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Men’s short hair Crew cut inspiration! In this tutorial we show you how to get aBasic barber cut with the details of a hairdresser . Haircut & styling by Slikhaar Studio. ☆ Shop online!…

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  • Alva Fuentes 4 years ago

    Brad in fury please

  • omar saliheen 4 years ago

    How hard is it to fade hair in!

    Such a shit haircut ! 

  • ❄ reвιrтнғх ❄ 4 years ago

    Do a Adam Lallana Haircut :) 

  • Nick Gambino 4 years ago

    how do these girls get their barbers Licence 

  • canonogic 4 years ago

    I feel sorry for this guy, the keep giving him shite haircuts

  • kronoff317 4 years ago

    I’m tempted to do this cut. looks good…however after growing out my hair
    for the past 9 months, I feel like all that work would be for nothing haha.
    My hair is about the length of the guy talking at the end. Modern pomp

  • Johan Tran 4 years ago

    Brad pitt Haircut from the movie Fury

  • Climes 4 years ago

    what does rasmus use at the moment for his hair? my hair is nearly the same
    length and i dont know wheter i should use blow, dynamite clay, gold
    digger, etc…? 

  • Dani Borsos 4 years ago

    Awsome work, thanks for upload!!

  • MrTerpderp 4 years ago

    Typo in the outro screen! There is reading “World Wide Delevery” as it
    should be delivery. :D nice hairstyle anyways.

  • James Bulbeck 4 years ago

    Do you guys ship to Canada by any chance? I need some new products and I
    love how your guys products look and how they preform so well! Please
    comment back if you do! 

  • Ohstattic 4 years ago

    Crew haircut is a cut with a noticeable transition but not that noticeable
    I mean they put no effort in fading it. Honestly they failed at making
    this, feel bad for the poor guy. 

  • Mikkel Smedegaard 4 years ago

    Hvad betyder tegnet £, når man skal købe noget i jeres shop?? :D 

  • Daryl Ling 4 years ago

    It looks good on him, plus the beard on… its a good match!

  • HuzzHot 4 years ago

    I wear this 1,5 year. And u don’t need a hair product

  • F1Fan Faizan 4 years ago

    Emre Can bayern munich haircut next please! Thanku

  • sebsterkid77 4 years ago

    Why’d they use so much product right at the end for such a short hairstyle

  • Tyson Beckley 4 years ago

    That fade is terrible, might as well just shave it with a straight razor.

  • Emmanuel Aguero 4 years ago

    Una disculpa donde puedo comprar la cera?

  • Giacomo Raffaelli 4 years ago

    En dag ta’r jeg til Århus og bliver klippet…

  • camilo quiroga 4 years ago

    HEY HEY HEY , PLEASE SOMEBODY know what is the hairstyle of the blonde boy
    in the 1 second ?

  • kurt pullen 4 years ago

    All haircuts are the same nowadays.
    Do Hachim Mastour please? Or the actual El-Sharaawy

  • benjamin k. 4 years ago

    I personally think that the fade on the haircut looks great because of the
    sharp contrast… I don’t think it would look half as cool if you faded it

  • Do Mauro Icardi hairstyle

  • Tigersmundo 4 years ago

    OMG where do I start I’m lost after cringing and spitting out water on HOW
    bad that attempt was on a fade!…Embarrassing quality

  • Arthur Wagner 4 years ago

    Fernando torres hairstyle please

  • Craig Pointon 4 years ago

    what does an “xxx” inspired hairstyle mean

  • Carlos Roberto 4 years ago

    awesome short hairstyle. He looks like Atrak now lol jk 

  • Sohaib Ahmad 4 years ago

    Do Zayn Malik’s new hair style please 

  • Paul Lemon 4 years ago

    aesthetically the end look looked okay but the lack of fade/blend isn’t the
    best advertisement you guys and your products, i don’t want to “hate” but
    everyone who’s in the industry knows that coulda been blended a lot

  • Supermoney97 4 years ago

    this haircut is for the type of guys who wear drop crotch pants and layered
    shirts from adyn

  • BenJager 4 years ago

    Just look at the line at the back sorry but this is very bad..

  • Admir Paljevic 4 years ago

    @Slikhaar TV
    Your page is amazing but; I deff feel that you guys lack in the department
    of fades and cleaner lines. I’ve been a barber for over 13 years, my
    experience with any sort of fade, beard lines and overall lines will
    surpass her work by far. If you guys are looking to hire a hairstylists in
    this department; get back to me! I promise you my work will deff not
    disappoint you