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Thumbs up if you liked some of these! :D What I got for Christmas: Stuff used in video: nexxus color assure shamp…

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  • AndreasChoice 4 years ago

    Thanks for watching! What vid should I do next?! comment here :) 

  • AndreasChoice 4 years ago

    (the intro was filmed during christmas….that is why there is a christmas
    tree still hahaha)

  • yam malik 4 years ago

    gooosh i love herrrrr
    andrea, please come to germany (munich)
    i swear i would love to meeeet yaaaaaaa :D 

  • GypsyRebel 4 years ago

    I just need to know your hair color like, nowwww!!! does anybody knows it?

  • Emmaline 4 years ago

    any new youtubers want to support each other? :) 

  • Maryanne S 4 years ago

    Number 2! Definitely trying it for tomorrow

  • beautyflorals 4 years ago

    if there’s any small YouTubers looking to support each other by subscribing
    I’m here !

  • Canelacandela1 4 years ago

    deaf people and those who speak other languages ​​,we thank you so much for
    put your wonderful videos with subtitles :) 

  • Rhi Bourbon 4 years ago

    The title should have been ‘winter hairstyles for girls with perfect long
    ringletty hair’ because I clicked on this thinking that at least one of
    these might be compatible with my hair (weird growing-out-pixie mullet) and
    I was soooo wrong. Your hair is ridiculously long and I love you, but could
    you do some videos that apply to girls with shorter hair?

  • Kaep Jonassen 4 years ago

    +AndreasChoice is a weird self-hating mulatta who uses skin brighteners and
    light makeup to conceal her brown skin and may have been under the knife to
    make her nose look more European.

    She looks more than 60+ white but her African features are still dominate
    as most mulattoes born from a white mother, and unsurprisingly most ones
    born from white mothers tend to have the most mental illnesses and

    This is the same case of Halle berry who was borne from a white mother who
    looked more negroid before her nip and slip.

  • Anya Stromberg 4 years ago

    How did she come out of the shower with dead straight hair, i don’t get it.
    She’s not white ??

  • Angela L 4 years ago

    what color is your hair? its so pretty! im getting my hair done on Friday
    and want to dye it a caramel brown. is that your color? im taking a picture
    of you to my salon.. hope you don’t find that creepy! lol :) 

  • Anna Obrajero 4 years ago

    Its so hard to chooseee I love them ALL

  • olivia copeman 4 years ago

    I like the second one the best 

  • maya engel 4 years ago

    Follow me around video!!!

  • Shalina R 4 years ago

    Your teeth are so white, they just like sparkle aha. Lazy hairstyles for me
    is tying my hair up without even looking in the mirror. 

  • rosella lee 4 years ago

    OMFG LOVE THEM ALLLLL DANGGGGGGG <3 you pretty girl you pretty :D 

  • Eglė S 4 years ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of those kind of cartilage rings she has on?
    They are just Too cute , I have to get some as well! Arent those like the
    same kind as septum rings? Might be wrong, just guessing 

  • Nagelly Dutan 4 years ago


  • tnzn65 4 years ago

    Love watching your videos. But my lazy hairstyle means literally doing
    nothing to my hair or a ponytail/bun without even brushing my hair.

  • New York City Channel 4 years ago

    Is she Hispanic? Is that her real lips? How does she get her teeth so

  • Jennifer Vinson 4 years ago

    I love number one!!!

  • Ganz Corner 4 years ago

    She looks like Priyanka Chopra

  • paradiseluv808 4 years ago

    i like them all!! My hair is thick so all of these works well, If i put my
    hair up in a bun, i always like to put my favorite hawaiian Plumeria flower
    around it like a Haku Heand Band :) ..Thanks for sharing love your videos

  • Amna Qasim 4 years ago

    Nice hair color sis ….<3 which product u used and which shade?……..
    love it !!!

  • Scarlett Gaming 4 years ago

    I wore the knotted hairstyle to school. It looked really awesome and I
    loved it. That was until… I took it out. There were these weird curls in
    my hair and I had to go to something about 3 hours after school. I
    straightened my hair so it went fine. 

  • marimar.33 4 years ago

    Cute? Yes. Lazy? No.

  • sofia plache 4 years ago

    U should do a everyday makeup video !! Unless you already did , I don’t
    know if u did or not because I’m new to your channel !! I love your channel
    By the way I loved number 2 it was so cute

  • Natasha Gordon 4 years ago

    I really like the braided bun. I’m going to just have to try it, it’s just
    so cute!! Also i was thinking that you should do a Cute Curly Hairstyles
    tutorial since your natural hair is so amazing.