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Beauty, art, hair, fashion, makeup, and advice! Check out my videos here ☯ READ ME FORREALZ ☯ This video is more of an idea …

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  • Michelle Wanha 2 years ago

    This (These) tutorials were perfect!

  • Paige Latoyia 2 years ago

    Im 17 lol I may be too old to trick or treat but this will be my last time
    I swear so im going as the cheetahs thanks +SmartistaBeauty 

  • Madison Norris 2 years ago

    Omg You look like this actress I can’t think of her name
    sorry sorry~ Lovely video I love the cat makeup

  • SmartistaBeauty 2 years ago

    For anyone who procrastinates on costumes like myself makeup is always easy
    and inexpensive!!! So pumped about 70K Subs!! Subistas ALL DAY! 

  • NessIzNaturaL23 2 years ago

    Wow! your very talented. 

  • Tyliah Dixon 2 years ago

    Where did you get that brush you used for your cheetah print design

  • Mara2279 2 years ago

    What’s the eyeliner you used? 

  • Emanuel Bennett 2 years ago

    Firstly, this dope af. Secondly, what song Is this? Because YASS!

  • Elzbieta Puzakinaite 2 years ago

    it is watercollor?

  • Kimberly Fraizer 2 years ago

    You look simply purrfect!

  • devgene 2 years ago

    You are so dope!!

  • SimplyYue 2 years ago

    Dayam I wish I can borrow you for tomorrow. 

  • CuteGem3 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed this! The queen n saw are my favorite, their so simple and
    different. I got one: dress up like a worm carrying a big ass book, you’re
    know a book worm lol!

  • Chenelle Santana 2 years ago

    You look just like KeKe Palmer nice vid !

  • absolutebeautyxo 2 years ago

    you remind me so much of keke palmer <3

  • Sann Horan 2 years ago

    Omg! You are so beautiful.

  • KayleeDown1 2 years ago

    YES! Im going to be queen of hearts!

  • Destiny Harper 2 years ago

    You are a life saver for this video!!

  • Imani Garcia 2 years ago

    Amazing. I know what I’m gonna be for Halloween 

  • Marilyn Martinez 2 years ago
  • Hanah 2 years ago

    Thank you so much! I am going to be Jigsaw! ^-^

  • Deasia Laury 2 years ago

    Thank u for doing this

  • Ashli Kerr 2 years ago


  • Dimepeace TV 2 years ago

    Everyone go watch my videos I’m fairly new to YouTube I think you’ll like

  • Rhediantly Rhema 2 years ago

    Definitely rocking the cheetah tomorrow

  • Treisy Amante de tu Rap 2 years ago

    what is the name of the song in the background of your video?