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60% off Travel Brush Set: This Travel Brush Set by Designer Makeup Tools is a great starter brush kit for your makeup collection!! I …

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  • Emily Vo 3 years ago

    Girls if your in 6th grade you need nothin but baby lips. And it started
    wearing makeup this year and I’m in 7th grade and I wear a little concealer
    and powder and blush,mascara,eyeshadow and lip stain but that’s for church.
    I wear to school concealer and mascara and lipstain

  • Mocha Chip 3 years ago

    Quick question, I am 14 and I want to start make up, am i to young and if
    not what make up is appropriate?

  • ForThe LoveOfFerrets 3 years ago

    how do you want to tell ur parents you wanna wear makeup?

  • Shames Radi 3 years ago

    1:56 that is for lashes not for eyebrows…

  • Hannah Adamson 3 years ago

    What eyeliner are you wearing in this video?

  • Ryan Cusick 3 years ago

    Your makeup is beautiful in this video!

  • Emani Wise 3 years ago

    I only use makeup for fun not anywhere out in public its just for fun and

  • Kawaii Kitten 3 years ago

    Were did you get the brush set from and can i ordere it online for cheep?
    If so were at?

  • Rennie Bertille Alia 3 years ago

    I love your hair!! Can you do a tutorial? 

  • Carla Maragrag 3 years ago

    New subbie

  • Arlene Valencia 3 years ago

    You’re very pretty! :) 

  • Emani Wise 3 years ago

    But I wear really nude colors so u can’t even see it so yeah

  • Leah Kurland 3 years ago

    i have the same shirt

  • the nerd and the photograugher 3 years ago

    what about a foundation brush?

  • MissCaroline 3 years ago

    You remind me of shaylenne woodley or however you spell it!

  • lilly brown 3 years ago

    Stay matte Rimmel powder 

  • EdinaWeasley 3 years ago

    how old is she?

  • Naila Echevarria 3 years ago

    More starter kit please

  • Emani Wise 3 years ago

    Me too

  • Jennifer Popovici 3 years ago

    I just noticed this was uploaded a year ago today o.o

  • Mia Isabella 3 years ago

    what about blush? i recomennd the rimmel london 050 powder blush in live
    pink i have it and trust my a little goes a long way :) )))))

  • Bryn Davis 3 years ago

    It looks like u we’re crying

  • morgan Madison 3 years ago

    maybelline big eyes mascara

  • Audrey Richey 3 years ago

    i recommend elf pressed powders. all of them are nice tones. 

  • Ana Castro 3 years ago

    Can u do a every day make-up plz

  • zootodd 3 years ago


  • kcbeautyxo 3 years ago

    Hey everyoneI don’t want to bother you, I have just started a youtube I
    will be doing beauty, vlogs and random requested videos❄️I will highly
    appreciate it if you subscribed or even watched a few of my videos

  • Ashley Pitzer 3 years ago

    am I the only one that think the whispered beautyliciousinsider is creepy

  • pelizete 3 years ago

    thank you, i have been trying to find a good video on how to bu make ups,,
    you had them all, i appreciate it

  • PCMGaming 3 years ago

    I’m only 11

  • Miranda Kozacek 3 years ago

    I love your hair!

  • AG Lyssie 3 years ago

    U know how people are young and can’t affird it like me

  • Caitlyn Underwood 3 years ago

    Can u do a starter lip product vid?

  • TengwarSoup 3 years ago

    I’m trying to find stuff to get my mom for mother’s day. X)