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  • Mia Patel 2 years ago

    ‘What have you got in your makeup bag?’
    ‘My salad! Its good to recycle’
    *looses all friends*

  • y guay 2 years ago

    Arent blueberries acidic? if they stay for a long time on your skin it is
    not good. Isnt it just like putting lemon on your face It is good for 15
    min, but afterwards you have to wash it off, because of the acid.

  • CleanEcoStyle 2 years ago

    100% Pure is brand that actually makes its makeup with fruit pigments,
    which is very exciting. I am another organic/natural vlogger and love
    everything about this lifestyle!

  • TheBeautyPlan 2 years ago

    DIY makeup, make your own cosmetics from 100% natural ingredients that are
    good enough to eat :) Feel free to share this video on with friends or
    family who could benefit from going natural x

    #makeup #cosmetics #naturalremedies #diy #diyproject #diylipbalm
    #lipstain #rmsbeauty #organicskincare #organicmakeup
    #organiccosmetics #naturalbeautytips 

  • Hemptress Love 2 years ago

    What is the point of a all vegan makeup video when you zoom out and focus
    on a short dress from a looking up angle wide shot where you cant see
    anything (For example 7:08). Some people are ripping on the people talking
    about the dress, but it makes sense. They just did not know how to word it.
    It is the shots and angles in which are shown. It is just not appropriate
    for the subject of the video. If the subject of the video is the makeup,
    focus on your face and the makeup.

  • Lexci Peart 2 years ago

    OK. You are wasting food. Putting beets and blueberry on your lips?? Wtf?
    And the intro.. Self conceited. But this video is basically how to waste
    food and put it on your skin. And I would rather put a STANKY lip gloss on
    then a beet on my lips. 

  • Bianca Kartus 2 years ago

    Or you could just go onto ecodivabeautys website or vitacost and get some
    great natural and organic products that arn’t going to go off really
    quickly, come in great shades and actually have some amazing benefits to
    I don’t think walking around with food on your face is ideal or will stay
    for that long either.
    rather keep my fruits & veggies for cooking. 

  • BeautyFashionStylist 2 years ago

    This lady is really full of herself…

  • Mary Irene 2 years ago

    OH! I just grabbed a rasberry and a blueberry from the frozen fruit mix I
    use for my smoothie and they are great layered and so sweet on your lips –
    the rasberry is especially good at laying on color and can also work all on
    it’s own!!! Maybe also because I’m biracial and have a slightly tanned
    skintone. :) 

  • pickledshoe 2 years ago

    is the blueberry juice sticky on your eye lids?

  • Carla Lyles 2 years ago

    Wow, I absolutely loved how you did your makeup, all 100% natural organic
    and certainly 100% cruelty free, u certainly earned a new subscriber here.

  • Hallie Tam 2 years ago

    This is amazing. I would love to try it. ignore the haters comments and
    continue wirh your inspiring work xx

  • nestfullofbirds 2 years ago

    AHHH! I LOVE this video! I’m really concerned about the chemicals in the
    main stream cosmetics I’ve been using. Most of the natural products still
    contain either harmful chemicals or at least traces of them! So
    frustrating. This is a great video and I’m so grateful for it! I’ll let my
    girls experiment with “makeup” now. :-) 

  • alia lootah 2 years ago

    you should name this video: how to turn your face into a salad

  • Cathy J 2 years ago

    This would be great if i am on a uninhabited island with my crush haha :) 

  • Lisa Otero 2 years ago

    Beautiful video thanks : ) You can’t eat garbage, lather toxins on your
    skin, and expect to have beautiful skin. You MUST consume nutrient dense,
    nontoxic food… and use ORGANIC, cold-pressed, nontoxic skin care. That’s
    the key to flawless skin. I use Tru Earth and some of David Wolfe’s
    products. I won’t use a company that heats their oils either! I don’t think
    most people even know what that means. MOST organic and/or natural lines
    continue to heat their oils over 500 degrees! Ummm thats not natural. Check
    them out:

  • Miriam Sokora 2 years ago

    Would it work to use pomegranate because they stain so much? 

  • Stephs Plate 2 years ago

    This is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!! :D 

  • talon pulse 2 years ago

    Never use skincare unless it is Food-Grade. Lots of people don’t know that.
    If you can’t eat it, do not put it on your skin. 60% of everything lather
    on your skin enters the blood stream. Toxins cause disease and accelerate
    aging. My family and I use Organic, food-grade,
    non-gmo. Even their oils are cold pressed. I also like David Wolfe

  • Empowered Women's Channel 2 years ago

    We love this, such good ideas! Thank you for sharing :) 

  • Isa Walker 2 years ago

    Stop licking your lips

  • vicky armendariz 2 years ago

    Wow you go girl Love that idea….better for you and the animals. :) 

  • K. Dietz 2 years ago

    This just does’nt look like something that lasts all day:/

  • Squirrel_Of_Mistri 2 years ago

    Thanks for your ideas. Please ignore the idiots and keep posting your
    videos!!! ;-) 

  • Lucy Marshall 2 years ago

    what if you have sensitive skin TheBeautyPlan?

  • Kate W 2 years ago

    What kind of mascara & liner did you use before you started? 

  • Anya Kasturi 2 years ago

    doesn’t the blueberry juice make your face sticky

  • Mary Bernard 2 years ago

    Loved this video!!! I didn’t know how nice a little tint from beets or
    blue berries could be. I guess like anything, one should test before going
    for a complete look, especially around the eye area. It’s a nice look and
    very natural. Thanks 

  • IamMeli3 2 years ago

    wonderful thanks for sharing. I will try the raw cocoa powder for my

  • Estella0707 2 years ago

    Stop shaking the Camera grrrrrrr hard to watch

  • anna haines 2 years ago

    What root are you using for your cheeks? I can’t tell through your accent
    what it’s called :s (Sorry, not trying to be rude!)

  • 3rikaMD 2 years ago

    I just tried this, but didn’t have the shea butter. I’m brunette with
    green eyes & my face looks gorgeous. The turmeric really gave me a
    beautiful glow & the blueberry made my eyes pop. Thank you – I’m sold!

  • Annitka100 2 years ago

    Girl you are amazing. This is one of my fav videos, Keep up the good work! 

  • Belle Au Naturel 2 years ago

    Go check my Etsy store for 100% natural products :)

  • cathy horcrux 2 years ago

    Definitely will be trying this!!!