sassybrownbeauty 3 years ago

    What Beyoncé song is that??

  • Trina190559 3 years ago

    can you do a tutorial on how to do wing or looks for hooded eyes?

  • cassandra rydzewski 3 years ago

    I love this look so much so different but still so beautiful. Im horrible
    at wing liner, no matter what tool I use. I don’t have an angled brush
    which might be my problem. I cant seem to make my wing even on each side.
    one wing is high then the other or longer , or one makes my eye look sad
    the other is perfect. any one have any tips or tricks , or maybe +Jaclyn
    Hill you could do a video showing all the different types of ways to do
    winged eye liners , and different techniques. I want to wear winged liner
    , just cant seem to get it right :/

  • Rosy Kaercher 3 years ago

    Ok hi … I hope you answer me i really need to know… You look beautiful
    with eye lashes but don you loose your real eye lashes with the glue when
    you take the off??? Also you nails are gel or acrilic? I know they are
    short butove the shape. Thks but hope you answer me

  • FruscianteFender 3 years ago

    You make me so happy it’s unbelievable :) your makeup is so gorgeous and
    your additional footage at the end always makes me laugh. You’re the best,

  • Tyler Garza 3 years ago

    I would much like to see a everyday makeup tutorial like something that’s
    very natural & nude

  • teawithshan 3 years ago

    Does anyone know where I can get this lipstick organiser that’s in the

  • Bentley Hogan 3 years ago

    I loooove this. Why do i love every tutorial you do? >.< lol xoxo

  • Courtney Hunnicutt 3 years ago

    Does anyone know the color on her nails or a similar color?

  • Alisha Kenyon 3 years ago

    How can I make my makeup (foundation in my T-zone) not look like a sponge.
    I have tried 4 drugstore foundations and they all have done the same thing.
    They make that area look spongey and kind of greasy looking and I don’t
    know why. Please help!! Thanks!

  • Andy Coma 3 years ago

    That arm giggle at the end though hahah #girlUfunny 

  • Montsergirl 3 years ago

    It’s just so crazy you use enough products but it doesn’t look like it in
    the end your skin is so beautiful!!! I try foundation and it just looks
    disgusting no matter what I do or what I use :( sucks being ugly ughhhhhh.
    This look is beautiful!!!

  • Grace McCulloch 3 years ago

    does anyone else have the problem where you wing/line the inner corner of
    the eye and through out the day it smudges really badly or the liner starts
    to “goop” in your tear duct? anyone have tips to prevent this?

  • Eve Wolfe 3 years ago

    LMAO!!!your bloopers kill me lol!!! Ahhhhhh yay!!! Happy blooper time is

  • Kennedy Matherne 3 years ago

    you CRACK me up at the end of your videos.. I look forward to that part in
    every one of your videos. Btw, You’re amazingggg 

  • Katie Price 3 years ago

    Your bloopers always CRACK. ME. UP. Love you Jaclyn!

  • Marlisa Davis 3 years ago

    i want to start using concealer but i am not sure which shade to buy, let
    alone what shade of foundation to buy :/ 

  • chloe bell 3 years ago

    guys help. I used to have oily skin but recently my skin has changed and
    gone super dry, so I am just using some really moisturising products and
    treating my skin like dry skin. but I cant get used to dewy foundation I
    feel oily and shiny and feel like I have to powder even though it will
    extenuate my dry flaky patches. help how to I get used to dewy foundation!

  • Kassandra Dawson 3 years ago

    Beautiful look as always and omg I’m loving your bloopers!!! Question for
    you: What would you recommend morphe eyeshadows and makeup geek? I know the
    prices, just cant decide what will be better quality!

  • amy smith 3 years ago

    Love your tutorials and thank you for all that you do! Quick lash question,
    do you reuse your lashes? I know some girls who wear falsies and will wear
    them 2-3 times. Is this a no no in your book or am I good to reuse false
    lashes? If i can reuse them, how can you tell when they are ready to toss?
    Thanks Jaclyn!!

  • knewps 3 years ago

    Probably one of my favorite looks you’ve done! However I will not be trying
    to recreate this one because I am far too unskilled, haha. 

  • Sara M 3 years ago

    when you were smudging the town along the inner part of the wing i
    literally was like “oooooooh” lmao

  • Hillary Gail Stewart 3 years ago

    Also – what Beyonce song is at the end?! Because I want to dance around