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  • YouILuv1 4 years ago

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  • TheGlam Mam 4 years ago

    Totally agree with toning down the redness in her face but everything was flawless and very natural looking, and applying makeup is a process that is done step by step this doesn’t mean that it’s too much makeup.

  • Laura Moloney 4 years ago

    hey, what shop did you get the brush set in and how much was it?:)

  • rangvi1978 4 years ago

    I do agree with Blenda :no blush !

  • akkarim3 4 years ago

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  • sibdob fredery 4 years ago

    Babes you don’t even need makeup your skin is amazing and I wish I had your face

  • jetz4r 4 years ago

    oh ok. english isn’t my first language so it seems i got a little confused there, thanks :)

  • sushiboats 4 years ago

    People stating their opinions as if they were facts… :sigh: I think they need to STFU and make their own channel.

  • MakeupMeansBusiness 4 years ago

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  • NENNA E 4 years ago


  • Crystal C 4 years ago

    Too much bronzer.

  • Crystal C 4 years ago

    She does have great skin, however, she does kinda need the foundation to tone down the redness in her face.

  • suca101 4 years ago


  • zeenewsup 4 years ago

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  • Christina Bolocan 4 years ago

    Daily??? :O

  • kkles423 4 years ago

    She said gently rub your yes with your eyeshadow…but she is killing her eye

  • Ivette Alina 4 years ago

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  • Delia Segui 4 years ago

    I don’t ware makeup at all, but I want to start, I looked at a lot of make-up tutorials but it was hard to pick one natural look that I liked, until I found yours, the daily make-up tutorial, I think I will give this one a try, thanks

  • catherinegoldman24 4 years ago

    There are so many people on you tube doing “natural makeup” videos. To me it’s always over some and way too much makeup. This is the first and only video where the finish look is actually fresh and natural. Like perhaps she just woke up and moisturized a bit to get her nice Dewey look. Bravo! Simply the best!

  • Kayla Korol 4 years ago

    Your sooo pretty!!

  • trancedadi30 4 years ago

    Great sheer ,dewy, glowy all year around look and thank you for sharing and not acting like a snobby make up clown :)

  • KCYB22 4 years ago

    she means the makeup she has at home, instead of their studio

  • cheychey1333 4 years ago

    Not just “perfectly fine”, she is beautiful without it! ;)

  • jetz4r 4 years ago

    you use make-up when you’re at home? i mean you look perfectly fine without it.

  • Ckeeks MKUP 4 years ago

    visit my channel please :) 

  • lovefaithope7 4 years ago

    Your skin. Lovely

  • Carie Smith 4 years ago

    you are a very talented young lady. My question is…….would you do anything different if you had acne now and then and a very oily face? I use a wonderful skin care system, lots of good quality make up….but am just lost at where to begin. If you have a chance to email, please email thank you!!!! Harry sounds like a little angel!!

  • XBeautyByAngelX 4 years ago

    I love this tutorial! But I think you should put powder on top of your foundation, just so it doesn’t give so much shine :) xx

  • Farah loves you 4 years ago

    this really helped me.

  • zubyy jusaab 4 years ago

    Great video…. U really pretty….

  • Jelly1066 4 years ago

    You have such good bone structure!

  • Rosalie Kok 4 years ago

    Love this make look

  • MissLOLtrollface 4 years ago

    You look like a model

  • Tina Ganguly 4 years ago

    Nic Nic Nic what brush are you using for the undereye concealer ?

  • juicyjosie89jr 4 years ago

    Love it amazing job as usual! !!!

  • Ajb Bonita 4 years ago

    Great job! Thanks!

  • tawny1186 4 years ago

    Such pretty natural skin!

  • MistyLake77 4 years ago

    Yea. Got me thinking..Sam talked about her Botox experience (around the time of Nic’s wedding) and i was thinking “maybe Nic’s tried Botox too!” because her brows looks like brows that have been “lifted” with Botox..also, her forehead is extremely lineless and well..her brows and forehead don’t move almost at all. Her brows move the same way as they do after Botox; not WHOLE brow but the outer part. You know?

  • claud519 4 years ago

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  • Faith Rohde 4 years ago

    I’m so jealous! I can never wear makeup because it looks muddy on me and makes me look ugly and gross.

  • Tebuho Mulombwa 4 years ago

    those are RAISED EYEBROWS alright!

  • Chloe Atherton 4 years ago

    can you do a cher lloyd or a rihanna

  • Kelly RedStar 4 years ago

    That was really harsh, she wasn’t mean to her.

  • Kelly RedStar 4 years ago

    That’s daily makeup!!?!?!?”! I can’t believe how lovely your skin is. My skin actually would not take that much makeup, it looks terrible on me and I’m only in my 20s.

  • Joujou Nb 4 years ago

    This is natural…not really !! Hehe

  • Deborah McCarley 4 years ago

    Wow, I really like that natural look, I may try this

  • Charl TWFANMILY 4 years ago

    you dont even need blush or foundation .. your skin is just perfection <3

  • Nilgun Dincer 4 years ago

    What do you think about this mascara?
    Do you prefer the High Impact one? (the original one)