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  • Adela 4 years ago


    There’s over 6 thousand of you right now! Thank you so so so so so much for
    the support and nice comments! <3 ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

    btw this was my first time applying liquid eyeliner…

  • DIYwithKIM 4 years ago


  • Unicorn Princess 4 years ago

    You don’t deserve 6000 subs….

    You deserve 1000000000000000000000000000+ subs =) lol

  • Beautyosaurus Lex 4 years ago

    So natural and pretty :) Lovely video dear!

  • Naasir Void 4 years ago

    your so pretty & i like your vids :) just subbed

  • michellenicolebeauty 4 years ago

    omg, your editing skills are actually amazing xx

  • Lily Smith 4 years ago

    The music * ~ *

  • Verča Minářová 4 years ago

    Ahoj, úžasné video, co je to za písničku? :D 

  • Medeja Mp 4 years ago

    i love your videos, they are so well edited! 

  • Rachelee98 4 years ago

    the editing trick with the makeup products was really cool! and you look so
    pretty :) 

  • Patricia Garcia 4 years ago

    This is actually a real tutorial for begginers :3 your videos are very nice

  • Katie Tracy 4 years ago

    ADELA this editing was so creative ahh it was perfect, loved it! :) Btw are
    we still doing that collab from wayy back when you had 2k? XD CONGRATS ON
    6k BTW <3

  • Madison Miller 4 years ago

    absolutely love your editing in this!! Great tutorial for beginners so
    simple and natural! Good job!! I subbed, I have a channel too if you want
    to check it out :) 

  • ForeverFrankie 4 years ago

    Love your videos. They are so beautifully edited. I am new to making videos
    so mine are just sit down and chatty. I hope I can one day pick up my
    editing game. You are the ultimate editing goals! 

  • Gabriela Babi 4 years ago

    I think this is too much for beginners, but you did a great job! I’m not a
    beginner and I only wear concealer on my spots and mascara and sometimes
    lip balm! Still, great job!

  • Nick Richards 4 years ago

    I love the music!! What is the song called, its so energetic! 

  • joann oommen 4 years ago

    Ur so beautiful and amazing. Can u do a favor by subbing to me 

  • H A M 4 years ago

    this is gorgeous what do u use to edit

  • Adele Bear 4 years ago

    Strašně moc se mi líbí to provedení a sestříhání :) ode mě palec nahoru

  • Karolína Vlčková 4 years ago

    Skvělí video Áďo ! :3

  • Lamija Hreljic 4 years ago

    You are so pretty! 

  • RaeAnna Fasbender 4 years ago

    7,150th Sub!!!
    My accomplishment:))
    I love this video and I am so glad I subscribed!! <33
    Did I mention that u are absolutely beautiful?!! <33 :) )

  • Cecilie .Hansen 4 years ago

    Congratulations on almost 8k subs! I normally don`t post this, but I would
    love for you to give me some advice on my channel, or become youtube
    friends or something. idek haha but I really like your channel! <3 

  • Jessica Kaur 4 years ago

    I love this

  • All wonderland 4 years ago

    +Adela Přes co ztříháš? PS: Promiň že sem tě neoznačila bylo tam strašně
    moc jmen,snad si to přećteš,jinak moc hezké video.

  • LifeForLife 4 years ago

    Krasnaaaa ;-) ♡♥♡

  • Hanaa Maria 4 years ago

    Your lighting is Kind of off
    Plus there is light coming from behind you which isn’t Really complimenting
    and makes the quality Look bad even though I can see you put effort in
    editing it

  • BeccaXO 4 years ago

    loved your editing! great video :) 

  • breanna gordon 4 years ago

    Omg the song American horror storiessssdss

  • Daisy Layton 4 years ago

    I just found your channel today and you are so cute. Also, what do you use
    to edit?

  • Joyce van Kan 4 years ago

    Really liked this vid ! 

  • LaFrenchDemoiselle 4 years ago

    Great editing 

  • Emma Deuserova 4 years ago

    Super zeditované :3

  • Lea Hösch 4 years ago

    you’re so cute & the editing was awesome!

    new subscriber here xx

  • Tori Simmonds 4 years ago

    I love your videos!!! they are so original and creative <3 you’re also
    really pretty x