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TV Style Correspondent Stacy Cox shows you how to get even, flawless coverage. A fabulous and flawless complexion like your favorite Grammy Award celebrities…

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  • Arianna Mendez 4 years ago

    luv this vid

  • purple sassy 4 years ago

    Cool might just buy

  • Mama's Thoughts Blog 4 years ago

    I received a free sample of the Outlast CoverGirl 3-in-1 Foundation. I
    absolutely loved it! I love the matte finish and that it stays on all day
    long without fail! The Classic Tan was a perfect match for me! A must try
    for every women! :)

  • Tia Tomlinson 4 years ago

    Easy breezy covergirl!

  • Cici Jetty 4 years ago

    i use that and i llooovvveee it :) lol

  • blackandwhiteangel13 4 years ago

    I’m such a tom boy this is all news to me

  • Belinda H 4 years ago

    How did you receive the free sample? I really want to try it now. :)

  • Brooke Navarro 4 years ago

    Where did you get the sample!!!!!!