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Formal Occasion Makeup Get photo ready CLICK HERE!!… If you have a special event coming up, and you need an elegant f…

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  • Roma19514 3 years ago

    Are you irish cause I am

  • elisa sukabumi 3 years ago

    I love your mekup

  • Tim K 3 years ago

    You have beautiful eyes! 

  • Sammy O 3 years ago

    Are you wearing circle lenses?

  • parrotlet power 3 years ago

    Are you wearing contacts 

  • Patricia Sanchez 3 years ago

    At the end when you said “bye bye” you look a like the actress of 50sog! 

  • sweetcaramel239 3 years ago

    Is it necessary to put on a moisturizer for your face if you have oily
    skin? I haven’t put any lotion on my face for years
    because my face never dries out.

  • Cathy Beck 3 years ago

    I love your eye color

  • Chin Chin Lam 3 years ago

    Hi =) Can you please do a video of all “all time drugstore product” you’d
    recommend buying.

  • Ana Barros 3 years ago

    That dress looks so cheap, urggh

  • Danny 3 years ago

    You did a good job but damn theres so many products im getting confuse just
    thinking about it

  • Katy Winterburn 3 years ago

    You have such clear, beautiful skin so you don”t even need any foundation! 

  • Mariah Gunn 3 years ago

    So I am naturally a brunette but I dye my hair lighter to a dirty blonde
    color but my eyebrows are still darker and then I try to fill them in to me
    it always looks like they are wayyy to dark. Can anyone help me with

  • Surnamehere 3 years ago

    QUESTION: I have brown/dark brown skin. What foundation do I use that’s
    BEST for my African American skin? I’m really trying to wear makeup for the
    autumn school season, and I will have braces by then.

  • Lavanya Sunil 3 years ago

    Hi. . Gorgeous. M new to make up. I dont kno hw to put makeup. Which is
    frist? Could u tell me it in order? Concealer foundation corrector bb cream
    compact powder?? Plzzz help mee :( 

  • Raven Vhu 3 years ago
  • Ettie Bellefontaine 3 years ago

    Fondation tho 

  • Shayal Kumar 3 years ago

    I love your eyes

  • Artsy Gurl 3 years ago

    Great tutorial! I just started a beauty channel. Feel free to check it out!
    Artsy Gurl

  • InterKarta Interkarta 3 years ago

    You eyes are fake hahahaaa

  • Carly Ferdinand 3 years ago

    Where are you from? Your accent was American, then kind of Irish!

  • Izzy Durber 3 years ago

    She pouts all the time in this video it’s so annoying 

  • Skyy Clay 3 years ago

    Sorry but u look like a clown that stuff don’t match ur skin u whire

  • Shaylee Hillier 3 years ago


  • Suela Afcafcafc 3 years ago

    You look great natural

  • Amber Friedrich 3 years ago

    Your so pretty, and i’m totally in love with your eyes ^_^

  • Bella Games 3 years ago

    i leave a like :3

  • Vamp Sully 3 years ago

    ty for some reason, doing my eyes is the hardest thing for me! urgh –
    checking out many of your makeup tuts.. ty

  • Suzanne Kleiman 3 years ago

    yeah… for beginners..

  • MANAR AL KINDI 3 years ago

    nice and easy !

  • Loveangelmusic924 3 years ago

    I personally wouldn’t wear all that makeup.