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Are you looking for pretty makeup looks to try out? Watch Brooke show us how to create a simple party makeup that will make you the life of the party. Learn …

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  • KazeSuenos 4 years ago

    This look is great for young girls starting to wear/apply makeup. Heavy
    make up & too much product overwhelms the natural beauty of young girls.

  • Haley Skyboo 4 years ago

    I love this look because its not heavy makeup and it still kinds makes you
    look natural

  • heretostaytn 4 years ago

    Is the concealer water proof? LOVE this girl. Love ALL the new girls. LOVE

  • fatima vela 4 years ago

    This video is completely fabulous.
    I don’t tend to use make up but if it’s natural looking I will wear. This
    video helped me a lot, thank you so much.

  • June DeNomie 4 years ago

    You are beautiful and have the best personality!!!

  • Leah Valente 4 years ago

    I love how Covergirl ALWAYS reminds you to blend your concealer and
    foundation evenly across your face. Also I enjoy the details that are super
    important which will really help you with your day to day life.

  • Bao Vang 4 years ago

    Where can we get deals, coupons, and discounts for Covergirl product?

  • BeautySimplicity 4 years ago

    Love this!!

  • Paola Cortez 4 years ago

    I love the look it is so amazing. Not to much or cakey. Katy Perry did a
    great makeup line. I wonder when Talia Joy Castellano will get her makeup
    line… But im not trippin I hope it’ll happen soon. It’ll be sold out
    faster that ever <3 Amazing look Brooke you have some talent

  • Gia G 4 years ago

    Love It! Simple and Natural!

  • Manuel ferdinand 4 years ago

    Your great tutorial I love all the way you apply those make up products of
    Cover Girl. Good job.

  • Adalia Lopez 4 years ago

    Trying to look cute while putting on eyeliner and mascara is impossible.

  • juana ortega 4 years ago

    She is si beutiful

  • Kimberley Satterwhite 4 years ago

    This is sexy

  • Rawrcupcakes 4 years ago

    her eyes are GORGEOUS

  • Noobie Plays 4 years ago

    i like it but i dont like i eyeliner so what do i do

  • tonperexenjupe 4 years ago

    Do you have a coral lipstick?

  • Karina Hernandez 4 years ago

    Love it!!!

  • kathy molina 4 years ago

    really nice

  • Valerie De La Cruz 4 years ago

    did she even apply makeup 

  • valerosejames 4 years ago

    Lots of good tips here

  • Kimheng Ros 4 years ago


  • Lori Adams 4 years ago

    Bought the lipstick today. Gorgeous !

  • Sassy Ewads 4 years ago

    Its pretty but the foundation is powdery

  • Cristal Bustos 4 years ago

    U did good but ur cat eye is a little 2 long

  • Ken Rivera 4 years ago

    So pretty going to where this to night love Annie

  • brooke shafer 4 years ago


  • Angelkid Helene 4 years ago


  • Riskey Wiskey 4 years ago


  • lunasavvy 4 years ago

    the cat eye is kinda off its bugging me :/

  • Murphy Star 4 years ago

    Why does she even need foundation