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  • Stina Egeberg 4 years ago

    Loved this so much.. X

  • jodi f 4 years ago

    tried this look with just sunscreen. awesome :)

  • tinkerbellys 4 years ago

    I have blue and redish hues on my eyelids.. it’s not that bad but I usually put a little concealer up there too to cover my veins on my eyelids hahaha.

  • Diamond Lewis 4 years ago

    You’re fake bun could use a little work but I absolutely love the make up. It’s perfect for a student on the go.

  • Emilcie Cortes 4 years ago

    I love the look. Quick and easy thank you so much. :)

  • Melissa Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous !

  • bootyclaw 4 years ago

    Not one of my favourite adventures, I have to say! ;-D

  • Ashton Hills 4 years ago

    click ‘show comment’ to go on an adventure :’)

  • Susie55UTube 4 years ago

    I LOVE it! Please make more of these type of videos! Anything that is quick & easy is very helpful to me!

  • 123Jenny90 4 years ago

    It’s easy to misunderstand when you communicate through the internet. Sam has no reason to be harsh to anyone. If a comment bothers them, they usually don’t answer, they are never rude or harsh. :)

  • Chloe Vallen 4 years ago

    I’ve always wondered who it is that you look quite like, and i think it’s possibly Jessie J! Your beaut!!x

  • heli810 4 years ago

    it’s easy to be natural when you’re as beautiful as you are :( xx

  • Silvia Zlata 4 years ago

    Sam you are sooooo beutiful!!! I love your look

  • sara djerfi 4 years ago

    Sam you are super pretty. Xx

  • missyme1995 4 years ago

    Crazy beautiful!!!

  • amy011973 4 years ago

    Beautifully done sweet and simple makeup! And not disappointing at all. I love all the tutorials you and Nic do and they encourage me to explore my makeup collection even more, but it is nice to know that even makeup artists/ gurus like yourselves can put themselves together in just a few short minutes and look fabulous and understand that we all can’t run around looking like we stepped off a runway 10 seconds ago. Keep up the great work!

  • B Anil 4 years ago

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  • sabretooth17 4 years ago

    omg! how beautiful are you ?!!! with or without make up <3 stunning!!

  • Steph Woodbine 4 years ago

    Love this make up.. I have really dull pale skin, wish I could look that good without make up! X

  • Sarah Vaughan 4 years ago

    “couple sandwiches short of a picnic basket” Haha! 

  • Amanda F 4 years ago

    Haha smoke and mirrors with that awesome bun ! Love it!

  • Genevieve Franco 4 years ago

    where do you get those band hair piece thing?

  • Caoimhe Garry 4 years ago

    Ur eyes r sooo pretty

  • nessacery 4 years ago

    Love love thus look!

  • jessica taylor 4 years ago

    This natural look is so radiant and glowing. I can and do wear mine similar to this.

  • Victoria B 4 years ago

    I have seen those on Ebay and she get it from

  • thatsdoable1 4 years ago

    I really hope Sam didnt read your reply to her. She shouldnt have to feel bad or apologetic just because you have too many nonsensical feelings. She was CLEARLY trying to help you and be nice. So ungrateful. Ew.

  • thatsdoable1 4 years ago

    Wow fishar40 is definitely a couple sandwiches short of a picnic basket. I think Sam has better things to do than sit around scheming different ways to be “harsh” to the people that adore her and basically pay her salary. I smell a hint of only-child syndrome. Grow up.

  • przecinkowa 4 years ago

    Sam could You show how do You style your fringe like in this video :) ???

  • moon light 4 years ago

    hi guys,you say sweeeeeetly ^ _ ^

  • Goa Zhu 4 years ago

    this is one of my favourites

  • navycottoncandi 4 years ago

    sam would you say this rosy outlook blush would suit most skintones. I really like a natural look in makeup. Pls respond. Thanks

  • Goa Zhu 4 years ago

    This is one of my favourite videos. Easy, natural and pretty

  • fareaa101 4 years ago

    Sam, you look beautiful :)

  • kelsehxXx 4 years ago

    You look so pretty!

  • sherriff30 4 years ago

    there is a link in the description box to where the bun is from

  • nandalikescats 4 years ago

    Hahahah “get ready to be disappointed!”

  • Yer Lee 4 years ago

    Ur eyecolor just makes this tutorial so much better. I’m jealous.

  • Ismia Beckham 4 years ago

    u have video of your brow tutorial sam?


  • Goa Zhu 4 years ago

    Yeah, where can I get those bun thingies?