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  • sharonmather69 4 years ago

    You’re beautiful!! Thanks for this video

  • lashemakuykendall 4 years ago

    i have all that

  • Azalbers1 4 years ago

    No she’s not you are!

  • Jennifer Goolsby 4 years ago

    You are one ghetto ass bitch.. LOLOL

  • Lolita D Jones 4 years ago

    Thanks for all of the tips.

  • juliajanay2013 4 years ago

    may somebody subscribe to me juliajanay2013

  • cortex19518 4 years ago

    All your makeup is filthy and all over the place would never let someone put that makeup on me…. a dirty pallet shows you dont clean your make up!

  • Gezinha DM 4 years ago

    You need one eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, a blending brush. If you want to apply a dark and a light color, maybe it’s best u have 2 eyeshadow brushes, so you don’t get the one with the lighter color on dirty. I use my light golds, pinks, peach colors with the same brush bc I don’t stick the brush on the eyeshadow with much force, so, I can just put it on the eye and wipe it on the little towel I keep next to my makeup space, and then use it again and it is perfectly fine. Hope that helps.

  • MrsCheryl03 4 years ago

    I know nothing of the brushes to get. But what are the basic brushes you need to do a basic eye look.

  • amalhussenah 4 years ago

    You are sooo beautiful!
    Thank you for the video!

  • Jenn Lassiter 4 years ago

    I love the tips thx

  • thebeautychic13 4 years ago

    i didnt know they made purple blush.. O.o .. but anyways amazing video and u r SOOO extremely PRETTY and GORGEOUS

  • makeupandmore7 4 years ago

    you did this video on my birthday may 22

  • tania roman 4 years ago

    i kno right?????????? she’s really beautiful

  • Sarah Gibbs 4 years ago

    I just started wearing makeup, Where did you get the first pallet from? I just have a lil’ thing from the mall.

  • Shraboni Sarkar 4 years ago


  • JennFashiionadore 4 years ago

    loved this video!
    very helpful

  • Arlene Figueroa 4 years ago

    @misslesa2003 not trying to offend you but probably because your lids are dry and you should moisturize your face everyday but not to much or you get greasy.

  • misslesa2003 4 years ago

    why does my eye shadow look chalky and dull when i put it on?

  • azionisawesome 4 years ago

    That’s unsanitary every client I hope u clean your brushes

  • MsDivineBrown 4 years ago

    Should people with dry skin look for satin eyeshadows? I know anything MATTE is a no-go so I’m guessing the satin is for us. Is there any other type (ie shimmer) we should or should not buy? Which is the best inexpensive creamy shadow?

  • DazedNConfusedXD 4 years ago

    i love the whole diy thing lol

  • WonderfulWorldofMeg 4 years ago

    awesome thanks so much

  • Nora Zaytoun 4 years ago

    do a video on how to take out the eyeshadows

  • rockcalvet 4 years ago

    I love how beautiful and pratical you are!

  • dorothee326 4 years ago

    I’m new to makeup and I’m glad I stumbled across your channel, new subbie here!

  • Alissia Said 4 years ago

    Just want to say that you look very beautiful! <3

  • 21justme4ever 4 years ago

    Your so creative qnd pretty

  • Patrice Nurse 4 years ago

    haha why? Love and embrace yourself for who you are

  • MsActingGeek 4 years ago

    SHE. IS. SO. PRETTY. *___*

  • Brandi Hendrix 4 years ago

    just a random question but how much do makeup artists usually make where yall live? anyone answer please(: