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Two eye shadows, 2 pencils, 2 lashes… Done! I created a simple and quick eye makeup look that looks like you put a lot more work into it! I hope you enjoy …


Mineral Makeup


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  • Sona Gasparian 2 years ago

    Perfect natural look for the holidays. 

  • Raziya Akins 2 years ago

    True story, I’ve been whatching your videos since I was 16 and now I’m 18 &
    I just found out that you have a birthmark on your eye brow

  • Katherine Pierce 2 years ago

    I love everything about your videos from the makeup looks themselves to the
    way you thoroughly explain how to do them. Your videos are just clean,
    concise, and sophisticated (for a lack of better words).

  • Alicia M 2 years ago

    you had beautiful skin :( i hope it gets better. people don´t seem to
    realize how bad it is to put loads of make up on their skin everyday, even
    if you wash it all off before bed, it damages the skin, i know you have to
    try and review make up and skin care products, but for the rest of the
    girls out there, go easy on your skin. 

  • Вика Кравец 2 years ago

    Привет!) дайте совет как правильно накладывать ресницы? у меня не
    выходит(…. У вас очень красивый макияж с накладными ресницами 

  • Jessica Kat 2 years ago

    Any Small youtubers looking to support each other??:) <3

  • Worldcultured 2 years ago

    It’s pretty, but I feel like any look seems a lot more made-up than it
    really is with false lashes. Most people don’t wear them on a daily basis (
    or ever as far as I’m concerned ^^). I wish you’d do a series of everday
    looks without lashes ^^ we’ll get to see your gorgeous face some more!

  • LeahLovesMakeup 2 years ago

    This is so gorgeous! I didnt even realise you didn’t have foundation or
    anything on when you were doing your eyes! You are naturally flawless!

  • Katerina Beauty Blog 2 years ago

    Your eyes look gorgeous! I really need to try some Lorac Eyeshadow :) 

  • LORAC Cosmetics 2 years ago

    So lovely, Teni! Xx

  • Reshma lai 2 years ago

    Any one know the Mac dupes for these eyeshadows 

  • Laura Filby 2 years ago

    Holy smokes, you really are stunning. You’ve got the most beautiful eyes
    and gorgeous shaped lips. I adore your colouring. I’m naturally
    pale/blonde/blue eyes. :-/ Gorgeous look, thank you for

  • Emilia Pina 2 years ago

    Hi there love the idea of the video:) you should do a drug store version of
    it. Thanks. Keep up with the great work.

  • Alexa Persico Cosmetics 2 years ago

    Love this Teni! you look gorgeous as always <3

  • Amii Na 2 years ago

    I recreated this tutorial this morning and I love it !

  • Lapetite Fee 2 years ago

    Beautiful… But too much falses lashes ..
    Kisses from France 

  • RoseOfMadina 2 years ago

    How should one dampen a beauty sponge for it to be not too wet? Keeping it
    under running water does not work

  • Jong Urbano 2 years ago

    You have the most beautiful lashes even without falsies ❤️

  • Lauren Solano 2 years ago

    Your cheek bones are to die for 

  • Monica Borowik 2 years ago

    Love the eyes!! Gorgeous!!

  • ayesha Hussain 2 years ago

    Hey could you do a updated skin care routine seeing as you said a certain
    product caused your skin to break out, how & what did you do to get it back
    to looking amazing! Thank you! X

  • makeupswaggg 2 years ago

    As much as I love your videos, I feel like many of the eye looks somehow
    change throughout the course of the video. This went from two eyeshadows to
    some creasework and theres also some under eye work..?

  • Misc Bliss 2 years ago

    Wow you look so much like Kim Kardashian Teni (but much more natural hehe)!
    I don’t generally like makeup tutorials so much but this was nice and
    relaxed and a pleasure to watch. You look beautiful :) 

  • Jody Stevens-Curtis 2 years ago

    Hi Teni, GREAT video and tutorial..YOU always look so beautiful…How do
    you like the Lorac palette you used, If I am not mistaken, I think this is
    one of the 2 palettes that will be on sale for Black Friday for only
    $12.00, so I was wondering how good it is..?? 

  • Jessie House 2 years ago

    always classy and beautiful

  • Lin SA 2 years ago

    This thing of subbies telling gurus “Oh you look so much like Kim K” is
    annoying because now when I watch Teni’s videos I see her trying to emulate
    everything Kim does; even that “sexy” BLINK which grates my tits so bad! Be
    yourself Teni dear, you are gorgeous in your own right, DO YOU…

  • Tatiana Calderon 2 years ago

    Your backdrops are all so perfect!! How do you do it??

  • nollie Rivera 2 years ago

    You just dab some of this and dab some of that & look perfect

  • Aryn Ahlers 2 years ago

    +Teni Panosian your looks are always effortless. Have you ever thought to
    do a room tour or do a makeup collection video. I would love to see that
    from you

  • Airyn S. 2 years ago

    Your videos are great. So much help for those of us fumbling through make
    up bags wondering how to change things up.
    Of course you don’t need make up being the absolutely most beautiful woman
    on Earth already. But thank you sincerely from a woman who’s not.

  • alittlekiran 2 years ago

    I just can’t get over how gorgeous she is, I thought her face makeup was
    already done. Wow. Beautiful Teni, that palette looks awesome x

  • ihearttommo 2 years ago

    wow your skin is perfect, so jelly

  • Lizeth Cortez 2 years ago

    Beautiful.. What color was the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick? 

  • lu1nk 2 years ago

    Teni what is the camera you are shooting with? Thanks!!

  • cheekyrox 2 years ago

    just got a beauty blender. can’t wait to try! x

  • Mara Florea 2 years ago

    This is the most amazing make-up look I have ever seen on you. It suits you
    the best!!
    Keep up the good work! Love.

  • toxicjade 2 years ago

    Hey, it looks like you may have accidentally put the description bar info
    from your Baby Shower video into the description for this one? The stuff
    from this vid is in there too, but I just wanted to let you know! :) 

  • Its Halo 2 years ago

    beautiful teni! I to start stacking my eyelashes! seems like fun! :D <3

  • Nida Rafi 2 years ago

    Honestly if I tried this it would not come out the same. 80 percent of the
    time on all these youtube tutorials is having a pretty face! Ur face is
    gorgeous no wonder it looks amazing 

  • Tracy Moyers 2 years ago

    Beautiful and natural!!! I love Charlotte Tilsbury’s new stuff. Beautiful
    natural colors!

  • Andrea Zenil 2 years ago

    You have such a classy style! i love your face, you are stunning! 

  • Cassandra Cantu 2 years ago

    Hi Teni and everyone here on Youtube! I have a SUPER SIMPLE holiday makeup
    look on my channel so go check it out! Thanks XOXO!