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  • cjwalker735 4 years ago

    Ur editing was so good in this video

  • Maddie Long 4 years ago

    Omg! That was the most helpful messy bun video I’ve ever watched! Love

  • ElizabethCML 4 years ago

    Ok, so I can never do a messy bun. It either comes out clean and structured
    or falls down in my attempt to make it messy…..the struggles. I cant wait
    to try this technique out! 

  • Paige Biggley 4 years ago

    I did my friends hair in a messy bun and we needed to use 24 bobby pins so
    this will define tally help

  • Fashion by Nyla 4 years ago

    great video
    I subbed mind subbing back

  • Hailey Zotynia 4 years ago

    Your editing and choice of music was great! You should have way more

  • tania3423 4 years ago

    Finally some done made a video for thin hair ❤️