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It’s time for back to school, which means you need a makeup look that’s pretty, daytime-appropriate, and most importantly, easy to apply in a hurry! College …

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  • madihah93x 4 years ago

    U talk too much!

  • Chante McNish 4 years ago

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  • 0oMelloadeeo0 4 years ago

    you have really pretty eyes

  • microsoftdocument9 4 years ago

    hey everybody! my friend and i made our first makeup tutorial, and we would appreciate if you check it out and let us know what you think!

  • MakeupGirl91 4 years ago

    Hi. I just came across your video. New subbie here!!!

  • 218bonniecastle 4 years ago

    loved this palette so much…had to get the other 3 from this line!!

  • sachyluve 4 years ago

    luv it !!!!!!!!

  • zoeheartsclothes 4 years ago

    I have this palette :) I love it! Great video!

  • spacetimebomb 4 years ago

    Very cute!

  • teemell19 4 years ago