Added by on April 20, 2015 When you need a classic outfit, you head to the closet for your little black dress. When you need a makeup look to match, this is the tutorial for you. Sam from…

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  • Paulina Valen 5 years ago

    love the lipstick ! what is it?

  • Jest12 5 years ago

    Gorgeous it really brings out your eye colour. 

  • Face To Face Potchefstroom 5 years ago

    Video tutorial:Little Black Dress Makeup Tutorial!

  • Ann E 5 years ago

    sorry to bother you could you tell me where and how it’s called? I can’t
    find it..

  • Carissa Vasile 5 years ago

    Doing it after the shadow sweeps away any fall out. =)

  • Moosemania100 5 years ago

    What color is the mufe shadow stick?

  • chlabful 5 years ago

    you can find the products on the realtechniques site!

  • Kate Rathbone 5 years ago

    Hmm i thought it may be soba?

  • dinga37 5 years ago

    Loved the tutorial…actually live everything you guys do!!! The lighting
    though in this video made you look kinda like Morticia from the Addams
    family :( . I think that Mac eyeshadow is all that glitters or naked lunch
    from MaC

  • uncontingent 5 years ago

    could be woodwinked actually

  • Sarah20461 5 years ago

    Maybe you could try try with false lashes that are at least as curled as
    yours ? Having a very heterogeneous lashline makes it a ot more complicated
    that for sure. In your case I really think individual lashes are the ideal
    solution. Pixiwoo and LisaE have tutorials on individuals:)

  • Msprincesspink25 5 years ago

    Love the eyes what products did U use? X

  • Rawa Mubarak 5 years ago

    please tell me the name of the eyeshadow you used. It’s so gorgeous

  • Emma Hughes 5 years ago

    love love love xx

  • Gina Paige 5 years ago

    Beautiful! Added right to my favorites!

  • Angela Brocca 5 years ago

    I used very often this makeup ! xD I use smog from naked in my crease, a
    brow pencil like an eyeliner ,a golden-shimmery pencil under my eyes, melba
    from mac on the cheeks and a pin-up red on lips! :D

  • I think it’s called Woodwinked from MAC

  • breakuphouses 5 years ago

    was that patina? oh i how this channel is about the brushes but i always
    sit here and try to guess the colour than rather concentrate on the look

  • con con 5 years ago

    OMG!! I really wanna get does brushes but I live in Chile! :(

  • katiedoesbeauty 5 years ago


  • allthatiam 5 years ago

    She posts all the products used under the video on the real techniques
    website. Just go to realtechniques(dot)com, and look under “How to –> The
    Looks” and all the videos from this channel with the products used will be
    right there. Hope this helped.

  • This-is-me 5 years ago

    great tutorial but the lighting is so bright it totally washes out the
    colours and makes it quite hard to see :(

  • unpopped 5 years ago

    expert face brush if you want full coverage stippling brush if you want to
    be medium coverage!

  • Glenonica1 5 years ago

    I have one of your shading brushes and it worked fine when I first got it,
    but now when I use it the brush seems to push down in the chamber and it
    won’t stay up. I figure it might be because the glue gave way perhaps after
    washing it. I usually wash it shake it out and lay it flat. Just letting
    you know what happened. I have other styles but haven’t had the same
    problem. I do like these brushes a lot.

  • laluv2worship 5 years ago

    What kind of mascara? Color of E/S please?

  • margotbuttons 5 years ago

    I agree. I know this channel is about the brushes but it’s frustrating not
    knowing the products.. especially when it’s something that looks so
    beautiful. But anyways, your brows are looking great Sam!

  • Alexis R 5 years ago

    I like the brown

  • mrepola 5 years ago

    Great simple look! With every Look you can go to the “behind the look” for
    products used and how applied. Eye Shadow is MAC BRUN. Most of the time it
    is posted up to a week after Sam post the video.

  • Abbey Morgan-Short 5 years ago

    it looks like woodwinked

  • Heather Brown 5 years ago

    Gorgeous as always! :)

  • redlipstickfiend 5 years ago

    Sam, your brushes are awesome and I just keep building my collection.
    Actually, the eye set was my latest buy, so I am glad I found this video!

  • xenalucia 5 years ago

    I love the nail polish!!!

  • Tajy Kapoor 5 years ago

    Can you please write down the products… they’re not on the r.t website! i
    really want to know them. love the look though xx

  • swtp67142 5 years ago

    First I love your brows! Very nice look to go with the pin-up red. Love it!

  • allmyjm 5 years ago

    So pretty!

  • lucy cotton 5 years ago

    Sam, your brows are lovely and your new growth really frames your face,
    much more than before!! Brilliant.

  • Tina Prijatelj 5 years ago

    Does anyone know if you can buy these brushes in europe? :)

  • Molly Lyon 5 years ago

    Am I the only person that thinks the buffing brush is naff? I had to get
    the urban decay optical blurring brush, which actually buffs the foundation

  • Fernanda Godoy 5 years ago

    your eeeeeeeyesssss (L)

  • Athena H 5 years ago

    Real techniques Facebook will advise product details in a few days.

  • MUFFDOG1 5 years ago

    What color/brand of nail polish is that?

  • SangriainTO 5 years ago

    Very pretty & romantic

  • Ju M. 5 years ago

    I love this, so simple!

  • aqaae 5 years ago

    I’ve been looking all over the website for this lip colour and can’t find
    it anywhere, could someone help out?

  • mlleshopaholic 5 years ago

    you are very beautiful!! the make up is wouaaah

  • Eveline Strandell 5 years ago

    I also want to be as beautiful as you are Sam….but no amount of makeup
    could ever achieve that, you look so stunning!

  • mada alhamdan 5 years ago

    What lip stick did u use sweety its very nice and what eyelashes?

  • gabi espinosa 5 years ago

    Best look youve ever done in this channel

  • 59Smythe 5 years ago

    The brushes really are the best. So soft and easy to hold (I have arthritis)

  • khayes9591 5 years ago

    this is one of my fav looks you done. stunning. your nail polish matches
    your eyes. :)