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There is no right or wrong way to do things and I just do things my way so before you feel to try correct what I do, just note to not bother because it won’t…

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  • dommatches 3 years ago

    what’s your opinion on jason after all this has come out? cause i know at
    some point he was trying something similar with a friend of yours.

  • Nerdy Chic 3 years ago

    your even more beautiful without any make-up <3

  • Sabrina Xinidakis 3 years ago

    i wana see you without foundation ! nobody has perfect skin and thats okay

  • allieclaire26 3 years ago

    you’re even more beautiful without makeup, and what brand of eyeliner is
    that? :) 

  • xxDeathTheKidxx 3 years ago

    SEXUAL KITCHENS what is the name of the song at the end? ^^

  • AllyInfinity101 3 years ago

    I love you so much! Random but where are your cat ears that you usually
    wear from?

  • Melissa Gates 3 years ago

    cake face!

  • Sใтีค TืhึeืUัลใcัorลსove้rี 3 years ago

    Omg she was playing Ghost Town at the end!! ♥

  • Marina Joyce 3 years ago

    A lot of people have been asking for this sooooo HERE IT IS! :3 Enjoy my
    little sexual kitties x

  • Amu chan 3 years ago

    i like youre voice ^-^ 

  • Laurent Muckibude 3 years ago

    are those her real eyes? :0

  • lizzie ting 3 years ago

    What song did you use during the video and the ending song? I was rocking
    out throughout this vid xD

  • OldestManEvaXD 3 years ago

    Haha, for me as a guy it’s absolutely incredible to watch how people paint
    their eyes with pencils and ink and put glue on them O_O
    Apparently women just lost their reflex to shut the eyelid when something
    touches it over time :D
    And personally I think the fake-eyelashes aren’t necessary, they’re almost
    too big

  • Georgia Hill 3 years ago

    Not being rude or anything here because i love Marina but your foundation
    is standing out a lot because of your neck, its a little distracting but
    please don’t hate me for saying it :) Btw, you’re so beautiful :O ^_^

  • loci en 3 years ago

    I love the way you do your make up so hard omg
    (love you too hahah<3)

  • Matilda West 3 years ago

    This was great Marina ! Love you x Mew

  • Inez Berdychowska 3 years ago

    When did you start to wear make up im curious because my mom says I have to
    be atleast 16

  • Brittany Card 3 years ago

    Is that Ghost Town at the end :OO

  • keeksyclifford x 3 years ago

    sexual kitty cats

  • KeksiiKrüümmel Monstaa 3 years ago

    I go as a cat to Halloween

  • Mel Kaulitz 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh.. You are so beautiful & I’m in love with you :3 <3 But… u.u I
    hate ya make up :’( 

  • chloeblundell 3 years ago

    Sexual kitty cat!!

  • Delilah Dethrose 3 years ago

    what is your background music from?? I have a horrible time finding
    background music for my videos :( 

  • Alexander Dinges 3 years ago

    is that a tattoo on your neck? :O

  • The Most Gentle Sounds 3 years ago

    What camera do you use to film your YT videos? :) xx

  • AqeelasCameraXx 3 years ago

    i like your old eye make up better NOT HATING just my opinion obviously i
    love this one but i like the one u use to do before better without the
    white eye shadow in the corner and stuff

  • AdorableCuppyCakes 3 years ago

    What is the name and brand of your eyeliner? I’ve been searching for black
    liquid liner and none seem to work well enough for me, but that one looks
    to work very well D:

  • Kico Tomas 3 years ago

    You have a butt crack on your chin.

  • Montanna Styles 3 years ago

    Very beautiful marina!! You actually look at the comments and everything
    cuz I commented on your tutorials for eye makeup tutorial and u did thank
    you marina!!

  • Shikha Kapadia 3 years ago

    So we’re all just gonna ignore the fact that her makeup is caked on and is
    the wrong shade

  • Cookie Monster 3 years ago


  • Katisnotkawaii 3 years ago


  • PsychoCactus 3 years ago

    You look way better without it… Natural is best :) 

  • hannyandmanny 3 years ago

    you dont even have bad skin theres no need to cake up your makeup like
    that, theres so many foundations that have good coverage and wont make ur
    skin look so gross ugh

  • Bray Harper-Rowen 3 years ago


  • Lacey Myriah 3 years ago

    Hooowwww would you feel about showing us how you trim your bangs the next
    time you need to do so…? 

  • Eden Jenner 3 years ago

    Marina you’re perfect! Love the eye make-up <3 

  • imso punk 3 years ago

    can u do an updated hair tutorial pleez xx

  • LoveDestiny 3 years ago

    You wear false lashes everyday?

  • Chloe Bruns 3 years ago

    I loveeee your makeup :3 I just can’t seem to pull it off though ;-; BUHH I
    LOVEEEEE YEW AND YOUR VIDEOS! Btw what foundation do you use? ^~^ Mew!

  • Random Youtuber 3 years ago

    She’s pretty both ways but I like her more with makeup because it looks
    more her :) 

  • Franka de Hoog 3 years ago

    If you wanna know, the instrumantal song is MitiS – Endeavours

  • Tee mae 3 years ago

    Your natural eye lashes are so damn long 

  • MOOIMAFISH 3 years ago

    you look sooo different. o.o

  • Jannike Haugen 3 years ago


  • jenny moreno 3 years ago

    What’s the song that you were using? :)