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Sorry for not having any music in my tutorials lately. I’ve been having a lot of issues with my laptop for the past few weeks. I hope you guys understand. Pr…

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  • sandyrellamidnight 4 years ago

    So pretty pang the eyes are so unique looking!!! Love the lips as well

  • ShyLy Yang 4 years ago

    When will u do tutorial on hmong chinese hat?

  • MakeUpByPang 4 years ago
  • ClaudiaGrande_ 4 years ago

    GURL i love ur videos, BUT that’s not how you use eyelid tape. you need to
    put it on ur ‘crease’ and it drags it back so you will have more visible

  • Jessica The Vloggette 4 years ago

    Can you make a video on how you touch up your makeup throughout the day? Or
    how you apply it to make it “lasts”? 

  • ArabianeyE29 4 years ago

    Beautiful as always!!
    Can you please do a makeup tutorial on dark brown eyes?
    Majority of us have beautiful dark brown eyes and I would love to see a
    makeup tutorial done by you! :) Please!!

  • Evelyn Urias 4 years ago

    This might be a stupid question but what is the tape for. Never seen it

  • Lexisauruss 4 years ago

    Hey! You probably knew this already, but NYX came out w a brow pomade and I
    was wondering if you could try it out and do a video on it(:

  • Amy L. 4 years ago

    Does the eyelid tape actually stay on when after you’ve applied the shadow?
    For me the eyeshadow doesn’t blend quite as well and tends to fall off! &
    is the eyelid tape visible?

  • Kazoua Thao 4 years ago

    Love it!!!! & love the HD video! makes everything look better! 

  • babycake2020 4 years ago

    You are beautiful. Keep on telling u that everytime I watch your videos. I
    luv your honesty. I do hope u will get more subscribers. Try to make more
    videos and knock michelle pham dead ;-) 

  • MakeUpByPada 4 years ago

    Your eye contacts are so gorgeous!! Love this look so much! <3 you are so

  • txhuazaum 4 years ago

    The foundation looks like it oxidized on you or maybe it’s just a summer
    shade for you. Love the look tho, natural and everyday look. 

  • Tiiiiiiiiiiish05 4 years ago

    Why did you delete the brown smokey eye tutorial of yours? I loved that
    video :( 

  • Wawacj1 4 years ago

    You should do a drugstore foundation routine with the new maybelline
    foundation and coty airspun powder and st.Lucia and pinktastic

  • mercy lee 4 years ago

    I really like how you do your make up. Very beautiful. 

  • Sammie PinkkBlush 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • hgxoxo 4 years ago

    You should put background music 

  • SincerelyRach 4 years ago

    Gorgeous look ❤️ love those contacts!

  • Gaoshoua Xiong 4 years ago

    Gorgeous, as always!

  • Miscli21 4 years ago

    What brand brush do you use for your brows? 

  • LiveLoveLizzie 4 years ago

    This is such a pretty look!

  • tpain 4 years ago

    You have the most perfect face ever!! <3!! 

  • iadoredomo 4 years ago

    ahh your such a cutie! Love this tutorial!

  • Who Cares 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful :) 

  • babycake2020 4 years ago

    What color did u dye your hair. Luv luv it

  • Kissy Mariana 4 years ago


  • Jazmin Phillips 4 years ago

    OMG it’s sooooo pretty!

  • Susie Vang 4 years ago