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Check out my main channel and subscribe to IMT Very quick and basic Cosplay makeup video for beginners! Products Used: Po…

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  • missvampiresharingan 4 years ago

    its good simple im so gonna use it for my cosplays

  • MisaNyanChu 4 years ago

    she kinda looks like taylor swift

  • Zelda Hylia 4 years ago

    even WITHOUT makeup, your pretty!

  • kieshia jasmin 4 years ago

    you are so pretty ^_^

  • sandydevilable 4 years ago

    Lemme get this straight. You guys do vids for shows like Adventure Time, YJ, Legend of Korra, and do cosplay?

  • Jessica B 4 years ago

    you are so insanely pretty and i am terribly jealous haha :)

  • LiveEtLoveEt 4 years ago

    Your so pretty Courtney!!

  • Aspirational Kyndrael 4 years ago

    At first when I read this I thought you said see your voice and hear your face.

  • Aspirational Kyndrael 4 years ago

    You are so pretty ^_^

  • emoshi1 4 years ago

    Oh wow you look like Taylor swift 3

  • Pyrilium1043 4 years ago

    Man, I never realized how much trouble and effort girls go thru with make-up. I comb my hair and even that is too much work some days. :)

  • Alice08Tail 4 years ago

    Is it me or you just look like taylor swift O-O

  • BonjourIsHello 4 years ago

    you could Coldplay Taylor swift with this jesus

  • ristilovesart 4 years ago

    And here you can see Courtoon doing a closet cosplay of Taylor Swift.

  • MrWickeedd 4 years ago

    Yeah you’re prob right :D

  • Lyon Laguna 4 years ago

    Matt is a lucky bastard…

  • FreeSpirit0124 4 years ago

    thanks for answering. I feel a little stupid for not looking there first :P 

  • InnerMindTheater 4 years ago

    Depends on your skin tone, I use translucent though

  • Momo Jinxie 4 years ago

    Great video Courtney! Is the airspun powder flesh tone or translucent?

  • DUMPPREP 4 years ago

    I don’t know why people profess that people look better without makeup. That makes no sense.

  • sketchcon 4 years ago

    Are you watching something? i can see something going on through that glass thing mirror? haha

  • sketchcon 4 years ago

    because she is so good to the eyes. I’m a guy and i am still watching too

  • Phinyoo 4 years ago

    Its really scary what make up can do…

  • Pinkie Saladd 4 years ago

    Because you can.

  • potatoegame 4 years ago

    is there any chance a guy version would be made?

  • WaNgTaCuLaR 4 years ago

    Those eye effects make you look quite a bit like Taylor Swift.

  • MrWickeedd 4 years ago

    i’m a guy why am i still watching :P

  • HettesKvek 4 years ago

    I’d date both versions of you.

  • MacAttack22223 4 years ago

    Oh Courtney your so pretty!! :) Great tutorial!

  • 16thremix 4 years ago

    Man, you got Kawaii as fuuu-

  • Anitsan 4 years ago

    O_O you look kinda like Taylor Swift… You could probably fool a lot of people by cosplaying as her.

  • misscandyeyes 4 years ago

    You look so pretty both without and with make up!!

  • InnerMindTheater 4 years ago

    It’s called Stila! And all the products I used are in the description :D

  • litlleace98 4 years ago

    are you guys going to jafax?

  • dejavudea 4 years ago

    I’m just watching this video smiling like an idiot and waving at you because I love you and miss you so much. And it made me really excited to hear your voice and see your face. =/////= ~

  • FreeSpirit0124 4 years ago

    what was the liquid liner do you suggest for a starter?

  • InnerMindTheater 4 years ago

    It’s a cream concealer. I’ve had it for years that the branding has worn off. But cream concealer in general!

  • Mia Moore 4 years ago

    Ahhh thank you for posting this! I have always wondered what you do because your makeup looks so flawless.

  • TohruHondachan 4 years ago

    What did you use for the concealer? Btw, you have pretty eyes C:

  • Clepsher 4 years ago

    been struggling with this for cosplay

  • TheYorkiepudding 4 years ago

    thanks! Great tips and advice!