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Episode 45 of my long running question & answer series – where I answer YOUR questions! Dreadlocks & dandruff: Wh…

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  • Lazy Dreads 3 years ago

    +tristan assante you can certainly form them, they just will not be as
    thick or as many if compared directly to someone with thicker hair.

  • Casper Monroe 3 years ago

    My hair is thin but not to to thin. It sorta looks like im bald but I think
    it because my natural hair colour is ligher than the black. However my
    dreads are I guess spaced out, will they ever fill in so it helps me not
    look as bald?

  • jason singh 3 years ago

    but dreadlocs get thicker over time dont it…

  • TheChrischel 3 years ago

    Hi there. :)
    I bought myself some seasalt and realised later, that there’s E 536
    (Potassium ferrocyanide) added, to keep the salt from sticking together I
    guess. On Google you can only find discussions about if it’s save to eat
    it, but of course noone answers if it’s safe to put on skin or if it will
    be washed out of dreadlocks in the shower.
    Do you know anything about this ?
    Thanks a lot and also sorry for bad english explanation skills.

  • Gabe Nuno 3 years ago

    when I first get mind would you recommend wax or rubber bands for the
    young dreads for loose hair or neither of them ?

  • Karoline Tollefsen 3 years ago

    i had very thin hair when i got it dreaded, so I only have about 27 or so.
    Is it possible to add extensions to the root so I could get more dreads?
    may sound stupid but whatever

  • fairhairednative 3 years ago

    My boyfriend wants me to start his dreads for him, but I’m a little
    worried, because even though he has pretty thick hair, it’s starting to
    thin in spots on the top. He doesn’t have any bald spots, and he is very
    tall, so you can’t see the top of his head so well, but do you think it
    will still look okay? Also, do you think I should make all the sections the
    same size? Or should I maybe make them a little bigger towards the top
    where it’s thinner?

  • macklin morano 3 years ago

    Thanks your videos are a great help they got me to one full year

  • Tania Hincapie 3 years ago

    Hello! @lazydreads. I just hope you see this comment and help me out! I
    just got dreadlocks about 2 weeks ago. I did the rip and twist method and I
    begun them without sectioning. Most of that batch of dreads had to be taken
    out. The only other help I had while getting my hair dreaded was my
    boyfriend and he didn’t really know how to section hair. We tried to
    section them again and in the end got in total 18 dreads. I was very
    disappointed but I did want to have somewhat thick dreads so I was okay. 2
    weeks have passed, I have washed them with dread head hq shampoo. Now my
    concern is the back of my head there seems to be a space of just knots but
    no dreadlocks. It’s like no dread locks were formed in that place. Hair was
    just taken from it to put in other dreadlocks. My whole top scalp hair
    feels like just a giant knotty mess. I don’t know if that’s how it should
    feel or my sectioning was done very wrong. I just wanted your thoughts on
    what I should do. Take all orsome out and start again or just wait because
    it will come together in the end? Please if you could reply I would
    appreciate it! 

  • Keegan Ellis 3 years ago

    I have to wear a hat where I work at. So would dreadlocks be a problem with
    having to wear a hat?

  • Lucia Fernandez 3 years ago

    Where are the dreads of the monthhhhh (june)????!!!! :-) 

  • macklin morano 3 years ago

    What’s a good way to moisturizer dry locks Chris ? 

  • Lazy Dreads 3 years ago
  • LousyShoe 3 years ago

    I’m in love.

  • Lexy Stegall 3 years ago

    QUESTION: my dreads were done yesterday I’m a girl and my hair is thin I
    don’t have a lot of dreads and I feel like they are huge ! Is it possible
    to make them thinner or will they thin out? I back combed

  • Hansel Arroyo Campa 3 years ago

    Question. I’m 250 percent of getting dreadlocks i also want get breaded
    dreadlocks i tried to twist my young bread but they don’t stay i heard you
    use wax please help me.

  • ezekiel garcia 3 years ago

    Question: is it normal for the color of dreads to be lighter than loose
    hair? My loose hair is dark brown, my dreads are a very light brown, and
    the tips of some have turned blonde. Idk if its all the time i spend in the
    sun or if dreads lighten on their own. Thanks.

  • Samuel Baum 3 years ago

    Question: I have just watched your deep clean tutorial and was wondering
    how often should I do it and can I do it too often? 

  • Jacob Jones 3 years ago

    I like the “q-lazydreads-a” videos :) 

  • Lyndon Watkinson 3 years ago

    Question: Is it possible that i could get a nicely scented teabag to put in
    the sea salt spray as is contains no lubricants? Cheers

  • tristan assante 3 years ago

    +LazyDreads thanks bro!

  • Pauline The Princess 3 years ago

    I have both thin and thick hair, so it made an interesting set of
    dreadlocks. I made even sections but their thicknesses vary by a lot! I
    have some pretty fat dreads and some super skinny ones. But hey, i love
    ‘em. :) 

  • Julia Rizzuti 3 years ago

    QUESTION: if I get dread extensions how would I was those with my other
    hair? Please answer I’m planning on doing this soon :) 

  • jbear allen 3 years ago

    Question: I put my dreads in about a week ago, and when sectioning I didn’t
    do them as well as I could have. I want to keep the amount I have, so do
    you think I should put rubber bands at the root and if so what are the cons
    of doing so and how long should I keep the rubber bands in?

  • Santana Arce 3 years ago

    QUESTION:Well I just started the neglect or freeform method to my hair a
    couple days ago an I was wondering what would be a good time to wash it
    should I wait or is it ok to go ahead and wash it.
    Also dose curly hair dread as good a straight/wavy.

  • robert ruiz 3 years ago

    Lazy dreads rocks :D I have 4 month dreadlocks and was wondering how to
    keep my tips blunted some stay others get loose, with the crotchet hook I’m
    noticing split ends so I stopped as soon i as I could help D:

  • Jenda Honys 3 years ago

    Hello, I´m using headphones really often (6+ hours daily) and I was
    wondering if having dreads would make wearing them a bit more annoying… I
    know you´ve mentioned things like helmets can be a problem, but in this
    case it should be possible to just move some dreadlocks away. Also I dont
    want them to damage baby dreads or slow their maturation (they probably
    won´t interact well when being pushed down for a long time).

  • jamello0wnz 3 years ago

    Question: So I really want to start off my dreadlocks soon. But my hair
    length is weird, my fringe and sides are about 7-8 inches and the back is
    about 4-5 inches. Is there any point waiting for my back to grow the extra
    inch or should i just start now?

  • OnnMyDonaldTrumpShit 3 years ago

    QUESTION: When is the best time to retwist dreads? After you wash them? And
    when is the best time to oil your dreads

  • Lexy Stegall 3 years ago


  • Jacob Jones 3 years ago

    Question: a lot of youtubers in California’s dreads get lighter as they
    progress, but swear that they only use soap in their dreads, is this
    because they are out in the sun a lot, or does your dread locks getting
    lighter have to do with the type of hair you have, OR are some youtubers in
    the closet bleach users? 

  • tristan assante 3 years ago

    Can i have dreads with a medium and thin hair? Greetings to +LazyDreads
    from france!!