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The main reason for using a primer is because it helps your makeup stay on longer. Primers help decrease sweating through the pores, which makes your m…

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  • Ellen Burton 2 years ago

    Testing out the primer now :)
    I used a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it, figured it would work the
    same. I also used coconut oil because that’s the oil I have.

    Feels really nice on the skin :)

  • Tutorials By JM 2 years ago

    Can you use eyeshowdow instead

  • Miss cannon 2 years ago

    Putting powder in the primer won’t help it’s like spraying your hair with
    hairspray and then styling it this is basically a bb cream instead of a

  • jasmine muniz 2 years ago

    You grow up so fast

  • Ashley Carroll 2 years ago

    Wouldn’t this be very oily with the added maracuja oil

  • Claire Lindsay 2 years ago

    Love you gurl ur so pretty email me 

  • Jane Davies 2 years ago

    Hi, does it fill in your pores?

  • Omnia Huỳnh 2 years ago

    Skin care routine pls

  • Rosie Hetherington 2 years ago

    :) x

  • Philip Gipson 2 years ago


  • Sean Williams 2 years ago

    always pretty