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The coverage and texture of this formula is very similar to the commercial brand (bareMinerals) that I use. The real difference is the price is significantly…

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  • PersonWConscience 4 years ago

    Does your recipe provide SPF?

  • ladysingsthebluez 4 years ago

    Angela, this is awesome. I stopped wearing BM as I no longer could afford it. I will be trying this. Thanks!

  • kemi2010 4 years ago

    Too amazing…u should have more views!

  • TravelingNatural 4 years ago

    Awesome! I wanted to try this for some time now and your tutorial is so easy to follow. Thanks for posting :)

  • TheBobelly628 4 years ago

    Woweee!!!! Thanks! Will definitely give this a try ;-)

  • Tiffany Haley 4 years ago

    Omg!!x this is great you could probably do the same for eye shadows too huh?

  • TheCoilWhisperer 4 years ago

    You are the sickist chick on YT!

  • TheCoilWhisperer 4 years ago

    Why do I like this cheesy music so much???… lol I shake and dance when I hear it. LOL

  • MamaMudiwa 4 years ago


  • msjelly360 4 years ago

    I just luv ur videos!

  • arcamp83 4 years ago

    I definitely have a video in the works it will be up very soon!

  • arcamp83 4 years ago

    zinc oxide is white but it can be tinted to any shade if enough pigment is added.

  • Armstrong B 4 years ago

    Amazing!  Thank you for sharing!

  • simplecrazylilac 4 years ago

    love it!

  • CurlMeLots 4 years ago

    Eeeee! Can’t wait to show my hubby this one! LOL. I haven’t been able to buy my BMMatte since I got married and moved, trying to pinch pennies…this is so right on time for me! Thanks, Angela! xoxo

  • louloumatou 4 years ago

    quite amazing really!! x

  • Keidrag 4 years ago

    You never cease to amaze me! Love your uploads.

  • Nique Angel 4 years ago

    So crazy how simple thay was, those high end name brands are robbin people blind with products we can make ourselves. Thank u!!!!

  • AFRICANEXPORT 4 years ago

    Gir you just made my day, and deducted some money out of my account. I will surely be purchasing the products and dedicating a blog post to you. have you considered blogging ?
    Anyhoo I hope you and the family is well.

  • AFRICANEXPORT 4 years ago

    LOL, thanks, I love me some Angela. I learn so much plus she was my thrifting sis in my head .

  • Que P 4 years ago

    When using zinc oxide, folks of darker skin tones tend to have a white cast.

  • Que P 4 years ago

    I mix kaolin clay or cornstarch with cocoa powder to create my face powder. It provides me with medium coverage.

  • KurlyMommy G 4 years ago

    Oh my, you are the bomb dot com. I would love to see an application or comparison video if you have time. Hope you and the babies are well.

  • arcamp83 4 years ago

    OH yes, I should have mentioned that! If you notice I don’t even open the bags fully, I just cracked them enough to slide my measuring spoon in and compressed what was in my spoon enough that it would kind of stick together and not float into the air as easily, but wearing a dust mask is an even better idea and should be done as well.

  • NapturalPrincess 4 years ago

    You’re so amazing!!! Thanks for the video

  • MsKingJamison 4 years ago

    so creative!

  • capria30 4 years ago

    $35.00! I will try this. It is so hard to match my shade and I can do it myself without wasting $10-15 per foundation.

  • Rae Rose 4 years ago

    You have been missed! Thank you so much for this video!

  • toolegitte 4 years ago

    Awesome vid! Also, speaking from personal experience, if anyone tries this please wear a respirator (dust mask) or measure and mix the ingredients in an extremely well ventilated area. You really do not want any of that ending up in your lungs.

  • asmallweed 4 years ago

    excellent chemistry fun~
    sharing with friends on the FB

  • arcamp83 4 years ago

    we ALL have a bad cold:(