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Hey Dolls! I have got many requests to do a video of drugstore make up for beginners. So I decided to put together a video of drugstore makeup to do a full f…

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  • Kadia Wright 4 years ago

    Can you do a beginners makeup tourital ? 

  • Charita M 4 years ago

    Loved this video it was extremely helpful. 

  • Abby Miller 4 years ago

    what lipstick are you wearing?

  • alexis patterson 4 years ago

    +LaBellaJazmine Your makeup tutorials are amazing, and this has nothing to
    do with your makeup, but what kind of hair do you have??? It’s flawless.

  • Danea Hamilton 4 years ago

    very informative video, can you tell me what your wearing on your lips

  • Deonica Davis 4 years ago

    What a GREAT video! I watched it from start to finish. And your make up is
    perfect for day to day, which is what I was looking for. And it doesn’t
    look like your make up is piled on and changes your original skin color.
    Plus I love drugstore make-up too, should pay a lot for what works for you.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Daminique Reaves 4 years ago

    i have seen two of your videos and instant fell in love. i love drug store
    makeup…thanks for all the info i have learned a lot 

  • skettles terr 4 years ago

    love this video good job hun

  • eatmypoetry 4 years ago

    Love the video very informative by the way you should try black radiance
    they have lots of products for dark skin my sister is darker than me and
    she uses the black radiance press powder and bb cream and loves it 

  • Lioness halliwell 4 years ago

    Im asked questions give me the name all for your products please thank you

  • Mella T 4 years ago

    Worth the length of the video! I needed this – starting out with make-up.
    Thank you so very much for talking the time to make this video. Much

  • Clarissa Escalante 4 years ago

    What colors are you in for the LA girl concealers?

  • Mia Anderson 4 years ago

    L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer. Is that it?

  • Yolanda Reed 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube

  • duanisha thompson 4 years ago

    Absolutely awesome! I’m such a lame, at 27 I’m just now getting into
    make-up lol this video is great help as far as what I would need and what
    order you apply everything. Love it

  • 80sChicwithglasses 4 years ago

    Great video! I know when I first got into makeup I wanted a light coverage
    foundation. Black Radiance has a BB cream that is like a tinted
    moisturizer/ light coverage. They have quite a few shades to choose from
    as well. Revlon makes a Nearly Naked powder in the shades Dark and Deep
    (I’m quite deep) and the deep powder works well. Powders are so hard to
    find and quite annoying that deeper skin tones are left out. This video is
    great esp. because makeup shopping can be overwhelming and frustrating when
    you don’t know where to begin. Fab video :) 

  • Jessica Pattenaude 4 years ago

    Any chance you can list he product in the downbar? Love this video! Not a
    beginner but getting back into makeup and rebuilding my collection!

  • NiNi Love 4 years ago

    I used to use that NYX brow powder gel thing too, an eyebrow pencil is
    waaaay better.

  • Camika C 4 years ago

    Great and helpful video. Thanks for sharing. Can you put together a
    tutorial using your favorite drug store products from this video?

  • D Cofer 4 years ago

    FLAWLESS very pretty!

  • BlackBarbie228 4 years ago

    Can you do a video with all of these products ? Mainly showing how you
    would apply the chafing cream as a primer ? Please 

  • Miss Rayshyt 4 years ago

    This is great, I really needed this!

  • fatcakess1 4 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial on your makeup look in this video???

  • ThePrettyOnex3 4 years ago

    Great video! You looked soo pretty and your nails looked soo cute! :) 

  • Britney Keith 4 years ago

    where did you get your make up container/storage from? 

  • Sheresse Williams 4 years ago

    This was a really helpful video!

  • Lucy Makumbe 4 years ago

    thanx a lot..helpful

  • Kell Zee 4 years ago

    this has definitely helped me…..u r awesome

  • Jenelle George 4 years ago

    Wud u recommend True Match foundation for oily skin.

  • BlackBarbie228 4 years ago

    You should try the Jordana blushes . I think you’ll like them 

  • The xO Host 4 years ago

    you are just simply amazing !

  • Simply Kiana 4 years ago

    Nice video ^.^ 

  • miss breezy 4 years ago


  • LaBellaJazmine 4 years ago