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WATCH IT IN HD! Tis the season to be cherry! La la la la la… Here’s a makeup tutorial that will show you how to rock red lip liner on your eyes! PRODUCTS USED: -Essence Lipliner08 Red Blush…

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  • Lily Tran Lily 4 years ago

    Dont be rude, she’s 22 is that possible is kid???
    I agree she look younger than her age, look like 17-18 years old girls.
    Im Asian myself so i know it well its because the facial structure: White
    people have deep face with big eye, its so beautiful. Black people have
    dark skin eye & big-full lip… That not mean all Asian looks younger than
    White or Black but some how its true. Im also not mean black or white looks
    older, i saw many black & white have strong ageless, damm heathly younger
    than their age too.
    But i get sick from people try to racist to Asian when their have a bit
    younger look than their usually age.
    Im straight female & i like to see all beauty in all race, but how can
    people is so racist to Asian & make fun of us have baby-young face???
    Im 28 yo & people say im look like 22-24, is that a bad thing? I get sick
    of people try to joke & make down people like im look like… kid, child,
    10 year old? serious?
    Different race have different facical futures, what’s make us beautiful &
    unique, if 7 billion people on earth is all white or all black, or all
    asian, the world is bore like nothing color & people look same like robot.
    Thats why God creates us with different color skin, different hair, face,
    eyes… why people cant deal with that? its simple

  • Becca S 4 years ago

    Just wondering how old r u

  • Maddie Lps;-) 4 years ago

    Those are contacts

  • Jelena Zivanovic 4 years ago

    Great makeup, super sweet, and you look like a real doll!!!!:)
    p.s. I have a new makeup tutorial on my channel- “HOLIDAY Makeup: Christmas
    Day makeup | Red Lips & Gold Eyes”! So girls if you have 2-3 minutes of
    your precious time- I’ll be super glad to hang out with you on my

  • Holly Webb 4 years ago

    How old are you? You look 10! And your blue contacts don’t look real and
    they look creep on you 

  • moshgurl quatro 4 years ago

    i miss you Ms. A.
    You have inspired me to be a makeup artist.
    when im feeling down, and losing my confident doing makeup, I watch your
    over and over again, continue making videos like this, because you inspire
    not just me, but a lot of people. :) 

  • Parnika Jain 4 years ago

    which one of these looks is good for a fuchasia dress?

  • Chris Keita 4 years ago

    the youngest kid doing best makeup

  • Leonie Start 4 years ago

    Pink. I think it’s a better color for the make up 

  • Monserrat Rico Montes 4 years ago

    She looks so much like Mona from pretty little liars in this one 

  • Mslilly1017 4 years ago

    U are so beautiful u look like a real doll :) 

  • Molly Hazelwood 4 years ago

    I’m going to try that some day.It is really cute.

  • beautybyalicee 4 years ago

    You’re gorgeous, love the brows x 

  • Suzette Mesina 4 years ago

    Were going to have Red Party as our xmas party theme this year. Would this
    red makeup goes along with a red outfit? 

  • Happy Bloo 4 years ago

    She’s gonna be the next Michelle Phan! I’m telling you! She’s a very
    talented young woman that could achieve anything!!

  • Nayma Nashique 4 years ago

    where can i get those fine liner brush you used for applying eye liner?
    any website link please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazy .K 4 years ago

    wow thats amazing by the way how old are you

  • Sarie Chuu 4 years ago

    nude lipstick :) 

  • emmily04ify 4 years ago

    Christmas Day is coming up. Get to know the make-up to the Christmas party.

  • Becki Stiles 4 years ago

    Beautiful and really well explained – thanks for the help with my Christmas
    make up and seasons greetings from Great Britain! Xxx

  • Jessica Door 4 years ago

    This look, like so many others, does NOT work for me. :( I have slightly
    hooded eyelids, not much space between my eyes and my eyebrows, and have
    deep-set, round eyes. :( 

  • Diamond S. 4 years ago

    Looking at her videos, makes me appreciate my baby-face :) so beautiful!

  • Apple V 4 years ago

    I’m off to a late start in life! Lol…Just starting to wearing makeup an
    fell lost. Thanks for your videos

  • u2phreak 4 years ago

    I love this look. Thanks for sharing! I use that trick with the lip liner
    and also love using the Essence liners as a multi purpose. Oh and did I say
    how great you are at doing this? I’ve subscribed to Michelle Phan and
    Kandee Johnson for years now but I just love the way you explain how you do
    the looks. You are very talented and I wish you the best. Plus it’s an
    added bonus that you have a similar face shape and skin tone. That means
    your tutorials are even more useful for me ;) 

  • Amelia Rich 4 years ago

    It is very pretty thank you for you’re hard work,Sadly i cannot do this
    because i do not have red eyeshadow but if i did i would definetly do
    this.You are very beautiful keep up the good work! :) 

  • russell rudolfh gonzaga 4 years ago

    its not good. darling

  • Kenyetha 1 4 years ago

    I love your tutorial

  • Blair Berry 4 years ago

    you are so beautiful

  • Ilaria Gleek 4 years ago

    Hey guys (:
    I just posted a video on my channel on a Christmas look using my homemade
    cosmetics. If you’re interested, subscribe! xoxo

  • Lily of the valley 4 years ago

    Awesome.You’re so talented.I envy you you have that baby face.upload more
    beautiful Anna!!

  • Gigi T 4 years ago

    Your eye color though

  • Isa Heinani 4 years ago

    Love this look, thanks for sharing. Actually looking for a Xmas party look.
    You look so pretty btw. Keep up the good work ❤

  • Mari karot 4 years ago

    Hello! I’m a new subscriber. Are you here in the US? Where at? I’m glad to
    find another Filipino make up guru. :) 

  • Sheridan Froggatt 4 years ago

    Nude lipstick looks better. x

  • Joanne Bowen 4 years ago

    your eye colour is so gorgous, are they contacts?

  • Terrance Truss 4 years ago

    You should use dark cherry.

  • jasmine vargas 4 years ago

    I like the darker one 

  • Nicollete Gabrielle Mier 4 years ago

    Go for nude btw, it looks great! :) 

  • Summyah Choudhury 4 years ago

    The dark cherry lipstick. I love ur make up especially the blue eyes so
    gorgeous and cute it’s suits u a lot!