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Hi my beautiful friends! In this video I show you my favorite cute & easy workout hairstyles that only take a minute to create. Let me know what you think in the comments below! xx MUSIC LO…

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  • JayCeeScandals07 4 years ago

    Good hairstyle for working out: tie hair back with a tight hair tie.. grab
    a hair band to get bangs and extra hair out of the way. These hairstyles
    are cute ! But if you’re doing high intensity work outs they’ll get in the
    way or come undone and they won’t look too cute by the time you’re

  • tipsycat27 4 years ago

    okay no offence but clearly you have no idea what a workout actually is if
    you’re encouraging people to do it in full makeup, jewellery and hair
    that’s more suited for a damn dinner party than the gym.

  • PsychoCactus 4 years ago

    Lol I don’t have time for that, just put it in a bun, no fancy twists or

  • Luxy Hair 4 years ago

    Check out these cute & easy workout hairstyle ideas! :) xx

  • karisant 4 years ago

    What happened with Leyla?

  • Beauty By Carol 4 years ago

    Is it just me or is making Youtube subbies a lot harder than you expected
    #newyoutuberproblems subscribe to my channel I always subscribe back

  • Atreyee Chakraborty 4 years ago

    Am i the only one who finds it really irritating when my bangs fall on my
    face while workouts?? Just wonder! Anyways thanks for the tutorial as
    always mimi…xoxo ♥

  • pramukha prasanth 4 years ago

    these workout hairstyles are soooo CUTE and ADORABLE
    i just ♥♥♥LoVe♥♥♥ it :D 

  • Sona Gasparian 4 years ago

    I would totally go out with these hairstyles. Love all three!! Kisses 

  • Loving Life as Emma 4 years ago

    Hi Mimi! For 2015 I’ve really wanted to make working out and looking cute
    both priorities in my life too! However, with school, work, and everyday
    life, I feel like I can’t do both! I have a hard time figuring out how to
    work out without ending up in workout clothes all day and how to look cute,
    but not letting the time I spend making myself look cute replace my gym
    time. How do you suggest balancing this? I would love to see a “day in your
    life video” and/or a video in which you talk about your workout routine and
    when/how much/how you spend time getting ready for the day. Thanks! Love
    you :) :) 

  • 4everloveag 4 years ago

    i love how simple and cute these hairstyles are! can’t wait to try them! :) 

  • Sabrina Nova 4 years ago

    Each video is just perfect! You always look flawless and beautiful ♥ These
    hairstyles are amazing, but unfortuneatly none of them suits me :’)
    Anyways, kepp going! ♥

  • Nicole Willemse 4 years ago

    that braid is amazing if you forgot an elastic thanks for the tip

  • Mermaid_xo_ 4 years ago

    Wow Amazing

  • aodet giorgees 4 years ago

    My hair always falls out when im working out caz its really long and thick

  • Radhika Gupta 4 years ago

    It was super awesome. I guess I can try them out to my college as well.
    Thank you so much. 

  • Viv Chong 4 years ago

    Your hair is always so perfect, like the pieces framing your face is always
    curled right and idek all I can say is that it’s perf

  • Emily Palmisano 4 years ago

    I love your tutorials and love this side braid! But can you show how to do
    a side braid with layers? I have tapered or layered hair from my front to
    back and my hair is medium/long. Thanks!

  • _pisces_ 4 years ago

    +Luxy Hair can you please do a tutorial on how to remove tangles from
    medium length hair or recommend products to help? Love your channel by the
    way! <3

  • LeahJo Hartney 4 years ago

    These hairstyles are adorable, but I don’t know about you all but I would
    wear these hairstyles out on the town, not working out. I am training to be
    a yoga instructor, so yoga is a huge part of my routine–my hair would not
    stay or the bobbi pins would pinch my neck. I do a nice old fashioned messy
    bun with elastics! However, I will be using these ideas for every day use. :) awesome video Mimi. This year I’m also trying to focus on fitness. I’m
    putting my body through “Bridal Bootcamp” before I get married in August. 

  • Christa Jerome 4 years ago

    Ain’t nobody got time to look cute for a workout :P 

  • Aya Mawad 4 years ago

    In my opinion these hairstyles are useless for wotk out because I need my
    hair out of my face but I agree they looks cute for anything else

  • my's beauty channel 4 years ago

    the second one is brilliant for when your elastic breaks love it :) 

  • Like all three! my favorite is the Knot Ponytail (:

  • missbrownies90 4 years ago

    No matter what hair style I do, it always falls out while I am doing

  • María Eugenia Robledo 4 years ago

    In no way I mean to be rude but I would call this ‘cute & easy hairstyles
    for school/work etc’ you clearly do pretty low-intensity workouts because
    the last thing you want when you’re doing a lot of cardio and tons of
    burpees, push ups, etc. is having hair on your face, it gets all wet and
    messy so you pretty much do something ‘cute’ for nothing and also you can’t
    see properly when you have bangs hanging around if you’re doing exercises
    from home and watching them in some sort of screen. Don’t get me wrong, I
    would totally try some of these for school but just not for working out.

  • Bernice Tan 4 years ago

    is it just me but her music choice is always on point

  • selma9450 4 years ago

    Love your top it’s floral

  • Hanna Goes 4 years ago

    Where is she from to have that accent? 

  • Lola Adroher 4 years ago

    I love the hairsyles, they are gorgeus, but i think that when doing workout
    the last thing you should worry about is you bun or braid. I personally
    prefer a normal bun or high ponytail to keep the hair out of the way

  • Steph Shim 4 years ago

    Super cute but really impractical for a workout. No one wants hair in their
    face! Esp for high intensity when you’re jumping all over… 

  • Gem D 4 years ago

    I love these light-medium intensity workout hairstyles. They are great and
    very cute. I workout 4-6 times a week and I always have very intense
    workouts. Do you have any suggestions/hairstyles for high intensity
    workouts so that I can make my clips in extensions last longer? I tend to
    sweat ALOT and I also use the sauna and/or steam room a couple times a
    week. If I don’t have to take them out when I work out, I don’t want to. I
    want to look sexy when I workout too. hehe

  • marimar.33 4 years ago

    mimi well done, nice body!

  • Kimberly Howe 4 years ago

    I love the organic side braid! I did it and it worked perfectly. This style
    will definitely come in handy when I break my hair tie. Thanks Mimi! Best
    wishes on your goals for this year :) 

  • holly oconnor 4 years ago

    Does leyla make hair videos any more?